Conversation & Talking Animations For Better Interractions in TS4!


Would you like to make social interactions in Sims 4 more realistic? Thanks to incredible talking animations and conversation poses, that’s more than possible. Read on to discover the best animations for spicing up conversations!

talking animations
Conversation & Talking Animations for the Sims 4!

Top 20 Sims 4 Talking Animations

No matter if it’s pulling funny pranks, acting on friendly interactions, talking about interests, or having angry outbursts, our Sims just love to be expressive. Thanks to creative content creators, we can add custom animations to give conversations more depth and realism.

Taking animations can make your Sims look more engaged while talking, and can even make their gestures and non-verbal communication look more effortless. So, without further ado, here come the best talking animations for your gameplay!

1. campus Chatter pose Pack by Cement

Your Sims can now connect deeper and chit-chat while chilling around the campus – or anywhere else. Thanks to this animation, verbal and non-verbal exchanges look much more interactive for all characters, from teens to elders. You’ll get 15 unique talking poses, 10 for single Sims, and 5 for pairs and lovebirds. Get the pack here!

2. Talk Gen A Animation by DeeSims

Do you want your Sims to look as professional as if they were giving a TED talk, but yet super relaxed and casual while they speak? Well, this animation pack is all you need. With realistic hand gestures and laid back manner of speaking, they can persuade anyone. Download it into your mods folder from this page.

3. Little Talks Pose Pack by Cazmari

Now, this is a perfect pack for lighthearted banters! With this set of talking animations, you will get 8 unique talking and sitting poses for couples so that your Sims can share how they feel in a comfy setting. It works for both genders, and besides talking and listening carefully, expect some random clapping here and there. To get it, go here.

4. Talking Happy animation by Martlet

If you are tired of overly expressive Sims, this one is for you. Make space for some talking aminations that imitate real-life conversations to a T. In this pack, you’ll get a few awesome talking poses, from talking while standing or hunched on a chair, to sitting by the table or on the couch. To get this animation pack, go here.

5. Phone call poses by ratBoySims

Does your Sim miss their crush? Now they can talk all they want, all day long, and chat with their lovers, friends, or acquaintances with this realistic talking animations pack. You can try it out on a loveseat, a sofa chair, or on a sofa. Just don’t forget to equip your Sims with a special phone accessory! To get them, download here!

6. Bar chat conversations pack by MoonShinerSims

If you want to turn bar chats into a Hollywood movie scene where two characters flirt and talk about some deep stuff while sipping whiskey, the time is now. This set of talking poses will require a whiskey glass and a wine glass CC, so don’t forget to get these. Download here!

7. Couple argument animation pack by Utopia_cc

Enough of those laid-back convos! Make way for some heated arguments! This animation pack ensures a perfect loop for facial expressions and body movements, and brings eight animations – four for ladies and four for gentlemen. You’ll see scowls and resentment on your Sims’ faces for sure. To get these talking animations, go here!

8. Talking animations pack #20 by Sovasims

This one is for conversations that are not easy. The pack gives your characters a chance to say ask for forgiveness, say they find it difficult to explain how they feel, and even express disappointment. It includes both listening and talking animations, so Sims can both give and receive these comments. To download, go here.

9. Siting and talking pose collection by RatBoySims

Your Sims can strike up to 40 new conversational poses and express their emotions, be it anger, happiness, sadness, or neutral emotion. You will see it on their faces and in their gestures. It’s perfect for sitting in community cafes and bars, but also for family conversations around the dinner tables. To get it, go to this page.

10. Let’s Talk pose pack by Sim_Plyreality

Help your Sims share their thoughts and feelings more effectively, and try out these incredible talking poses! The pack includes 1 group pose for up to 5 Sims talking, 2 poses for couples, and 16 poses for individual Sims. Download here!

11. talking animation pack #16 by Sovasims

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows! With these talking animations, your Sims will become nitpicky, start verbalizing everything they don’t like about another Sim, accuse their SO of cheating, and even count their wrongdoings on their fingers! They will act all bored, uninterested, and even downright annoyed when talking to a boring Sim. Get it here!

12. Sad Talk Animation Pack by Steven Studios

Express your sadness organically, and without filters, with these super realistic talking animations. There are 5 unique talking expressions to help your Sim let out how they really feel, all of which are designed for when they feel blue. Plus, you’ll love how immaculate the animation loop is. To download, go here!

13. Standing talk animation by Luka

Confidence is always shown in verbal exchange and gestures, and this pack will help your Sim assert themselves boldly, yet calmly. Details such as mouth animation and blinking make this set of animations look incredibly realistic. To download, get them here.

14. Animation Pack Sitting talk by Luka

No matter if your Sims are at school or chilling at home, this set of talking animations will come in more than handy. Body language and facial expressions are on point, and perfectly suited for sad and serious conversation. It can be used for one or two Sims, and to get yours, go here.

15. Sims 4 ‘Talking Animation’ Pack 1 and 2 by REDUX

This one includes two animation sub-packs that will help your Sims communicate more effectively. You’ll get three normal talking animation poses, normal, confident, anxious, and unsure. Your Sim can get mad, sad, ask questions, and even look left or right during a conversation. Go here to get them!

16. Talking Emotions MEGA Pack by Steven Studios

This set of talking animation is special because of the incredible flow of movement. Sims are gesturing with ease, and the animation loop is great. Characters can now do girly talk, get mad with arms crossed, express themselves confidently, be scared, act like they just don’t care, act happy, worried, or unsure. To get yours, go here!


Getting the message across to any Sim isn’t only about what is said with words, but also what is said through mimicry and body language. Talking animation can improve how your characters look when they share thoughts and emotions. After all, socialization is a big part of the Sims 4 experience, so why not make it more realistic? Try them out yourself, and happy Simming!

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