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A sleep mask and overnight masks in general will definitely help your sims sleep better and faster. Luckily, such masks come in many designs features, and custom content creators of the Sims 4 are offering us a stunning bunch. So, we recommend that you install some of these to provide full peace and comfort to your simmies. Let’s have a look!

Sleep Masks for Your Male and Female Sims CC

Sleep Mask

sims 4 sleep mask

Trendy designs these are! A sleeping mask for your female sims, whether teen, young adult, adult or elder. It is available in all categories which makes it a plus. Head over to this page for easy installation.

a clay mask by caelhinn

Give your sims the pleasure of wearing this overnight clay mask by Caelhinn. It is base-game compatible and comes in 7 unique swatches. Here’s your download-link. Oh and here are a few custom maxis match skin blends and overlays.

sleeping mask

A classic sleeping mask by Simschino. The white mask is our favorite but you get to choose between too many colors as it is available in a set of 12 swatches. Check it out here.

Sims 4 eye mask

A must-have sleeping package. Not only are you getting a cute eye mask but an entire set containing a night gown and a bunny pillow. For easy download, follow this page.

Sims 4 sleep mask

We’re falling in love with these different flavors and certainly so will your sims. You get charcoal, green tea, blueberry, grape, rose petal, mandarin and one extra special flavor. Check it out by visiting their page.

Rigel Moonshine Mask

sims 4 sleep mask

For a glowing skin, this overnight sleeping mask works for both your male and female sims. There’s matte swatches in addition to highlighted ones of each color. Here’s your download-link.

Sleep Mask by Simduction

A simple accessory sleeping mask for males and females. It is base game compatible and comes in 19 plane colors and 19 large eyes swatches. It can be found under glasses. For easy download, click here.


sims 4 sleep mask

We love an awesome recolor and this set certainly offers that and more. You get 9 different prints to choose from. Check them out here.

Sims 4 Sleep Mask

Such a cute eye mask this one is! Check it out by visiting this page. And if you’re looking for matching hairstyles to go along with it, we recommend stop by our post of clayified hairs.

Sims 4 overnight mask

A green overnight mask for your entire family. They won’t be looking sad in the morning, that’s for sure. Check it out here.

Put me to Sleep

sims 4 sleep mask

Life will surely be treating your sims well with this eye mask. This cozy sleeping mask comes in 10 solid colors and 10 styled swatches. You can find it under glasses. Download.

We hope you found this list of Sims 4 sleeping mask custom content interesting. You’ll probably want to visit our main post for more custom accessories for the Sims 4. And don’t forget to top your sims’ look by getting the perfect hair, clothes, accessories from the links below. Enjoy!

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