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Learn All About the Best Depression Mod for The Sims 4!

We love The Sims 4 for many different things. It gives us an opportunity to create alternate versions of ourselves or simply play as total strangers. It’s great for storytelling and characters, but it lacks some depth as well. Many moods in the game feel generic and unnatural. And many interactions that follow them are super unrealistic. But what if you could make the whole experience feel real? Well, you start by adding this Sims 4 depression mod!

Why do you need depression in TS4?

Well, The Sims 4 is a game that simulates the real world, but it’s incomplete without things like violence, crime, anxiety, or depression. These are all things that make up our lives, so including them in the game simply feels right. Yes, Sims 4 has moodlets like “Sad” and “Very sad”, but this depression mod takes the whole thing to another level.

Let’s dive deep into the mod and see exactly what it offers!

Sims 4 Depression Mod: An Overview

The Sims 4 depression mod that we’re talking about here is called Depressed Trait. And as you can guess, depression is treated here as a trait. The idea is to replace the “Gloomy” trait, which we often use because we simply don’t have the “Depressed” trait in the base game. And while gloomy Sims can be sad sometimes, the “Depressed” trait gives them a clinical case of depression.

To download this Sims 4 depression trait mod, follow this link! Many thanks to saphryn for creating the mod and sharing it with all of us on ModTheSims!

If you’re having trouble installing the extension, check our in-depth guide on Mods and CC!

The Basics

If your Sim receives the “Depressed” trait, their life is likely to change. There are both positive and negative things that you should be aware of, so let’s start explaining them.

Positive effects of the “Depressed” trait:

  • Creative skills build 25% faster. People with depression usually find escape in art. Similar to this idea, this mod rewards Sims for engaging in art. The skills that are included here are writing, singing, cooking, and other creative skills in the game.
  • Leveling a career in social media, culinary, entertainer, and painter is faster. Basically, the careers that are associated with introverted people are easily achievable for depressed Sims. And the careers that most extroverted people go for, such as an athlete, are not the best suit here.

Negative effects of depression when using this Sims 4 mod:

  • The “Fun”, “Energy”, and “Social” needs decay faster. This is as expected, so be careful when sending your Sim to social gatherings. They might need to sneak out early! Also, once these needs are drained, they build up slower than normal.
  • The “Fitness” and the social skills build 25%-50% slower. This includes “Comedy” and “Charisma”, but it’s understandable why. Depressed Sims simply have no will to perform in front of others!
  • Relationships, such as romance or friendship, are harder to build. These Sims don’t like to hang out or open up to the Sims too much. As a result, they have a harder time finding a significant other and prefer to live alone.
  • Depressed Sims get angry, sad, or embarrassed more often. Also, it’s way harder to make them energized or confident, so you may have to work a little bit more for that.


In this Sims 4 depression mod, you’re going to find a couple of new buffs. These can also be positive and negative, and they all have different chances of appearing. Here they are!

Positive Buffs:

  • Feeling Energized – 35% chance of appearing.
  • Feeling Inspired – 30% chance of appearing.
  • Feeling Happy – 15% chance of appearing.

Note that these buffs don’t boost your skill gains too much. In reality, they only bring it to the normal level (without the “Depressed” trait”).

Negfative Buffs:

  • Feeling Awkward – 70% chance of appearing.
  • Feeling Depressed – 65% chance of appearing.
  • Feeling Drained – appears only after one of the positive buffs ends.

Keep in mind that the depression mod works like any other trat in The Sims 4. This means that if you don’t want your Sim to be depressed anymore, you have to remove the trait.


We hope we answered your question of “How do I make my Sim depressed in Sims 4?”. Thanks to this mod, you can have a pretty serious case of depression in the game. Things won’t escalate and you won’t have to visit a hospital, but the experience is still true and real. The mod is well-balanced and we like the fact that there are both positive and negative sides to the depression here. And the different buffs make the gameplay richer and more interesting.

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