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There are video stations in The Sims 4 that allow your Sims to create videos and upload them online. In this post, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to use these Sims Video Stations!

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All About The Sims 4 Video Station

Video Stations are one of the coolest -things that came with Get Famous, the celebrity-themed expansion pack released on November 16, 2018, for The Sims 4. These allow your Sims to record and edit different genres of videos, stream themselves online, and even earn royalties from their creative work. If they are lucky and diligent, they can increase their media production skill and also become full-blown influencers using the easy-to-use tool. To guide you on the full use of these Sims video stations, continue reading below!

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Getting the Equipment

Acquiring a video station is easy. Head on to Buy Mode, select the Objects by Function tab, and type in Video Station in the search bar. The More Views Video Station and the More Choices Video Station will show up as your options.

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The More Choices Video Station

This one, available for 1,575 simoleons, is a more affordable choice. However, it has a power consumption rating of 3.

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The More Views Video Station

This video station is more expensive at 1,635 simoleons. But it is also more environmentally friendly.

Creating Videos

When you select the Sims Video Station, you’ll notice a prompt that says Study Trends. Pick that prompt to let your Sims research the latest trending topics. The search results will inform you what topics are currently popular and how long these will be trending. Then, record a video according to these trends. Alternatively, they can also create other videos even if these are not trending.

  • Fashion Tips
  • Makeup Tips
  • Beauty Product Review
  • Toys Product Review
  • Gadgets Product Review
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Depending on what they are feeling at the moment, your Sims can also create emotional videos. For example, when your Sim is feeling playful, they can create a Funny Vlog. If they’re feeling inspired, they can motivate their viewers with an Inspirational Vlog. But if your Sim is angry, they can rant! All in all, here are the emotion-induced videos Sims can create:

  • Inspiring Vlog
  • Love Advice Vlog
  • Cheerful Vlog
  • Funny Vlog
  • Confident Vlog
  • Angry Vlog
  • Pumped Up Vlog
  • Sad Vlog
  • Dazed Vlog

Editing Videos

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After your Sims have created their videos, these can then be found in their Video Inventory. Here, they will be able to customize a number of aspects, such as adding transitions and effects to the videos, renaming them, or changing the lighting depending on the atmosphere they want to create. Here are all the processes (some are unlocked after leveling skills up):

  • Edit video
  • Delete video
  • Rename video
  • Upload video
  • Add transitions
  • Add effects
  • Combine videos

These editing processes can result in a positive feedback loop. Doing the edits will help Sims raise their Media Production skill, which in turn, can further improve the quality of the videos they produce in the long run.

Other Equipment

There’s another piece of equipment to purchase, which your Sims can use alongside the video station. Return to Buy Mode, select Electronics, then select the Misc icon. Look for the Up and Adam Streaming Drone, and the Gotta Stream ‘em All Streaming Drone.

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Gotta Stream ‘em All Streaming Drone

This is more expensive, but it looks more sleek than the other choice. Your Sims can get it for 1,249 simoleons.

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Up and Adam Streaming Drone

Okay, this other one is cheaper, but it has some operating issues sometimes! It is available for 410 simoleons.

With these drones, you’ll be able to record your Sim’s travel vlogs, and their skill activities, like fishing, gardening, and more! So if your Sims are going on a trip or something, and they want to take their viewers with them, put a drone in their inventory and shoot away.

Using Drones to Record and Stream

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After purchasing the drone, please select it from your Sim’s inventory. Select “Begin Recording” as your Sim goes on to complete an activity. The drone can also capture neighborhood footage or clips of specific Sims that you choose. Lastly, your Sims can also opt to do a live stream from the drone, which will let them earn fame points. Just remember to charge the drone fully or your stream will be cut short. To edit the drone videos, follow these steps:

  1. Select the drone from the inventory.
  2. Transfer footage from the drone to the Sims Video Station by selecting the Transfer prompt.
  3. Edit away!

Enhancing The Equipment

To further enhance the quality of the videos they produce, your Sims can upgrade their video stations and drones. They can buy Add-On Components for the former, such as an HD Camera (525 simoleons), a Ring Light (235 simoleons), and Studio Box Lights (550 simoleons). Plus, you can upgrade it to have an Increased Memory, an Auto Updater, and a Light Controller. For the latter, Sims can upgrade its battery to a Lithium one, install an HD camera, and swap its Reliable Components.

Getting Sponsorships Or Partnerships

Your Sim can get sponsorships and form partnerships just as the influencers you know in real life do. As they work on their craft, they can randomly receive offers from sponsors, requesting them to film themselves during activities such as fishing and cooking. They will then have 24 hours to send the footage to the sponsor, in exchange for payment.

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Once your Sims level up their Media Production skills, they will be able to edit those sponsored videos themselves and the quality of the videos will greatly improve. Their sponsors will appreciate their proactive involvement and pay even more simoleons.

Receiving Daily Royalties from Videos

Each day, your Sims will receive payment for their videos. The more trending videos and online streams that they create, the more they will get paid. If your Sims are earning a large amount of money from the videos they have released, they can even turn the craft into a full-time career! Just make sure to always hype videos using the video station.

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How to Gain Fame

Apart from letting your Sims earn money and level up their Media Production skill, your Sims can also gain fame using the video station! When your Sims interact with their audience by replying to the comments they receive, their fame will keep on growing. By hyping up old and next videos, they can encourage more viewership and therefore, also get more comments that they can reply to.

That’s A Wrap!

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Well, we hope that through this article, you have now become familiar with the use of video stations and drones in The Sims 4. These tools are perfect, especially if you want your Sims to make a living out of content creation. If you’re looking for more great content, keep visiting SNOOTYSIMS! We often share tips, tricks, and ideas for all things The Sims. Please follow us on our social media profiles that we linked below and don’t forget to leave us your thoughts in the comments. Happy simming, Simmers!

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