Face Slider In Sims 4 – How To Use It In Game?


About the Face Slider

Creating your ideal Sim in Sims 4 has never been easy. But as the game has aged from its initial launch, that became more and more apparent to many simmers. And now we know that we simply can’t create our Sims exactly how we imagine them in our heads. Sometimes we can’t figure out the lips and other times the nose. Luckily, the face slider is here to help!

What does the face slider do?

As with all other Sims 4 body sliders, this one introduces new ways to customize your Sim’s face. It allows you to mess around with the very physics of the game and change its rules. But as a result, you can achieve a truly unique and distinguished look for your Sims.

So if you’re interested in trying the face slider tool out, scroll down and we’ll explain everything you need to know about it!

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Face Slider: an Overview

By far the best face slider that you can use for The Sims 4 is developed by Obscurus. This is a very popular CC creator within the community, and the face slider is one of the best tools that they’ve ever created. You can follow all the work on their Tumblr account.

Click here to download the latest version of the Sims 4 face slider tool!

And why should you try this face slider?

Well, you should at last try it because it’s the most sophisticated tool of its category. It allows you to change your Sim’s face in two ways, but for significant results. You can use it to add more depth to their faces and give them more characteristics.

But let’s see exactly how the mod works in the game.

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How Does it Work?

To access the face slider, you must be in the CAS menu. Click to edit your Sim’s eyes and you can start using it.

Now, there are two things that you can do with this slider.

First, if your Sim is facing you, you can move your mouse left and right to set the width of their eyes. This will enlarge or reduce the size of the eyes, giving you the opportunity to match them with the rest of the face.

And second, when your Sim is facing sideways, you can slide your mouse either left and right or up and down to adjust the depth of their eyes. The depth is what really gives a unique look, so make sure to experiment with this tool.


The face slider is compatible with all mods that don’t conflict with the Sims’ eyes and brow areas. You can use it together with other body sliders but not other eye sliders. 

Additionally, the face slider works with all generations types in Sims 4 and all genders. So you can use it on every Sim you create!

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This slider is an awesome tool to use if you want your Sims in a new way. It gives you all the freedom you need to adjust their regular facial expression through adjusting the eyes. It may seem like an insignificant change, but setting the eyes exactly as you like makes the whole difference in the world.

And so we recommend you to give the face slider a try!

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