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If your favorite television show is Property Brothers on HGTV, you’re going to love this Dream Home Decorator Game Pack. Your Sim can officially become an interior designer with this pack!

Dream Home Decorator

What is the Sims 4: dream home decorator?

The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator gives players the opportunity to have a new interior decorator career. Sims travel to clients and learn all about their dream homes. Your task is to renovate according to their likes, dislikes, budget, and restrictions. Afterward, you can personally reveal the final results to your clients or just complete the project and head home! So, If you have unrealized potential and can turn your client’s fantasy into reality, this pack will be so much fun. Just a heads up: it’s much more fun to stick around and watch your clients’ elation or total despair depending on how you did. But I get it. Sometimes you just want to get the Simoleans and go. Get that bag, no judgment here! By the way, it is available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation for everyone’s enjoyment.

Check out this quirky gameplay trailer released by The Sims official YouTube:

What does this sims Game pack offer?

The Dream Home Decorator Pack has “flexible furnishings like sectional sofas, modular shelving, and built-in stovetops and ovens,” according to The Sims 4 official page. Indeed, the Game Pack offers an array of new furniture, decorations, and even additional Create A Sim items to equip you with more possibilities for your renovations. Now you can redecorate and further color and style-coordinate furniture in every single room with these additional items! Here is a screenshot I’ve taken of those items courtesy of The Sims 4 website:

Sims 4 Home Decorator Items

I love the Modular Clothes-Hanging Shelves used to hang plenty of the new decorative adult and children’s hanging clothes. Whether you’re creating a new walk-in closet for your client’s dream home, changing an entire lot, or you’re simply reorganizing their bedroom, you’re going to create a realistic and classically stylish space with these shelves. Also worth noting are the storage boxes, storage bins, and the open shoe display! It’ll start to feel like you’re actually on HGTV and that’s what makes this Sims 4 Game Pack so fun and refreshingly innovative. With plenty of thoughtful choices, this pack could bring about perfect renovation and you can always add a personalized touch.

Do you have to use the same styles to complete a Home Decorator gig?

Not at all! Here’s a glowing recommendation: you can be a trailblazer and go down an unconventional route. Mix styles and furnishings to make your client’s dream home come to life in a totally off-kilter way as long as you’re following your client sim’s likes and wishes. If your client wants a specific style of furnishing (i.e. Modern), however, you must include it. But also keep in mind that it doesn’t have to revolve only around a client’s needs, but also what their preferences. I’ve renovated a client’s home with many different colors and styles of furnishings just to switch things up. I made sure not to use any color or style the client revealed they disliked. Coming up, you’ll find out how to do that.

Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Image 4

How to select the interior Decorator Career Path

So it sounds like a lot of fun pursuing this career on Sims 4 right? Now that we’ve covered what this Game Pack is all about, let’s go over the process! Here’s how to get started in your new Sims career as an Interior Decorator. Use your phone or a computer and navigate to the Career prompt. Once you pick the Find a Job option, you’ll enter the Select a Career menu. Search for Interior Decorator and then you’re ready to launch your career. Now you’re going to begin your first gig! You’ll have a selection of renovation gigs to start. You can access them on the Career icon next to the Aspiration icon. Pick ‘Select Gig.’

Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Image 6

How to Create Your client’s dream home

When it’s time for work you’ll have the option to go to the client’s house or send your Sim alone. Once you’re transported to your client’s lot, meet your client! First, introduce yourself to your client because it’s good manners! You’ll notice you have new conversation prompts based on your profession. You can ask to see the client’s mood board, discuss designs, show them your portfolio, ask to see their inspirations, hobbies, and more. Why? Check out the career tab again and take a look at your tasks! Then you’ll see your client’s name followed by three question marks. Besides just being professional, your conversations with your client will reveal three key features that will help you be successful in your home makeover. The client can tell you anything from their favorite color, to their favorite hobby, and to their most hated furnishings.

Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Career

Obtain the three pieces of information you need to remodel your client’s dream home. Then time to send them away so you can do your job. After they leave the premises you will take some “Before” photos. Go into Buy Mode. Before you go all out on renovating, look at the Level Renovation menu at the top of your screen: it gives you a summary of your client’s likes and dislikes and shows you the requirements. If you fail the requirements your renovation will not be successful. In the following screenshot, for example, the renovation is restricted to just the ground floor. If you get ahead of yourself and transform the client’s second floor, you’re not getting paid!

Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator Image 10

Reveal Their Dream Home!

When the renovation is complete take the “After” photos. You’ll need to take the same amount of “After” photos as “Before” photos in order to proceed. Then, select your Sim, go to the Interior Decorator prompt, and select Call Clients to Lot. The game will ask if you want to host a Reveal Renovation Event or go back home. Choose to host a Reveal Renovation Event this time and then guide your clients to their new dream home!

Interact with your client as they approach their home and select the prompt Reveal Renovated Space. Your “Before” and “After” photos will be displayed on the screen as a slideshow to show the great job you’ve done. Some last objectives will appear on the top of your screen to help direct the reveal event. You’re going to show the client what you changed. Walk around and select the new furniture. Use the Check This Out prompt as you approach one of the new furnishings, then continue to make small talk with your client. After you’ve completed all of your last objectives, you’ll wait for them to give you their final verdict. You’ll love to see the astonished look on your client’s face when the the big reveal finally takes place. So, enjoy the expressions of pure bliss or tears of disappointment!

After you successfully complete your first gig, you’ll begin to have access to better-paying gigs. The more successful gigs you complete, the better your reputation is. You’ll start to receive calls from clients requesting your services instead of always searching for gigs yourself. You’ve really made it big! Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “See Beautiful Homes in Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator”

  1. Are you aware that this pack has an issue with the dream home decorator career gig, the gig does not end, the sim does not get paid and cannot travel home. It has been on going since Growing Together. You have to cancel the gig to end the event. Modders have been trying to fix this as EA has ignored the bug reports.

    • Hi there Elizabeth! Yes. It’s been going on for a while, and we sincerely hope that EA will soon fix this bug. Meanwhile, you can try if this tried-and-tested fix (from redditor u/Big-Big-Dumbie) works for you:

      1. Remove all mods from your mods folder (you can put them in a temporary folder on your desktop)
      2. When you open the EA app, left-click sims 4 (or click the three little dots symbol if it’s there) and a drop-down menu will appear. Click “repair.”
      3. It will take a few minutes to fix any issues, and it will take longer depending on how many expansion packs you have, so just wait.
      4. Once it’s done, put your mods back in and open the game.

      Hope it works for you!


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