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Do you find it difficult to choose the right color eyes for your different Sims characters? This could be due to a lack of options, especially if you are new to the game. We offer a variety of colors for your characters, whether they are kids, women, men, or characters of all ages. Continue reading to learn how to get the best sims 4 eye color for all Sims in The Sims 4.

sims 4 eye color cc

A set of Colorful sims 4 eye colors

Most Sims 4 game fans struggle with changing the color of their Sim character’s eyes and choosing suitable eye colors, especially if they have an event or anything that requires their character to be very attractive.

We’ve gathered the most stunning eye colors for your Sims characters since we’re always looking for methods to make you happy and help you enjoy the game more. They are appropriate for all occasions and may be easily applied to any characters you have.


sims 4 eye color

The POYOPOYO EYE CONTACTS are not just your average contact lenses! These contacts come with a ton of color options, so you can make your Sims more colorful and interesting!

Imagine your Sims looking at the world with new eyes! With these eyes, your Sims will be so innocent, they’ll never get caught in a lie or tell a fib. You’ll never have to deal with them stealing things, or getting into any trouble that way. No one will ever know what secrets your Sims are hiding. You can choose from 24 swatches. And the coolest thing is, this pack also includes custom eyeshadow. Here’s your download link.


sims 4 eye color

Your character may come off as boring with plain eye colors, no? And since the eyes are the window to your character’s soul, you must give them a look that reflects their personality and background. Faded Eyes are eye color contacts that work on male and female Sims of all ages. They’re available in 8 different shades to match any personality. You could use them as non-defaults, contacts and overrides, too. Grab these FADED EYES contacts to get more realistic eye color in your Sims 4. Install this pack right now!

euphoria eyes sims 4 eye color

sims 4 eye color

Make your Sims more lifelike and believable with these fabulous Euphoria Eyes. They are available as non-default, so you could always change them when you wish. Use them on your male and female sims alike, whether on teens, young adults, adults or even elders.

This pack is base game compatible so you don’t have to worry about it glitching in-game. The eye colors can be found under Facepaint in CAS. Here’s your download link.

otaku eyes by summerboe

sims 4 eye color

Your sims just got an upgrade in their appearance with these otaku eye color contacts. I’ve fallen in love with these unprecedented eye color contacts! The new moon-star eyes look amazing on all your Sims, and they’re compatible with humans and occults. Summer Boe, the CC creator, has done an amazing job with the swatches, too. You can choose from an array of different combinations. There are red, purple, blue, grey, and cyan options. To install, head over to this page.

Heterochromia version & Overlay set

sims 4 eye color

Heterochromia eye color contacts are perfect for storytelling in the Sims 4. These colored contacts provide a new way to tell your story, and will be perfect for many stories to come. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns that can add just the right amount of drama. These Heterochromia eye color contacts will also work with any skin tone, and can even be used as a horror-themed contact, since there are mixtures of red and green and some rare combinations.

The only downside about this mod is that it’s not compatible with bracelets. So, you’ll have to choose between the two. It’s found under Skin Details or Face Scars. And you must own Get Famous to be able to use them on your sims of all ages. Check the pack out here.

CyFi – Nana Eyes

sims 4 eye color

You’re going to need the perfect pair of eyes for your Sims. These 15 swatches of CyFi – Nana eye color contacts have everything you need to bring the sci-fi look to your game. Male and female versions for all ages are included, as well as three different levels of intensity. The mod is available in the Face paint category. Click on this button to install.

Luna eyes sims 4 eye color

sims 4 eye color

Are your Sims looking for a mystical eye color to add that little something extra to their look? now they can have some Luna Eyes! These contacts come in a variety of colors, so your Sim can choose the one that suits them the best. The Luna eyes are also unisex, so they’re perfect for female and male characters alike.

Choose from 20 extra colors to change up your sim’s appearance. The mod is listed as Face Paint. And for the record, it has only been released to the public a couple of months ago. So, be one of the first to try it out. Click here to install.

eyebrow and lens03

sims 4 cc eyes 9

These lenses will give your Sims amazing, mystical eyes! They are designed to match the shape of Asian faces and it has a couple of different colors and styles that will suit your individual needs. Moreover, the lenses give a slight teary, doll-like appearance, playing a huge part in creating a realistic sim.

Furthermore, you could tell that these lenses are made of soft, human-like texture and will make your Sims appear down to earth. So, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to check them out. Here’s your link.

o m e n – occult eyes sims 4 eye color

sims 4 cc eyes 10

You’ve been waiting for this eyes to make your occult characters look their best! These are the perfect face paints for your unique occult needs. You get 13 spooky eyes to choose from with lots of different colors and styles. They’re merely available as face paint options. What are you waiting for? Download!

Serawis HEROINE (Shining Nikki eyes)

sims 4 cc eyes 11

Nikki’s eyes are so beautiful, it’s hard not to stare at them. They are the only eyes that shine so bright, which is why she rarely leaves the house. Now you can recreate this look with these Shining Nikki eyes created by Serawis HEROINE. These big, round, circle-lens-like eyes are available in 8 unique swatches. Have a closer look at them!

Set of Genetics by sims3melancholic

sims 4 cc eyes 12

Add instant glamour and distinctive style to your Sims 4 characters with this Set of Genetics by Sims3melancholic. They are created by mixing the charms of colorful natural eyes with that of a more ethereal, luminous pair, and then adding on a unique splash of color to make them stand out.

Not only will you be getting custom contacts for your male and female Sims, but you’re also going to love the glitter makeup for your sims’ eyebrows. Head over to this Patreon page for easy download.

Lenses 015

sims 4 cc eyes 13

Set your Sims apart with Lenses 015 for the Sims 4. They’re for male and female sims and come in 20 colors, so there’s a perfect pair for your little Sim as well as your older one.

What we love about this mod is that it’s a realistic, fully-customizable sims eye color pack. Whether you want to match a character’s eye color from their favorite book or TV show or create your unique design, these will give you full control of the color. Check them out.

Genshin Impact Eye Pack #2

sims 4 cc eyes 14

No matter what type of sim you’re creating or playing, you’ll want to make sure your sims have the perfect pair of eyes to make them look their best. This 6 pack of Genshin Impact Eyes will give your character a wide range of eye color swatches and styles to choose from, including natural, fiery, vibrant and classic. There’s an option for every sort of look and feel.

The pack includes default and non-default eyes. The default eye sets are Arataki Itto, Ningguang, Yoimiya, Scaramouche, Shenhe and Rosaria. Here’s your download link.

Heart Eyelens sims 4 eye color

sims 4 cc eyes 15

Who wouldn’t want to make their Sims character look extra kawaii? Here are some Heart Eyelens for your sims! They are the perfect accessory for any sim’s outfit. They come packaged in a set of 8, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. These swatches feature a heart-shaped pupil in the center. Install.

Glowing Cat Eyes, White or Black Sclera

sims 4 eye color

We’ll begin our list with these terrifying eyes known as Glowing Cat Eyes. These are suitable for all ages, including girls, children, and others. These are ideal for the Halloween season to make events more frightening. It’s available for nine colors Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Gray. Click here to get this mod.

Eye colors by Chalipo at All 4 Sims

sims 4 eye color

This mod is for you if you think your female Sims characters need to change their eyes due to circumstances. As you can see in the photo, these eyes are suitable for females. They come with four different colors green, blue, orange, and gray. This mod allows you to pick your favorite color as well. You can download this mod from this link.

YUNSEOL eyecolor 05

sims 4 eye color

Imagine how elegant these eyes would appear on your Sims characters, particularly females. They are available in over 25 light color shades. You can choose the suitable color for your sims based on their appearance and skin type. You can get this lovely pair of eyeballs for free here.

Real Eyes Humans

sims 4 eye color

We all know that game developers are extremely imaginative and strive to make games as realistic as possible. So, you notice how lifelike these eyes are; they appear to be human eyes, and at first glance, you don’t think they belong to a fictional character. These lovely eyes come in a variety of colors, including green, blue, and black. Keep in mind that if your sims have a child, their children will inherit the same or a similar color of eyes, depending on the parents. You can get them right now from this link.

DIY Eye Kit ADDONS– sims 4 eye color


Sims games are all about being creative and thinking outside the box, so these eyes are a little different from the others we’ve discussed. To begin, these eyeballs can be colored in a variety of colors and shades at the same time, totaling more than 120 colors, not to mention the 60 different catch lights. You can download and be creative with your Sims to make them look the way you want them to from this page.

EYES Ultimate Collection

EYES Ultimate Collection

This patch contains 232 files that are all linked to eye colors. What makes this mod unique is that the eyes are appropriate for any creatures, from kids to adults. You can also use these eyeballs on vampire and they will appear really realistic. Your sims will be distinguishable from their peers by their sparkling colored eyes, which no one has ever seen before. You can get it here.

Halo eyes– sims 4 eye color

Halo eyes- sims 4 eye color

Here are some more wonderful eyes that are ideal for all Sims of all ages and genders, but they will look especially lovely on children. This mod provides colored eyes for your Sims that you can switch between. Remember that these aren’t gleaming colors; they’re stable colors. Download them now from here.

moonstone eyes

moonstone eyes

As you can see in the photo, moonstone eyes come in a variety of colors that can be used to create various characters for your sims. You can give your sims any eye color, whether they are female or male, and it is suitable for all genders, including children and the elderly. If you’re wondering how I know if this color looks well on my Sims’ skins, simply apply it and decide by yourself. To download these moonstone eyes directly just click this link.

Eyecolor n°004- sims 4 eye color

Eyecolor n°004

The eye color n°004 was created by Altea 127 Sims Vogue, who is known for her creativity. These eyes are appropriate for both men and women characters. They come in a variety of dark colors. They are not shiny colors, as you can see in the photo, but they are still magnificent. Download them from here.



Another set of eyes that are suitable for everyone for both genders and can be easily applied to your Sims. They come in a variety of colors, including green, blue, black, and other colors. Download them from here.

Alaina Lina EYES NO10

Alaina Lina EYES NO10

As always, we save the best eyes for last. These EYES NO10 by Alaina Lina are one-of-a-kind eyes that are ideal for sims. If you want to make your female sims charterer seem stunning, these eyes are ideal, especially if she likes to use make-up and eye cosmetics. Not only can these eyes be used on female Sims characters, but they can also be used on people of all ages. Download this mod from here.

Now that we’ve shown you the greatest mods for the Sims 4 game’s colors eyes, it’s your chance to design and create your own sims characters using the items on our list. Please share these with your friends and take a look at our related competition.

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