Pronouns Mod: Embrace Who You Are With This Amazing Sims 4 Mod!


Is the personal expression and identity of your Sim immensely important to you? Well, then pronouns mod is one of the coolest mods to help your Sim express who they are, boldly and confidently. Read on to learn more about this cool mod!

Sims 4 Pronouns Mod: All There Is to Know!

Pronouns in Sims 4

Besides giving our Sims names and choosing personality traits and aspirations for them, thanks to one of the latest game updates, we can also select their pronouns. Besides he, she, and they, we also have the option to add custom pronouns: subjective, objective, possessive dependent and independent, and reflexive. 

However, while this adds a dose of personalization and supports individual preferences, our Sims still can’t openly discuss who they are with others. Fortunately, with a little help from the pronoun mod, that is no longer the case.

What is Pronouns Mod?

Pronouns mod is a small mod, which is a part of a bigger LGBTQIA+ Mod by Lumpinou but can totally function as a standalone if you want it to. It is meant to help add a little color to usual conversations. It allows your Sims to express themselves in a unique and authentic way, that reflects their gender and identity perfectly. More than anything, it helps them share with others how they wish to be referred to.

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What does the mod do?

Once installed, the mod adds two key social interactions for you to play with. Now, as your Sim gets to know others, they can share their pronouns with others via Tell Pronouns interaction, or ask what other’s pronouns are via Ask Pronouns

And that’s not only for the purpose of socialization! Once they discover someone’s pronouns preference, this info will show in their relationship panel, next to their relationship status. While you can’t do much with this info, it’s good to know the little details about others! This way, you, the player, will always know who you are dealing with!

Where to get it and how to install the mod?

If sharing your preferences with others is something you’d like to try out, you can download Pronouns Mod here. Download the .zip file, unzip it, and copy the content to your Documents> Electronic Arts>The Sims 4> Mods folder, launch the game, and you should be able to use the pronouns mod interactions right away. 

Or, if you’d like to try out the whole mod, called LGBTQIA+ Gender & Orientation Mod by Lumpinou, which also includes pronouns mod, you can download and check it out here.

How to change Pronouns in sims 4?

If you want to change your Sims pronouns preferences, you can do that. To do that, you’ll need to activate cheats by pressing Shift+Ctrl+C, typing testingcheats true in the dialogue box, and confirm the action by hitting the Enter button. Then, once cheats are activated, open the dialogue box again and type cas.fulleditmode to activate full edit mode. Then, press Shift and clock on the Sim whose pronouns you want to change, and select ”Modify in CAS”. This will take you to the CAS menu where you can set a preferred pronoun

To change pronouns, click on the bar where you’d type in the name, and next to it, you’ll see a drop-down menu where you can pick pronouns for your Sim. Save it, and that’s it! If you still keep getting the old pronouns when you Ask/Tell Pronouns using the pronouns mod, try restraining the game, and your Sim should tell or be asked about their new pronouns. 


Pronouns mod is a nice little addition that can help your Sims feel more comfortable in their own skin and easily share who they are with others. Although it has much more flavor when it’s installed with the bigger Gender & Orientation mod, it’s a fun mod to use, even as a standalone. Try it out yourself, and happy simming!

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