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The Sims 4 has a useful feature called the Sims Video Station. It allows you to create videos and upload them to share with your friends and get interactions. In this post, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use it and share your videos on social media so others can enjoy them too. Enjoy!

Sims Video Station

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking: you’ll earn simoleons for each stream you upload on the Sims Video Station as if you’re an influencer on YouTube or Twitch!

How to get the Sims 4 Video Station

You can find this item on The Sims 4: Get Famous Expansion Pack! Released on November 16, 2018, this Expansion Pack allows your Sims to become a celebrity by pursuing an acting career, becoming a renowned Influencer, and through other pursuits.

It is available on Origin PC/Mac, Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. Watch the reveal trailer for this Expansion Pack here.

Maybe the Influencer life is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this is Sims! Satisfy that curiosity to experience what it’s like to be an Influencer, record with your camera and make a stream.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to get started on your Sims 4 Influencer career using the Sims Video Station. Get ready to go from e-fame to an A-list celebrity!

Sims Video Station

Getting the equipment to stream

Once you have the Expansion Pack downloaded, go into Buy Mode. Select the Objects by Function tab and type Video Station in the search bar.

The More Views Video Station and the More Choices Video Station will show up as your options. Naturally, you’ll probably feel inclined to get the More Choices Video Station.

If you have the simoleons, go for it! However, both get the job done. Plus, regardless of your choice, you’re going to need to purchase higher-quality add-on components and upgrades anyway.

The video quality of your streams will improve as you purchase higher-quality recording and lighting add-on components to your Sims Video Station!

You’ll be able to add transitions and effects to your videos and change your lighting depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

Sounds accurate to a streamer’s life to me! The crisper the video quality, the more views and sim’s fame you’re likely to receive.

Sims Video Station

Do you only record a stream at your Video Station?

Nope! There’s even more equipment to purchase! Sims 4 is incredibly detail-oriented and we all know this, but I was still pleasantly surprised with the additional equipment this Expansion Pack included.

Return to search Objects by Function, select Electronics, then select the Misc icon.

Look for the Up and Adam Streaming Drone and the Gotta Stream ‘em All Streaming Drone.

You’ll be able to record travel vlogs, record yourself completing an activity, and capture neighborhood footage with the use of a drone!

So if you’re going to the beach on Sulani and want to take your viewers with you, put your drone of choice in your sim’s inventory and bring it with you.


Your Sim will be getting sponsorships and forming partnerships just as the influencers you know and love do, so that is why you should invest in a drone along with your Sims Video Station.

You’ll receive offers from sponsors as you create more videos. They will request that you film yourself during activities such as fishing and cooking. You’ll have 24 hours to send them the footage for them to edit and then you get paid.

Once your skill level improves and you get all the add-on components to your Video Stations, you’ll be able to edit those sponsored videos yourself and the quality of your videos will be much better.

Your sponsors will appreciate your proactive involvement and pay you more simoleons when they don’t have to edit them, so it’s worth it to eventually perfect your editing skills!

How to stream at the Video Station

When you select the Sims Video Station, you’ll notice a prompt that says Study Trends.

Pick that prompt and watch your Sim get to work researching trending topics. They will reveal their search results to inform you what topics are popular and for how long they will be trending.

This is a great place to start because you can earn more simoleons right from the start by posting trending topics. Again, this is surprisingly accurate to how an influencer creates content!

Video Station

You have plenty of content to create too. When you select Record Video, you’ll have options to create a video on fashion and beauty tips and product reviews on toys, gadgets, and the latest beauty items.

You also can create content based on your mood! For example, when your Sim is feeling playful, they can create a Funny Vlog.

If your Sim is feeling inspired, they can motivate their viewers with an Inspirational Vlog. If your Sim is angry, they can rant! Hey, anger can be informative when used in a productive way right?

What else can you do at the Video Station?

You’ll be able to view your video inventory to see if you have any content that still needs to be processed. You can also combine two videos in this menu.

Sims can also promote their videos and interact with their audience! This gives you extra fame points too. Select the Post Updates prompt and check out your options.

You can hype up your next video to encourage viewership and you’ll be able to reply to comments. Replying to comments adds fame points.

Video Station

How to use the drones to record and stream

Select your drone from your inventory. Pick the prompt that will get you the footage you need.

You can choose Begin Recording as your Sim is completing an activity, you can capture neighborhood footage, and you can Begin to Record other Sims too! Lastly, you actually have an option to Stream from the drone. This will earn you fame points.

When you get all the footage you need, you’ll select the drone and transfer footage from the drone to the Sims Video Station by selecting the Transfer prompt.

 Make sure your drone is fully charged too or your stream will be cut short.

Daily Royalties from your stream

Every day, your Sim will receive payment for their streams. The more trending videos and streams you create, the more you get paid.

The more videos you create, the more royalties you earn too. Check out one of my Sims earning around 3,000 simoleons through Royalties.

In addition to streaming at the Sims Video Station, I frequently update her social media status and upload photos on her social media on her computer and phone. It all goes hand-in-hand right?

Make your Sim an Influencer and feel free to let us know how accurate you think Sims 4 is with this career path.

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