Male Skirts for the Sims 4 You Didn’t Know Exist

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If you thought for a second that we were going to leave your male sims out of the picture, you totally thought wrong. Male skirts aren’t that common but they do exist. And in this post we’ve compiled a list of the best male skirts custom content for the Sims 4. Below are long, short, solid and patterned skirts that your male sims will surely come to like. Let’s dive into it!

Best Male Skirts Custom Content Packs and Mods


Male Skirts custom content

Bright and fancy! These skirts are not only female friendly but male, too. Your couple sims can match outfits. It is available in a variety of 14 swatches. And on top of that, you get a belt accessory. Head over to this page to install.


image 2021 10 24 130740

A punch and twiggy skirt for your male sims. You get both short and long versions which is a plus. This set is available in 19 swatches. Head over to this page for easy download.


Male Skirts

We know your male characters will appreciate this one. It is a simple, base game skirt that is slightly cropped. It comes in set of 15 swatches to choose from. And hey, your teen, young adult, adult and elder sims can wear it. Click here to download.


image 2021 10 24 134426

Stunning and original. You’re gift a collection of 48 swatches which includes 25 solids and 23 patterns. Prepare yourself because your male sims will shine in these. They’re also comfortable and versatile so they’re sure to fit every taste. Here’s your download-link.


image 2021 10 24 134753

Another gorgeous male skirt that is base game compatible. It comes in 15 swatches. And both your male and female sims can wear it, from all ages. To check them out, follow this page.

No sin mi kimono

male skirts cc sims4 5

This one feels like home for some and we’re here for it. Not only do you get a male skirt but a full outfit with absolutely crazy colors. To install this set, click here.

Devil wears skirts

Male Skirts

Spooky but stylish! These three are base game compatible male skirts that your sim characters from teen to elder can wear. Check them out here.

Long skirt for males

image 2021 10 24 131057

Here’s another versatile long skirt for male sims. It comes in all the colors and patterns of the female skirt, with 6 dark plain colors added. To install this one, hit this link up.

rex skirt

Male Skirts

We’re loving this one! It’s not your typical male skirt but it’s eye catchy for sure. You get this skirt in 18 swatches. To download this one, follow this post.

Ramadhan Gift (Male & Kids)

male skirts cc sims4 6

You get a bunch of stuff from this set. Apart from the sarong skirt, there is a kokoh top and a long scarf. You could grab this package by visiting this page.

We hope you’ve come to like this list of male skirts custom content. Head back to the main post for an awesome variety of skirts for female sims. And you could also check out related content below.

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