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Welcome to our Sims 4 post about the famous fat mod!

We have all heard about the so-called “fat mod” in The Sims 4. It’s all over youtube and the Sims 4 forums, and everyone seems to be enjoying it. Being a bit heavier isn’t a stigma anymore and you may want to pass this over to your sims! What you may not know about this mod though, is that it doesn’t only change how fat your sim may get! Check out roBurky’s Fitness Controls and let us tell you how it works.

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How roBurky’s fat mod works on the Sims 4

This mod is essentially a bundle. It has combined plenty of famous mods together and brought them under one menu. So, it’s easier and faster to use than any other mod out there!

The Menu

This mod comes with an in-game menu. Through it, you will be able to modify your game however you like. You can keep the settings on normal, or change them to your liking! So, you can make your changes directly, without too much hassle. You can find it by clicking on your sim and choosing the roBurky category. From there, choose Fitness Controls. If you do any changes, you will have to restart your game for them to work.

No NPC Fitness Change

You can find this option in the menu, and it is enabled by default. When enabled, the fat and muscle of sims will change only when they are in the active household.

No High Metabolism

You can also find this option under the menu and it’s disabled by default. If you enable it, your sims’ muscle and fat will decay normally. Even if they have the “High Metabolism” trait!

Expanded Fitness Limits

Of course, this is the most important part of this mod. It enables you to go over the limits set by the game when it comes to your sims. Now, you can make sims that are very skinny, fat or muscular! You can do this thanks to roBurky, who modified the range of sims fat and muscle levels. Those changes apply both to the body sliders and the live game, when your sims eat or exercise.

We hope that you found today’s mod interesting to experiment with! It’s nice to see modders playing around with the game’s default limits. And it’s even more fun when they share it with us! Which limits package are you using? Let us know down in the comments!

Happy simming everyone!

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