Perfect Eyeliner CC Packs for Your Females in the Sims 4!

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To put on your eyeliner means to put the icing on the cake. It’s more than often the most subtle part of the makeup, but that’s precisely what makes it an art. Heavy or light, it’s still an essential part when putting makeup on your Sims, so we gathered the best eyeliner cc for the Sims 4 into one place. Enjoy!

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The Most Outstanding Eyeliners for The Sims 4

There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to makeup. A perfect eyeliner can really make your Sims eyes pop and complete their makeup look. But with so many different types and styles of eyeliner out there, it can be a bit overwhelming… Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best eyeliners CC on the internet!

Sit tight and let’s get started!

1. Delicate Bianca Eyeliner

eyeliner set

We kick this list off with an awesome eyeliner mod. The CC adds delicate detail to your eye, making them stand out more. It is available in 10 swatches and you can find it at But to quickly download it, follow this link.

eyeliner set

Cat eyes are the most sought-after when it comes to choosing an eyeliner mod. It’s more than attractive to make your eyes look exactly like this. But to help you with that, Pralinesims has created this popular mod which you can check at The Sims Resource. The direct download link is here.

3. Ferocious Cat Davahl Eyeliner – N71

eyeliner set

One more cat-styled eyeliner is here, with a bit more length and heaviness. You can really show off the ferocity inside your Sims with this CC, whenever you put this one. You can find more info at The Sims Resource and you can download this eyeliner quickly from here.

4. Drawing The Perfect Eyeliner

eyeliner set

If you want to learn how the perfect eyeliner is made – check the video below! It’s a speed drawing done in Adobe Photoshop and the actions are explained in detail. Visit to find out more and click here to open up the video.

5. Many Layered Evan Eyeliner – N85

eyeliner set

Back to the finished eyeliners, here is a genius one! It comes in many variants, from soft to heavy, and it totally transforms the eyes. With any of the given options you can pretty up the eyes of your Sims and it’s a no-brainer whether to download this or not. Use this direct link to get it.

6. Exotic Eyeliners – Volume 4

eyeliner set

Do not be afraid to break the ordinary with these exotic eyeliners! The mod is excellent for any ambitious Sims, so don’t hesitate to try them out. We found this CC at and you can download it from this link. You can also check the creator’s Facebook page for more updates.

7. Pack Of Eyeliners Skin Mask And Lips

eyeliner set

Let’s continue with this packed mod of makeup for your eyes, lips, and skin. All three of them can be found in different colors, intensities, and depths. You can make combinations between them until you find the perfect one for you! The CC comes from and you can download it from this link.

8. Dusk To Dawn Eyeliner With 5 Styles

eyeliner set

A truly unique eyeliner set is here and your collection needs it! All of the 5 styles have their specialness and they can all shine on the right Sims. We suggest you visit for more CC like this or to download this one from here.

9. Cool And Powerful Eyeliner – Volume 3

eyeliner set

With proper makeup, your eyes can charm anyone. And that is exactly what this mod gives – eyeliners that can turn all eyes into powerful weapons of attraction! Don’t think and grab this mod which is available on this page!

10. Beautiful Eyeliner for Females And Males – Set 1

eyeliner set

Beauty is achieved only with delicacy, subtlety, and elegance! All of those are in just the right amount inside this pack of eyeliners created by Shojoangel. The CC is also usable for both genders and all ages. Hurry up and download it from here.

11. Fearless Feline Eyeliner – N57

eyeliner set

Created with a heavier touch, these eyeliners have really captured a lot of Simmers throughout the world. They are downloaded over 130,000 times on The Sims Resource and they await you too! Follow this direct link to be as quick as possible!

12. Charming Fox – Eyeliner 05 A HQ

eyeliner set

Foxy and alluring, this mod is a real makeup treasure for The Sims 4. It’s available in 22 different high-quality colors and we love to use it in every single one of them! The official source of the mod is The Sims Resource and you can download it from here.

13. Mysterious Fox Eyeliner – 05 B HQ

eyeliner set

The other version of the previous mod is this darker one. The additional black lines and shadow add mystery and enigma to the look and we love it for it. We already use it a lot inside the game, so we urge you to do the same. Get this CC from here!

14. Gentle GPME Eyeliner CC 4

eyeliner set is one of our regular sites where we discover truly invaluable mods for The Sims 4. Such is the case with this gentle eyeliner. The design speaks of taste and class which puts the eyes into focus. The CC is available for download on this page.

15. Perfect GPME Eyeliner CC 10

eyeliner set

If we pretend that creating eyeliners is a competition – then here is the grand winner! This eyeliner is one of the most beautiful mods we own and we cannot help but recommend it to everyone! 5 swatches of perfectly applied makeup are here and you must have them. Use this link to download the mod.

16. Misty GPME Eyeliner CC 11

eyeliner set

The cloudy eyeliner is often neglected, yet its special powers lay exactly in that – being singular! This mod will mystify your Sims looks and make them even more wanted. You can download this CC from here.

17. Sleek GPME Eyeliner CC 6

eyeliner set

This precise mod is what we often put on busy and outgoing Sims. The sleek lines are more than enough to pretty them up and the 10 swatches are the entire bonus you’ll need. This mod is available for download on this page.

18. Attractive GPME Eyeliner CC 7

eyeliner set has one more gorgeous eyeliner mod to offer. The right mix of lines and shadows is the perfect recipe for an attractive eyeliner and this is it. The CC can be enjoyed in 5 swatches and it can be downloaded from here.

19. Seductive Lyra Eyeliner – N80

eyeliner set

Whenever we see this eyeliner mod we think only one thing – absolutely seductive! Pralinesims has designed this mod to suit every female Sim, but each of them has to wear it in their own way. For that, they can use the 30 different variants and achieve beauty. For a quick and easy download click to use this link.

20. Natural Wing Eyeliner – N36

eyeliner set

This natural eyeliner is made to enrich the base beauty of your Sims, by only highlighting their eyes. But it makes for a real grand appearance when combined with the 3D eyelashes and the eyeshadow it comes with, so you’ve got to try it out! To download it, click here.

21. Captivating Omega Eyeliner – N58

eyeliner set

To capture the attention all around, you’ll need proper eyeliner. And the eyeliner of this mod is not too sleek nor too thick – but in that sweet middle which is always appealing. Steal this wildly popular CC from The Sims Resource or use our direct link here.

22. Mesmerizing Retro Eyeliner – N73

eyeliner set

To look into such eyes is to be utterly mesmerized! One could fall in love just by looking at this mod. The proof for its powers lay in its fame – nearly 150,000 downloads on The Sims Resource. If you want to possess it as well, click here.

23. Nice And Gentle Sanya Eyeliner

eyeliner set

We’re back with another amazing eyeliner mod that we found at This one is in the cat eyes style, with a nice amount of thickness and gentle curve. Why wait for it? Hurry up and download it from this link.

24. S-Club WM TS4 Glowing Eyeliner 04

eyeliner set

But if you want to add just a little bit of glow to your makeup – we suggest this mod! It only softly touches the eyes and only on the top and outer corners. It’s a wonderful creation by S-club and you can download it from here. You can’t go wrong here!

25. S-Club WM TS4 Male And Female Eyeliner 06

eyeliner set

From the moment we laid our eyes on this mod we knew that it belongs here! It’s a great addition to your male makeup collection, but your females can use it as well. It seems like the Sims 4 community agrees with us because people have downloaded this CC over 220,000 times. Spring to The Sims Resource for a download or use this quick link.

26. Silver And Gold Flame Eyeliner – N68

eyeliner set

You can’t really be fashionable without makeup like this. This silver and gold eyeliner represents the flame in every young Sim to be unique and discovered! So why not get it for them? The official publishing site is The Sims Resource but you can use a shortcut here.

27. Symonne Smoky Winged Eyeliner – N37

eyeliner set

The perfect smoke around the eyes is what holds the mystery together! This awesome mod by Pralinesims comes in 5 charming versions, all in 5 color variants. Plus it can be used on male and kids Sims too, so it’s a great CC to have. To download it follow this link.

28. Soft And Tender Zaera Eyeliner

eyeliner set

For the teen Sims you’re playing, we really recommend this mod! The eyeliner here is soft and it will apply a tender touch to your Sims, making them look youthful and vigorous. We found this CC at and you can download it from here.

29. Rich And Strong Zeva Eyeliner

eyeliner set

And to add the finishing touch to your new CC collection – take these cat eyes with you as well! This is an eyeliner in 5 strong colors that could go along with every makeup you put on your Sims. You should definitely check if you haven’t by now, but if you want to quickly get this mod, click here. Buh-bye!

Final words

You can’t go wrong with these liners, this is for sure! You should definitely complete your Sim’s look by downloading other makeup CC! Find links below. Happy simming ^^

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