Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla – 25 Of Their Most Haute CC Pieces!

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If you’re looking for high-end clothing for your sims, you’re going to go gaga for Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla!

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Beautiful, detailed clothing that toes the line between Maxis-match and Alpha isn’t easy to find. Whether you’re on the prowl for unique, haute pieces or fashion from designer brands you know and love, Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla will have something for your characters’ closets. We’ve gathered 25 pieces of their best CC for you to add to the wardrobes of your most stylish sims.

Clothing for Fierce, Feminine Frames

Printed patterns and sexy silhouettes for female-presenting sims with a love for looking totally très chic.

1. Louvre Overall

image 334 edited

A form-fitting set of overalls with flirty cutouts throughout the torso. This funky set comes in 30 swatches that you can get here.

2. Ball Gown Dress

image 330

This floor-length dress has puffy sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, and a cute little midriff cutout. There are 30 lovely swatches and you can get them here.

3. Delles Hoodie Dress

image 333

Who says fitness can’t be fashionable? This sweat-set comes in 30 swatches of solids and fun prints which you can download here.

4. Short Piping Pajama Set

image 332

A cute pajama set with a cropped collared top and high-waisted shorts in 40 swatches. These lovelies can be added to your game by going here.

5. Strapped Waist Trousers & Turtleneck Tank Top

image 329

This classy combo comes in 40 swatches and is available in a full-body version, or the pieces can be downloaded as separate tops and bottoms. Download this lovely outfit from this Patreon page.

6. Strappy Bikini Set

image 331

A strappy full-body bikini set in 50 swatches that comes with an optional sarong skirt accessory. You can download this hot little number from here.

7. Satin Ruffle Mini Dress

image 327

A short, satin dress in 40 swatches of floral prints and solids. You can get this flirty frock from here.

8. Winter Trench Coat

image 326

When you want to look cooler than ice, pick from 26 swatches of this handsome trench coat. You can get it by heading here.

Clothing for Suave, Masculine Frames

Fitted frocks and strong, clean lines for male-presenting sims who like looking “hot” in more ways than one.

1. Long Cardigan II

image 341

If you want to appear cozy and effortlessly cool, this is the look for you. It comes in 15 swatches and the shirt logo can be changed independently from the rest of the clothing! Add this to your closet by heading here.

2. Suspenders Outfit

image 338

This sleek, straight-legged outfit comes in 12 swatches and will make your sims dapper without the stuffiness of ties or jackets. Download this outfit here.

3. Oversized Training Set

image 337

When you hit the gym but don’t want to appear that you’re trying too hard, this is the set you want. The pieces are separated and available in 25 swatches that you can gere here.

4. Pajama Set

image 335

20 swatches of luxurious jammies that will make you slip off into the silkiest sleep. You can get this PJ set here.

5. Half-Zip Sweatshirt with Suspender

image 336

When you can’t decide if you want to dress up in your suspenders or dress down in a comfy sweater, you do both! This outfit is available in 25 swatches which you can download from here.

6. Beach Board Shorts

image 340

Some casual, stylish swim shorts available in 25 different swatches. Grab these trunks and hit the beach by going here.

7. Slim Fit T-Shirt & Belted Cropped Skinny Jeans

image 342

This clothing set comes with 20 shirt swatches and 9 colors of denim pants that you can combine for a fashionable summer look. Check out that belt buckle! You can download this outfit here.

8. Fur Coat

image 339
When it’s cold outside warm yourself up in this super luxe fur coat ensemble. Available in 20 swatches that you can get here.

Trendy Accents & Accessories For Sims of All Types

If you can’t get enough of Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla’s fantastic clothing, they’ve also made a variety of accessories to make your outfits even swankier!

1. Long Scarf

image 349 edited

This long scarf warms us up just by looking at it! There are 25 swatches to go with any outfit and you can get them here.

2. Winter Scarf

image 348

A shorter scarf in 10 swatches in a number of plaid patterns with fancy fringe. You can download them from here.

3. Basic Scarf

image 350

Never underestimate the style power of keeping it basic. This 30 swatch scarf for all genders will elevate your outfits with a bit of pizzazz. You can get them here.

4. See Through Shirt

image 351

When an opaque shirt it just too much, try this see-through top instead. Chic, sheer, and sexy! Get it here.

5. Heart On Clip Earrings

image 343

These trendy earrings feature a paperclip-like design and precious heart accent in 14 swatches. Get them here!

6. Button Dangle Earrings

image 344

How neat are these! A cascade of colorful buttons will give any look a pop of color, and with 10 swatches you’ll find the perfect pair for every outfit! Get them here.

7. Layered Necklace

image 345

3 layers of necklace. 10 color swatches. Dozens of ways to style it. Download here.

8. Simple Choker Set

image 346

A thick, standard choker as well as a thinner bolo-style piece both available in 5 colors. Add them to your sims by going here.

9. Wide Brim Floppy Hat

image 347 edited

Protecting yourself from the sun is always in fashion! This cute, floppy hat comes in 15 swatches and you can download them here.

In Conclusion

When it’s time to give your sims a trendy, fashionable makeover, custom content is just what you need. CC creators like Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla will stock your closet full of styles to make even the stuffiest fashionista give your sims a second look. We hope you found some new outfits to adorn your sims, and maybe even a new favorite CC creator!

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