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Welcome to our post on the best Dimples Mods & CC for The Sims 4: you’ll find what you’re looking irrespective of whether you’re looking for the Maxis Match or Alpha Style.

Dimples. This charming facial feature often comes into the spotlight, and at times the craze about it might seem like a recent thing. As it turns out, dimples have been associated with many positive things for thousands of years now – good fortunes, heroism and innocence are some of the many traits these cute little things represent. In The Sims, they also add another layer of uniqueness as a facial feature. The devil is in the detail, so join us as we go over the different dimple options available!

Cute, Innocent, Timeless: The Best Dimples CC!

Sims 4 Dimples mod by PralineSims

Dimples N04

Those familiar with The Sims 4 mods will know that PralineSims have created one of the most stunning and thorough collections of skin details for the game. Included in this set is a wide selection of dimples, starting with N04. This option is based around an accented look, with 15 different spacing options to cater for varied face shapes. It can be found at The Sims Resource.

Set of genetics

dimples cc

If you’re a dedicated fan of the custom content world of the Sims 4, you must’ve heard of Sims3melancholic. They absolutely nailed it with these dimples. It comes in a variety of 85 colors that you play with their opacity. Oh and they work on all ages and genders. Download.

Dimples N 02.

We’re loving this one a bunch! It comes in the most natural colors ever -so you won’t have a problem finding a matching color to your sim’s skin tone. Check it out by visiting this page.

dimples 01

dimples cc

These beautiful dimples work on all genders and come in a variety of 10 colors. You can find them under Skin Details. Check them out and other cool CC by Soloriya on this page.

Dimples CC

These dimples will surely light up your day! We’re getting 12 swatches to match different skin colors. And yes, your sim characters from child to elder, male or female, can rock these. Check it out by visiting this page.

Oh Sa Sweet Dimples

dimples cc

If you’re looking for natural-looking dimples for your sims, this is the one to get. It is available in a set of 5 swatches that provide versatile opacity options. Head over here to download.

Cheek Dimples

dimples cc

Your sim will never look angry with these soft dimples. From this set, we’re getting two versions: low and high. Check them out by visiting this page.

Colorful Dimples

You child sims are not left behind. This creation by COLORFUL PLUMBOBS is stunning. Not only does it link custom dimples but custom mouth corners, outfit, hair and earrings too. Here’s your download-link.

Upper Cheek Dimples

Breathtaking upper cheek dimples by Mahocreations. Your sim will surely feel special with these dimples; they could even get your sim out of jail if things ever escalate. Head over to their page to learn more about it.

Sims 4 Dimples CC by PralineSims #2

Dimples N06

Another work by PralineSims is the N06 dimples set. Subtle, shallow yet definitely noticeable, the two options included in dimples N06 are a good choice to dip into it ever so slightly. Get them here at The Sims Resource.

Dimples CC by PralineSims #3

Dimples N05

The gentle dimples on the N05 option by PralineSims are another soft option, this time with 15 variations to pick from. It’s perfect to subtly add detail while allowing other features to be in the spotlight. Download them here!

Dimples CC by PralineSims #4

Dimples N02

Hungry for more CC created by PralineSims? Head over to this post to find more stuff created by PralineSims!

Dimples by PralineSims #5

You can’t get enough of PralineSims Dimples now, can you? There are 60 variations in this set -with 20 unique intensities, each version also comes as left and right dimple only. Go and have it in game already. Download.

Yabppi detail Dimple 01

Another set of friendly dimples. These come in 3 types, each available in 3 swatches. For easy download, visit this page.

Chin Dimples

Cheek dimples automatically enhance your sim’s look but what about chin dimples? They’re sweeter than sugar! You can find this cc under skin details and as showcased, it works on all ages and gender. Get it yourself by visiting this page.

Sims 4 Nose Dimples CC

Nose Dimple

While cheek dimples get a lot of love, no such list would be complete without a nose dimple! Msqsims has created this subtle yet elegant detail for Sims noses, and you can find it here.

Dimples CC

What makes these custom dimples stand out is that they come as face-paint and skin details. Head over to this page for easy installation.

Dimple on the cheeks by Coffeemoon

Unlike the previous custom dimples, these come in 3 different locations and colors. Check it out by clicking on this post.

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