Sims 4 Sleepover Mod – How to Throw a Sleepover?

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Throw the Best Sleepover in The Sims 4 with This Mod!

In The Sims 4, we can prepare many social events like birthday parties, baby showers, and weddings. But this list can’t be complete without sleepovers, right? And for the longest time, the game didn’t have any way of organizing any kind of sleeping party. This annoyed many players in the past, including us. But fortunately, now we have a sleepover mod in The Sims 4 that works fantastically!

The real reason why we’re showcasing this mod here is because of its quality. In the past, there have been one or two attempts to bring a sleepover event to the game, but none of them came this close. They lacked depth and a clear idea of how a sleeping party should be played out. But this Sims 4 sleepover mod just feels right. And you’ll see in a bit why that is the case!

Now let’s check what makes the best sleepover mod for The Sims 4!

The Sims 4 Sleepover Mod by Kawaiistacie: An Overview

Right of the bat, the Sims 4 sleepover mod that we’re showcasing here is done by Kawaiistacie. On our site, we’ve done many reviews of here mods and we find most of them incredible. In our opinion, she is the real “mod queen”, as the community itself calls her. And we can’t stress enough how well-developed this mod is as well.

The Basics

Okay, the basic idea here is very simple. You gather your friends and you organize a sleeping party with them. As the creator of the event, you have the freedom to choose whether the sleepover will take place at your own residence or at a friend’s house. On top of that, you can even host the event on generic lots, which is great for storytelling. So, you aren’t limited to only using your home as a base of roommate operations with this Sims 4 sleepover mod.

You can organize a sleepover party for all your Sims regardless of their age. But, there is a catch.

All adult Sims can be hosts to a sleepover and they don’t need anyone else to watch over them. This also includes teens and children. However, toddlers do need an adult to plan the event for them, invite the guests, and so on. But that’s pretty much it. Your toddler can still be the official host and spend the night with his buddies.

One “problem” that players quickly found out about this mod is that guests don’t always want to sleep. Sometimes Sims are simply too energetic. And no matter what you do, they just won’t sleep at all. But the brilliant creator did take care of it and added a new interaction. When selected, it drains the energy of a Sim and makes them more likely to fall asleep. And this is really helpful because some guests can be really troublesome.

And that’s the Sims 4 sleepover mod in a nutshell!


To download the Sims 4 sleepover mod, simply follow this link and you’ll have the 2021 version ready for you! This is the official publication page of the extension and it’s also the official site of the creator Kawaiistacie. Make sure to follow it regularly for new versions and updates.

If you’re having trouble finding the “Download” button, please try signing up. Occasional errors are likely to occur, so be aware.

And if you need help around installing Mods and CC, we have a complete guide for you!

The Sleepover Equipment

If you’re going to throw a sleepover party, then you’ll need the right equipment. Of course, we mean beds, mattresses, and similar stuff. No matter how many guests you invite, you want them to feel comfortable and relaxed during the event. And we’re here to help you create the best environment for it!

Check this CC to make an ideal room for your sleepover:

Browse our site to find and download other amazing CC for The Sims 4!


The Sims 4 sleepover mod is a great opportunity for your Sims to either deepen their friendships or spark new ones. The extension is very well done and we enjoy playing it on regular basis. No matter if you only invite your best friend or an entire group of guests, it’s very fun to witness the whole event.

If you’re looking for something new to do in The Sims 4, then we totally recommend it! However, don’t expect it to change your entire experience with the game because it’s only a mod.

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