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If your Sims are bored with their traditional home and you want to change it to make them happier, you can. In this post, we have something special for you: a collection of Sims 4 Treehouse ideas and cc packs that you can download for free. Let’s dive in and have fun!

Sims 4 Treehouse

Best Sims 4 Tree house ideas

We all dreamed of having a treehouse when we were kids. A safe haven where we can hide our little secrets and embark on new experiences. If you didn’t have the opportunity to build one when you were younger, you now have the opportunity to do it with your Sims characters.

I hear you saying, “I’m new to this game and don’t know how to create one yet.” Relax, friends, since you’ll find several treehouse alternatives in this post by many amazing builders and creators. You can download them for free in the game and enjoy with your sims and their children if they have any.

Eco Treehouse

Sims 4 Treehouse

The first treehouse on our list is both spacious and modern. There is some stairs and a wooden fence around the house. It is ideal for Sims who enjoy spending time in nature. You can find Solar panels on the roof of the house.

Despite its tiny size, the interior area contains all of the requirements that Sims need, including a kitchen and living room with a TV, a bedroom for two adults, a room with a work desk, a room for a child (5-12 years), and a bathroom.

A swimming pool for adults is available as well. There is also a good table for gathering with friends, playing cards, and admiring the scenery outside the house. If you liked it and want to download it into your mods folder, click here.

Tree House (No CC)

Sims 4 Treehouse

This wooden treehouse is in the middle of a grove of trees, next to a beautiful lake. The house is ideal for couples who do not have children. It is divided into three areas. The first of which has a restroom, a set of chairs, and a table in the center that you can use for playing cards or having drinks with friends. In the second area, there is a large cantilever parasol with a relaxing sofa.

The magnificent wooden cottage, triangular in the roof with an upper window overlooking a tiny balcony, is positioned at a high height in the tree.

If you appreciate the simple and rather primitive ambiance, there is a living area with few sofas, a tiny kitchen with simple appliances, and a stove that runs on wood.
There is a dining table and a sitting room with comfortable chairs in which to dine. You can download this mod from here.

Modern tree house

Sims 4 Treehouse

This modern home is on the top of a tree overlooking a lake. On the second floor, there is a bedroom and a bathroom. On the first floor, there is also a kitchen, dining area, and living room. There are a lot of windows to let the light in.

A yellow umbrella hangs from the tree and covers an outside table with two chairs to share with someone playing chess.
The residence has a room with a large sofa and a huge TV screen. As well as a set of shelves for books and magazines beneath the TV. To get this mod visit this sims resource page.

Sims 4 treehouse in the jungle nymstreehouse

Sims 4 Treehouse

There are two floors to this wooden tree house. A kitchen with a dining table and two seats, a desk space, a sitting room, and a bathroom are located on the first floor.
If your Sims enjoy art, this is the house for them, as there is a painting nook and a drawing stand on the first floor.
On the second floor, there is a huge bedroom with a two-person bed and a corner chair by the large window where you may enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the beauty around the house every morning.
There is a private bathroom for showering in the room. The house can fit two people, and you can invite your friends to spend some time with you. Download here.

Up In The Air – Sims 4 Treehouse

Up In The Air – Treehouse

From the inside, this modern tree home is perfect for hosting parties, as it contains a kitchen with a spot for manufacturing and serving drinks, as well as shelves for placing drinks bottles near to the revelers’ usage.
Outside, there is a small balcony with two chairs for sitting and chatting with one of them, and inside the house, there is a corner for office work with various shelves for books. A metal stairway leads from the exterior to a lovely wooden corridor beneath the home, where there is a living room space to spend time outside. To download it, click here.

The Tree House

The Tree House

You must climb a basic wooden staircase to reach a tree house made entirely of wood. It is surrounded by big trees and gorgeous green spaces filled with bright flowers. Downstairs, there is a kitchen dining table that is ideal for parties and gatherings with family and friends. The house is nicely decorated with antiques, paintings, chandeliers, and a variety of attractive indoor plants. On the second floor, there is a single-person room that can also be used for office work. To download, go to this link.

Ulmen house- Sims 4 Treehouse

Ulmen house

A modest wooden treehouse with one floor ideal for living from the outside. It’s surrounded by a garden of green herbs and lovely flowers. 
In addition, there is a swimming pool that is designed to imitate a tiny lake surrounded by stones to match the surrounding natural environment. There is also a modest fountain perfect for adult swimming. Download this mod for free from here.

To sum it up, people have varied needs when it comes to selecting the ideal treehouse for them to live in. What may be true crucial for you, may not be crucial for others. This is why we’ve provided you a variety of tree house options for your characters to live in. Stay tuned for more posts, and don’t forget to check out our related content below.

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