Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs In Sims 4 That Will Make Your Rich

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Would you like to get insanely rich organically and without cheats? Choosing one of the highest paying jobs and working hard to get to the top rank can surely give you desired results! Read on to learn more about the most profitable Sims 4 careers and what makes each a great choice.

sims 4 highest paying job
Highest Paying Job in the Sims 4!

how to chose a highest paying job?

Salary isn’t the only defining element that will get you rich. For instance, despite not being among the top 5 in terms of weekly salary, some careers offer more valuable rewards for leveling up than others that rank higher. So, in terms of overall monetary benefits, reward unlocks and Simoleon bonuses should definitely be taken into consideration, especially if your sole goal is to accumulate more Simoleons.

It’s important to explore what each career brings, what to expect from it, and what are some other benefits and unlocks of choosing it that can get you extra simoleons. Without further ado, let’s discover the highest paying job 2022 for Sims 4.

What are the top 15 highest paying jobs in Sims 4?

No Sims 4 job is alike, as all are different kind of fun and a different kind of challenge. This applies both to daily tasks, the type of profession, and salary. Since we are focusing only on how profitable careers are, we have selected the top 15 career branches that bring the most simoleons. When taking a full time job, besides the weekly cash inflow, it’s important to consider a few other key factors that can help you decide which route to take:

  • the bonuses,
  • the nature and value of unlocks,
  • the requirements you’ll need to meet to reach the highest-paying position in any of the listed branches.

Taking into consideration the last expansion packs, novelties and career changes, here comes the ultimate list of highest paying jobs, ranked by weekly salary:

15. Scientist ($11,115)


Scientist career was introduced in Sims 4: Get to Work. If you choose this career path, you can expect a lot of experimenting in the lab, synthesizing and analyzing. When you reach Level 10 and become the Extraterrestrial Explorer you will be working Monday to Friday, and earning a solid salary of $11,115 per week. 

Although ranking 15th among highest paying jobs, the job is super dynamic and fun. Among other things you’ll unlock as you level up, such as a Hygenic Decontamination Pod, new clothes, or Test Tube Pedastal, you will also unlock a pricey new lab, which costs $28,286, which is a final reward for this career field. On top of that, at Level 10, you’ll be able to GO to Sixam via Electroflux Wormholecreate serums that reset your Sim’s age, give them Alien powers for some time, or even befriend the Reaper to avoid death! However, your Simoleon bonuses won’t be much, as the highest one you will receive at level 10 will be only $1,720.

  • Skills & Requirements: Your main and only work task will be to have breakthroughs, so your character will have to do a lot of brainy activities, such as using a microscope, studying fossils, or experimenting in the lab to reach eureka moments.

14. Doctor ($11,200)


Here comes yet another highest paying job from the Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack! The Doctor career will help you become the best-known surgeon in town, and even reach the highest rank and become the Chief of Staff. Once you reach that fabulous Level 10, you will be earning $11,200 weekly.

As you climb the leader, you’ll unlock Sickness Resistance, and this will boost your immunity and minimize the chance of catching viruses. Along the way, you will gain access to unique actions and medical devices and tools only doctors can unlock, such as surgery tables, the ability to determine a baby’s gender, or X-ray machines. Level 10 will also unlock a General Hospital room, which values $7,685, and a $1720 bonus.

  • Skills & Requirements: If this ends up being your highest paying job of choice, prepare some real medical interventions! You will be required to Treat PatientsSuccessfully Treat & Diagnose PatientsPerform Surgery and even Deliver a Baby.

If you prefer fiction over real careers, check out Ministry of Magic Career Mod!

13. Astronaut Career – Space Ranger Branch ($11,816)


If you want to become an Astronaut, fly into space, and get paid $11,816 weekly for that, Space Ranger Branch is a perfect choice for you. This highest paying job is a Base Game career. It takes a lot of effort to get promoted, so get ready for long shifts and some exhaustion, especially in the beginning.

Reaching the top of this branch will give you not only a bonus of $4567 but also new CAS parts. Level 10 Space Ranger Branch gives you a unique unlock available to Space Rangers only – Apollo Rocket Ship, worth $8,750. You’ll also get a Heroic Deeds Headquater room, and its value is an incredible $24,531! So, while the weekly salary isn’t among the top 5, you will still get some decent source of income and valuable objects.

  • Skills & Requirements: To get the most of this highest paying job, at the beginning, you will need to play a lot of Chess, and level up your Logic and Fitness skill. Once you get into the Space Ranger branch, you’ll need to work on leveling up Rocket Science and Do Space Missions every day!

12. Business Career – Management Branch ($12.000)


If your Sim aspires to become a manager, they will be happy to find out they can do what they love and earn a solid $12,000 per week once they reach the top of the branch. Business career is a Base Game career that came with one of the first patches for the game. 

At level 10 you will become a Business Tycoon and enter the realm of highest paying jobs in Sims 4. This will bring you a bonus of $2417 and an Executron Executive Desk, which, compared to other career paths, doesn’t seem like much of a reward. Most unlocks for the Manager branch will be office furniture, such as desks, shelves, and office chairs, but you’ll also get to try out new interactions. Still, the carer has made it to the top 15 most paid ones, so $12,000 should be a fine sum to help you get rich.

  • Skills & Requirements: Investment in building key skills, such as Charisma and Logic, as these will be your daily work requirements for advancement. They’ll need to Fill out Reports, and once they join the Manager branch at level 7, your Sim will do a lot of Business Calls to rank up and get the highest paying job. 

11. Criminal Career – Boss Branch ($12,460)


Make way for another profitable Base Game career! It comes as no surprise that one of the oldest careers in the history, the Criminal Career, made it to the top 15 highest paying jobs list. Out of the two branches available for this path, Boss Branch is the one that brings more simoleons. Reach Level 10 and you will become The Boss who earns $12,460 weekly!

The Boss branch has some of the highest money rewards for each level, so from level 6 to 10, your rewards will go from $1148 to $8039 for Level 10, which is a nice sum! On top of that, expect to unlock some stolen items, such as a Stolen Necklace of Late Dutches Pinky, stolen ATM, or gold bars. It’s a mischievous, but solid way to get rich! 

  • Skills & Requirements: Being the boss is no joke! To get to the top of the highest paying job rank, you will need to max out Mischief skills, and learn Handiness skills. Besides these tasks, once you join the Boss branch, you’ll need to Perform Mean Actions to get promoted.

10. Law Career – Private Attorney Branch ($12,600)


Get ready to fight for justice and stand behind your clients in court! The Law career was a refreshment that came with Sims 4: Discover University back in 2019. Your Sim will have to be persuasive, sharp, and analytical to represent others. Choosing the Attorney branch, they will be working to become a qualified Preeminent Partner, which is the highest position in the branch. As one of the highest paying jobs, it will bring them a solid $12,600 weekly. 

The highest simoleons reward will be $2,600 at level 10. However, while you’ll unlock many fun attorney interactions, such as Discuss Complex Case Law or Craft Legan Argument, besides mentioned rewards, you will only get an On a Scale from 1 to Justice decorative scale for your office. Still, it is a great career for Law buffs, and $12,600 isn’t that bad of a deal anyway, right?

  • Skills & Requirements: To earn such a great reputation at this highest paying job, they will need to max out their Research and Debate skills, reach level 7 of Charisma skills, Offer Legal Representation and Obtain New Clients – just like real attorneys!

9. Secret Agent Career – Diamond Agent Branch ($12,780)


Diamond Agent branch is one of the two Secret Agent branches and a Base Game career that will allow you to spy on others, crack affairs – and get handsomely paid for it. You will be working long hours and going to work three times a week, but you will be handsomely paid for all that hard work, earning an impressive $12,780 weekly once you hit level 10.

When you reach level 10 you will become the Double Diamond Agent, receive a bonus of $3741, and new CAS parts. However, similarly to some previous careers, besides simoleons rewards, most other unlocks are either decor, interactions, or furniture. Nevertheless, remember that this is one of the highest paying jobs!

  • Skills & Requirements: In the beginning, your focus will be on Browsing Intelligence and practicing Friendly Interractions. To reach the top of the Diamond branch, your Sim will need to be charming and persuasive to get the information they need. This includes having Romantic Interactions daily and working hard on Charisma and Logic skill. 

8. Secret Agent Career – Villain Branch ($12,875)

SpyWatch3 1

Here comes the highest paying job branch of the Base Game Secret Agent career, that brings slightly more simoleons, and the one with more fun unlocks – the Villain Branch. This one is a rare gem, and a highest paying job with with 11 levels, instead of 10. At level 11, your Sim will become a Tripple Agent, and unlike their colleagues in the Diamond branch, they will work 5 days a week and earning $12,875 weekly.

Compared to Diamond agents, Villains will get higher reward bonuses, with the highest being $5743 they will receive at level 11. As you level up, you will also unlock some cool villain stuff, mostly decor and furniture, but also a super rare Commemorative Freezer Ray you can’t get anywhere else! With better bonuses and decent paychecks, being a villain is surely a profitable career path.

  • Skills & Requirements: To get to the top of this highest paying job, your Sim will be Browsing Inteligence, leveling up Logic and Charisma. To become the greatest villain in town, you will also be practicing the Mischief skill, and performing some well-thought-out Mischief Interractions

7. Business Career – Investor Branch ($12,992)


Base Game Business Career has another incredible field of expertise for your Sims to tackle – the Investor branch. At level 10, your Sim will work as an Angel Investor and become the Sims version of Wolf of the Wall Street, working in one of the most reputable, highest paying job fields. Reaching Level 10 will bring you a weekly salary of $12,992, a $2619 bonus, and an Executron Executive Desk. Besides simoleon bonuses, all unlocks are interactions and office stuff. However, there is a secret sauce that will help you get even richer – Investing.

One of the greatest perks of this highest paying job is that you can Invest in Stock every other day and gamble with the stock market as real business folks do! This can bring with it much more simoleons, but also a risk of losing your money, which is unique to this position. By investing smaller sums of $1,000, $2,000, or $5,000 you can increase your return by more than half of the invested sum.

  • Skills & Requirements: They will be starting their career journey by Filling out Reports. Once they enter the field at level 7, they will be required to Research Stocks daily, and continue leveling up their Logic and Charisma skills.

6. Style Influenser Career – Trend Setter Branch ($13,530)

Influenceur Style Branche Commune

Tired of serious jobs and hoping to find a creative field where you can shine (and get rich)? Style Influencer career was added to the Base Game with patch 73, and this is undoubtedly one of the most versatile carers in terms of skills and creative activities. At Level 10, you will become the one and only, Icon O’Class, are will be earning $13,530 per week. 

This is a fun and dynamic highest paying job that lets you Make Trends and change other’s outfits, but you won’t unlock stuff of huge monetary value. The highest bonus will be $3,100 at Level 10, and this is the only unlock for reaching the top of the branch. Regardless, if a creative, dynamic profession is your forte, $13,530 is more than enough to live a comfy life!

  • Skills & Requirements: You’ll start climbing the ladder to the highest paying job by Discussing Outfits or Fashion. As you progress, your focus will shift to Gathering Impressions and pining them onto the special whiteboard. Icon O’Class is a multifaceted, multitalented professional, so you will need to be proficient in Writing, Charisma, Painting, and Photography.

5. Civil Designer Career – Civic Planner Branch ($14,000)

Concepteur Civil Branche Planificateur Municipal

This gem was introduced to us in the Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, and it offers a unique chance to earn a lot and work remotely. Unlike other careers, you get to choose your branch pretty fast, and can start your journey as a Civic Planner at level 4. At level 10, you will carry a professional title called City Master Planner, start working long hours, and earn a hefty salary of $14,000 per week.

Your biggest simoleons reward for this highest paying job will be $3,075 at level 10. As you climb the ladder, you’ll unlock a few useful objects, such as a Ground Solar Panel for free, or a valuable $5,344 Civic Solace office. The career itself brings extra influence points, giving you more power to change the eco-footprint in your neighborhood. At level 10 you will also unlock a special Champion of the People trait, which will give you even more power. 

  • Skills & Requirements: From levels 1-3, you’ll need to interview a Homeowner about Utilities and start working on Logic & Handiness. As you get into Civic Planning, you’ll shift focus on improving Charisma and Logic skills, and doing what you can to Gain Influence among fellow neighbors.

4. Gardener Career – Botanist Branch ( $14,700)

Jardinier Branche Botaniste

Gardener Career is a work-from-home, Sims 4: Seasons career, that offers a unique chance to get rich by connecting with nature and tending to plants. If you choose the Botanist branch, you can become a PhD of Pollen and work in one of the top highest paying job fields. You will be working 8 hours, 5 days a week, but it will be with it, as you will earn $14,700 per week.

Your Sim’s hard work will be rewarded with some cool, but not extremely pricey microscope artwork. The highest amount you can expect in terms of simoleon rewards from leveling up is $1,200 at level 10. Although this is not much, as you progress, you can also get simoleons if your grant proposals go well, and sell quality harvestables! Since gardening will be your daily task, it would be a shame not to use your Harvest Harvestables task to earn extra cash.

  • Skills & Requirements: Your duties for highest paying job will be to max out Gardening and Logic skills and Harvest Harvestables (which you can then sell for some extra cash). 

3. Astronaut Career – Interstellar Smugger ($14,868)


Compared to its counterpart branch which took 13th place on the list, the Interstellar Smuggler Branch from the Base Game Astronaut career promises much more in terms of weekly payment. At level 10, you will become the Interstellar Smuggler and start earning $14,868 weekly. 

Simoleon bonuses are slightly higher for this branch compared to Space Ranger, and the highest amount you will receive is $5,025. This highest paying job also unlocks other cool things, like a valuable $10,000 Retro Rocketship, or a special Alien Juice Recipe at Level 8 for making expensive alien juice that can help your Sim with the mood. Similarly to Space Ranger, a lot of work ‘’action’’ will take place off your lot, but if you don’t mind your Sim’s absence, you will be more than satisfied with your salary. 

  • Skills & Requirements: To get to the highest paying job in this branch, your requirements and daily tasks on lower levels will be to play chess, work out, work on Logic skills and Fitness. From level 7, when you join the Interstellar Smuggler branch, you will have to do Space Missions, reach Level 10 Fitness and Level 4 Rocket Science.

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2. Style Influencer Career – Stylist Branch ($15,000)

Influenceur Style Branche Styliste

The second of the two Base Game Style Influencer branches is a highest paying job that brings more money and slightly bigger bonuses. When you reach level 10, you will become a Personal Re-Imager and start earning an incredible $15,000, which is an amount other Sims from most other careers can only wish for. 

Simoleon bonuses are slightly higher for Stylists, compared to Trend Setters, and the most you will get is $3,720 once you hit the top rank. You’ll get extra cool stuff, like a mirror and a Crystal Clear Digital Camera. Plus, if you are a real fashionista and dislike how your fellow Sims citizens dress, you will also unlock the ability to Make Trends and give anyone a makeover. Cool!

  • Skills & Requirements: In the beginning, you will have to Discuss Fashion Outfits or Fashion, and level up your Writing, Charisma, Photography, and Painting skills. Since you are meant to become the creative mastermind and work in one of the highest paying job fields, from level 6 to 10, you’ll need to Update Social Media Statuses, and improve the four mentioned skills.

1. Military Officer – Convert Operator Branch ($16,880) & Officer Branch ($16,880) 

Militaire Branche Commune

Surprise, surprise! The number one highest paying job place goes to, not one, but two branches from the same career! Military Officer Career was added to the Sims 4:StrangerVille game pack in 2019. And has two equally paying branches, both of which bring more money than any other Sims 4 career. Your weekly salary in both will be $16,800 which is double what many jobs that didn’t make it to the list pay. 

Rewards for both are almost identical, and in both cases, you will receive bonuses ranging from $1299 to $4567, and a few decorative and functional objects, such as a Listening Device. You’ll receive a Medal of Courage at the top level, and a few other medials at lower levels to state your rank as noble military personnel. The Officer Branch is a daytime highest paying job, and Covert Operator is more designed for the night owls. On levels 1-5 of the Military career, you’ll be doing a lot of working out and leveling up your Fitness

  • Skills & Requirements (Officer Branch) – You will be wearing a classic military uniform and will be carrying the honorable title of Grand Marchall. Your Sim will need to max out Charisma, Practice Speech, Give Orders, Practice Giving Orders, and then Share War Stories and perform Recruiting Sims as your final go-to-work task. 
  • Skills & Requirements (Covert Operator) – For this highest paying job, you will wear a more laid-back, tailored suit and be called Sim-in-Black. To get to this position, you’ll need to max out Logic skill, Practice Chess, Monitor Other Sims, Search the Stars, File Reports, and eventually, Plan 10 Moves Ahead in Chess once you hit that level 10 rank.

Your Recap of Highest Paying Jobs

These were the top 15 highest paying jobs currently available. 9 out of 15 careers are Base Game jobs, which is great news for those who currently don’t have expansion and game packs. Other careers from the list are from StrangerVille, Seasons, Eco Lifestyle, Discover University, and Get To Work. This is the recap of the list:

  • 15. Scientist ($11,115)
  • 14. Doctor ($11,200)
  • 13. Astronaut Career – Space Ranger Branch ($11,816)
  • 12. Business Career – Management Branch ($12,000)
  • 11. Criminal Career – Boss Branch ($12,460)
  • 10. Law Career – Private Attorney Branch ($12,600)
  • 9. Secret Agent Career – Diamond Agent Branch ($12,780)
  • 8. Secret Agent Career – Villain Branch ($12,875)
  • 7. Business Career – Investor Branch ($12,992)
  • 6. Style Influenser Career – Trend Setter Branch ($13,530)
  • 5. Civil Designer Career – Civic Planner Branch ($14,000)
  • 4. Gardener Career – Botanist Branch ( $14,700)
  • 3. Astronaut Career – Interstellar Smugger Branch ($14,868)
  • 2. Style Influencer Career – Stylist Branch ($15,000)
  • 1. Military Officer – Convert Operator Branch ($16,880) & Officer Branch ($16,880)


This was our in-depth comparison and ranking of the highest paying jobs in the Sims 4 and it has hopefully give you some food for thought. The list is diverse, and there is something for every Sim in your neighborhood, from work-from-home and creative jobs to real-life professions like Doctors or Attorneys. You know your Sim and game objectives better than your Sim knows themselves, so you get to decide what brings you the most value. Happy Simming!

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