Everything Worth Knowing About Premade Families Of The Sims 4

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Whenever another residential world comes to the Sims 4 through expansions, we meet new sims to populate our games. Nearly every premade neighborhood has at least one family living in it but there are so many families it can be hard to keep track of everyone.

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Learn All About The Neighbors!

Each premade household in the game has a backstory. You may not have a chance to read them all, or want to know more about sims than what you can read in their Info Panel. We have gone through every premade household living in the Sims 4 and its expansions to get their history, and learn more about them than what the game might tell us outright. There’s a lot more to these characters than you might think!

Willow Creek

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1. The Spencer-Kim-Lewis Household

What a family tree! Child Olivia Kim-Lewis is the center of this premade family. She lives with her father Eric Lewis, her mother Alice Spencer-Kim, and two grandparents. Grandmother Vivian Lewis is dad’s mom, and grandfather Dennis Kim is mom’s dad. Confusing stuff! They live in a modern 3-story home with large bedrooms and plenty of skill-building equipment. Based on the relationship scores at the start of the game it appears that neither of Olivia’s parents are very close with their in-laws, nor are the elders close to each other, and nobody has any traits in common.

2. The Goth Household

Part of the franchise since 2000, the Goths are the most infamous premade family in all of the Sims. The Goth family consists of father Mortimer, mother Bella, eldest daughter Cassandra and youngest son Alexander. They dress and decorate their home in Victorian and Gothic inspired styles with lots of black, red, and purple.

Unlike previous sims games there is no graveyard at their home, and Mortimer and Bella do not have any ancestral information to suggest they come from old money. With the exception of outgoing Bella, the family tends to lean towards studiousness and creativity.

The Goths got attention recently with an official makeover by EA after backlash due to their appearance, primarily caused by the family’s skintones being much lighter than in previous iterations.

3. The Pancakes Household

Sometimes opposites attract, and that’s how we get the Pancakes. Husband Bob is a gloomy loner and a slob while wife Eliza is a materialistic perfectionist who likes to keep things neat. Interestingly enough Bob has more skills than Eliza despite being lazy, and ambitious Eliza is unemployed. Despite considering each other “sweethearts,” the Pancakes’ marriage is implied to be strained as indicated by them having completely separate bedrooms, and they’re often portrayed as unhappy together in official EA game images.

A few years after launch, EA released an updated version of the premade family on the gallery that includes new son Iggy, and though their friendship is the same as it was in the base game version, there is no romance between the updated Eliza and Bob. It seems that they had a baby to save their marriage, realized they don’t actually love each other anymore, but decided to stay together for Iggy as friends.

4. The BFF Household

The BFF household consists of 3 unrelated roommates, Summer Holiday, Liberty Lee, and Travis Scott. The game suggests a potential romantic conflict due to Liberty and Summer both developing feelings for Travis, however at game launch the 3 of them are all acquaintances with each other.

Travis and Summer are both outgoing, and Travis and Liberty have geekiness in common. Their home is decorated in line with what one might expect for 3 young adults only just gaining footing in their careers, and while Travis still has a single bed from his youth both female sims have double beds. They have the largest house and lot in their neighborhood, so they seem to be doing okay!

Oasis Springs

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1. The Landgraab Household

The Landgraab family has been part of the franchise for years as well, first introduced in the Sims 2. The current premade version of the family consists of father Geoffrey, matriarch Nancy, and teen son Malcolm. Like the Goths, in previous versions of the game Nancy is descended from old money and in fact when they married it was Geoffrey who changed his last name, though none of this lore is mentioned in the Sims 4.

Somehow Geoffrey has become a lead detective despite not realizing his wife Nancy is a minor crimelord even though they share a home office with computer desks right next to each other! Malcolm seems to be taking after his mother and her dastardly and evil personality, with dreams to become a public enemy. He and his dad have a positive relationship despite that though, and Malcolm considers both parents to be his friends.

An offshoot of the Landgraab family was made available in the gallery after the game released, consisting of 4 members: Mom, Malcolm, Mimi, and Dudley. Based on appearance and traits, it’s speculated that this Malcolm is an elder version of the premade teen we get in the base game, who has since had 2 children of his own and later married a woman creepily similar to his own mother.

2. The Caliente Household

75% of this household has history dating back to the Sims 2 although they have changed quite a bit over the years. Katrina is the odd one out, being completely new in this game (previous versions of the Caliente sisters had a mother named Nighat and there is no confirmation on whether this is supposed to be the same sim or not).

Katrina lives with her twin daughters Nina and Dina and recently took on the notorious Don Lothario as an additional roommate. The game suggests that Don and Katrina are romantically involved, however they have almost no relationship at game start and Katrina is in fact much closer with her daughters than with Don.

There are hints of relationship drama in the making between Don and the 3 ladies he lives with though, as they are all romantically inclined sims, but with Katrina wanting a soulmate and Don wanting to be a serial dater it’s unlikely he will stay faithful to her. This tracks with his involvement with the Caliente twins (and many others) in previous games.

Nina and Dina Caliente have also been in the center of controversy due to their appearance. When they first appeared in the Sims 2 both women had darker skin and were presented as very attractive characters, while in the Sims 4 they are very pale, much less attractive than their mother, and do not look alike at all despite being twins. They are slated to receive an EA makeover like the Goths, though no release date has been set as of the time of writing.

3. The Roomies Household

This premade household is a spoof of the television show New Girl and the household info panel supports that, stating “this household seems to have stepped right out of a TV sitcom.” Sims Zoe Patel, Mitchell Kalani, J Huntington III, and Gavin Richards are all young adult roommates and while they have different personalities from one another, all the male sims share the bro trait. Zoe meanwhile only shares one trait, gregarious, with one roommate, Mitchell.

Their house has 4 bedrooms and all but one contain a double bed; based on the sims’ personalities it seems that the single bed belongs to J who is a noncommittal sim (therefore doesn’t need space for sleepovers)! Zoe is the only unemployed sim in the household; if we compare her story to the TV show she’s inspired from it would suggest that she just moved in with the others after a big life change. Fired from a job perhaps?

4. The Zest Household

Johnny lives alone in a small trailer home after being disowned by his family, the Landgraabs, for quitting school to work in entertainment. He has no family tree but based on his age and appearance it seems likely that he is the eldest child of Geoffroy and Nancy Landgraab and older brother to Malcolm. His home is furnished somewhat meagerly and he doesn’t have a whole lot of household funds, so it looks like he was completely cut off when his family disowned him.

While he has a similar backstory to console character Dudley Landgraab, one can assume they are not meant to be the same sim as Dudley can be found as a separate being in Maxis’ gallery. It also makes no sense because it would suggest that Johnny’s disowned younger brother Malcolm is also his elder father, as Dudley is Malcolm’s son.


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1. The Munch Household

Mila Munch lives with her three sons Gunther, Wolfgang, and Lucas. Mila is a single parent but there is no indication of what might have happened to the boys’ father, and there is no other parent in the kids’ family tree aside from her. Eldest son Gunther is a working young adult but he hasn’t moved out yet, much to his mother’s chagrin. Teen Wolfgang has gloomy and mean traits but maintains positive relationships with his family members, and child Lucas is incredibly creative and already has several acquaintances in town.

Mila is an established cook and mixologist and Gunther is on his way to becoming a talented writer. They have a large 4 bedroom home with a separate rec room in the backyard, though the value of the house seems to be above the family means. Perhaps the money came from the mysterious missing father?

2. The Free Spirits Household

Maaike Haas and Ulrike Faust are young adult roommates living in a cozy but dated 2 bedroom premade home. They are both creatives, being a writer and painter respectively, and are hoping to sell some work to make money for home upgrades. Maaike is the more bookish and reserved type while Ulrike has a mischievous streak; each are members of clubs that reflect their personality and are friends with their fellow club members. They are only acquaintances towards one another and it’s not stated how they met before moving in together.

3. The Fyres Household

Dominic and Moira Fyres happily are married adult sims with 2 daughters, young adult Siobhan and teen Morgan. Though they are all biologically related, Siobhan looks far more like her father than her mother, and Morgan looks far more like her mother than her father. The family members are all friends but the game suggests that Morgan is beginning a rebellious streak which may cause conflict with her older sister. Siobhan and Morgan are members of rival clubs and Siobhan is thinking about moving out before things with her sister come to a head. They have a massive house though, so I don’t blame her for dragging her feet!

4. The Partihaus Household

As the name may imply, this is a party household! Marcus Flex invited young adults Eva Capricciosa, Jade Rosa, and Paolo Rocca to move in with him in an old factory which has been converted into a living space, though their employment situations and proclivity for partying suggest that they may not be able to afford to live there for long. The four of them are all part of the “Partihaus” club yet they’re all only acquaintances with one another, despite the game saying that they’re together constantly. Marcus aspires to make as many friends as possible and likely invited the 3 others to move in with him to aid in that goal.

5. The Behr Household

Young adult Candy and teen sister Yuki recently inherited their home from their late grandmother, though they have no other family tree information besides each other. The lower floor of the house looks like it belonged to a grandmother but they have updated the upstairs bedrooms to reflect their own colorful personalities.

Candy is a dancer and aspiring DJ and while Yuki admires her big sister, her interests in gaming and hacking suit her loner nature much better. They consider each other friends and also share friendships with members of the clubs they’re in; Candy is part of a DJing troupe while Yuki spends her time in a book club.

6. The Bro Household

Believe it or not, no sim in this premade household even has the bro trait! Acquaintances Sergio Romeo and Joaquin Le Chien both have aspirations of wealth and they share a trendy home in the most exclusive neighborhood in Windenburg, however most of their money has gone into the shared spaces of the house as each of their bedrooms is sparsely furnished with lower end furniture.

Sergio is romantically involved with Siobhan Fyres and their traits seem to mesh well for a future childless power couple (Sergio hates children). Joaquin only has 2 friends, Candy Behr and Dominic Fyres who are part of the DJ troupe he’s in. While they have a common goal, these roommates’ personalities suggest they will reach that goal in very different ways.

“Le Chien” is French for “the dog,” so Joaquin’s name (pronounced like “wah-keen”) is wordplay on the phrase “walking the dog.”

7. The Villareal Household

Elder Jacques Villareal has 3 children, teens Luna and Hugo and child Max. The Villareal matriarch disappeared under “mysterious circumstances” although there is nothing in the game to hint at what those circumstances are. They live in a sprawling 5-bedroom estate with 3 bedrooms on the lower floor which appear to be the childrens’, begging the question of who the unoccupied upstairs bedroom near Jacques’ belongs to.

The game calls Jacques eccentric and one to try many hobbies though he only has points in the Logic skill, and his friendships with all his kids suggest that his hobbies don’t annoy them as much as the game implies. Each member of the family is part of a premade club though none of them share interests; Jacques spends time drinking with other adults in town, Luna is part of the most popular club around, quiet Hugo is in the book club, and evil child Max is starting early with fellow rebels.

8. The Bjergsen Household

Gloomy slob Bjorn and family-oriented perfectionist Clara seemed to do what the Pancakes could not, and have a happy thriving marriage despite their opposite personalities. They love each other and have good relationships with teen daughter Sofia and child Elsa.

As with other premade families in this world there is a suggestion of conflict in the Info Panel that isn’t reflected in the family relationships; Sofia is presented as an ambitious and driven individual with an eye on musical fame regardless of her family’s thoughts on it, and she’s labeled as a musical prodigy while being only level 8 in guitar and having no experience in other instruments. Their home is called “The Lighthouse” despite being an ultra modern home that bears no resemblance to a lighthouse whatsoever.

San Myshuno

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1. The Rasoya Household

Living in the Spice Market neighborhood is the Rasoya family, a small household of 2 with very different dreams. Geeta is a self-assured and snobbish elder who just wants grandchildren; despite her son’s success in his career she remains unimpressed by his achievements.

Raj is a very skilled chef working his way up the culinary career ladder; his unflirty nature means he’s yet to settle down with anyone and start a family despite his mother’s insistence. He aspires to have a big happy family though, perhaps he just hasn’t met the right sim yet? They share a huge apartment with room to grow when Raj is finally ready.

2. The Bheeda Household

Arun and Jesminder are a happy couple expecting their first child. They live in a 1 bedroom apartment in the Spice Market, although their bedroom is large enough to accomodate a newborn it will likely become a space issue as the baby grows. There is also the question of whether Jesminder will go back to work after the baby is born; she is employed in her dream field of mixology however the idea of staying home with a baby and painting all day is also very enticing.

The name Bheeda might be a reference to the Hindu word for “crowded,” which could be a cheeky nod to their growing family in a small apartment.

3. The Benali Household

Salim Benali lives alone in a dingy premade apartment needing serious TLC in the Arts Quarter, where he grew up. Surrounded by artists his entire life Salim aspires to be a great writer, but he has a major problem with laziness and procrastination. He works as a blogger in the meantime and has reviewed most locations in the city.

4. The Jang Household

Baako and Anaya share a love of music and a young daughter, Billie. The three of them live in a spacious, colorful apartment stuffed with artwork. Both parents came to San Myshuno a bit aimless, with Baako trying to expand his reach as an entertainer and Anaya trying to decide between two creative careers. Billie is a social butterfly known for inviting herself into neighbors’ homes unexpectedly.

5. The Karaoke Legends Household

Three unrelated roommates with a shared love for karaoke, Akira Kibo, Miko Ojo, and Darling Walsh share an apartment in the Fashion District. The household bio suggests that Miko and Darling are close and that Miko has unrequited feelings of love toward oblivious Akira, however all roommates are merely acquaintances at game launch. Unlike her young adult housemates, Darling is a teen. She has no established familial connections and it is unknown if she is an orphan, disowned, etc.

6. The Pizzazz Household

Penny Pizzazz is an internet personality living in a funky blue and orange apartment by herself. She has a variety of skills and appears to have modeled previously as she can be seen on premade billboards in the city, and she’s also posted reviews of locations throughout San Myshuno. Penny worries that her work is so time-consuming it will get in the way of finding love; she has no relationships at game launch but has been shown going out with multiple sims in various gaming promo materials.

7. The Feng Household

The newest name in Sim power couples, Lily and Victor Feng are an incredibly motivated pair that want money and power and the more the better. They both excel in their respective careers as a CEO and a political representative, and are certified geniuses with a shared goal to take over San Myshuno. It’s not stated what exactly that means, but with Lily hating children and Victor being a materialistic perfectionist, whatever it is can’t be good!

8. The Lobo Household

Diego Lobo is a notoriously snobby arts critic living alone in his swanky apartment. Despite his colorful attire his home is fairly drab, decorated in neutrals with an occasional pop of interest. Despite being so stuck-up about art he has no skill in painting himself, though his high comedy skill likely makes him a hit at gallery events. He has also graced the city with his opinions on the various locations and events found there.

Forgotten Hollow

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1. The Straud Household

Count Vladislaus Straud IV resides alone in a large secluded mansion surrounded by gravestones, where his “family” has lived for hundreds of years. The village believes Vlad to be the great grandson of their founder (to which he bears a striking resemblance) but in actuality it’s been Vlad all along as he’s an immortal vampire.

According to game lore Vlad founded the town 200 years ago in memory of a settling party he was part of, after something terrible occured that left him the only survivor. He can often be seen stalking around and breaking into sims’ homes to drink their plasma.

2. The Vatore Household

The Vatores are premade vampire siblings that oppose drinking sim plasma and actively dislike Vlad’s propensity for doing so, despite there being no relationships between the households at game start.

Caleb is the kinder of the siblings, with the aspiration to be a Good Vampire and a complete lack of dark form. He feels guilt for drinking sim plasma and as a foodie he’s eager to find tastier alternatives. Lilith has a slight dark side to her unlike her brother, and though she doesn’t like drinking from sims either she doesn’t experience the same guilt about it as her Caleb does. She was turned by Vlad and trained with him before their falling out, and she has a vampire form though it’s fairly similar in appearance to her sim form.

Brindleton Bay

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1. The Delgato Household

Supriya and Justin Delgato have a full household with son Pierce, daughter Evie, dog Blue, and cat Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Sr. Justin works as a regional manager while his wife stays at home, though as time passes she longs more and more to take the plunge and buy a veterinary clinic. She seems to doubt her husband’s ability to manage the house without her though, despite the children and animals all appearing to be well-behaved and Justin’s willingness to support her. The family lives in a massive house with an incredible view of the ocean.

The last name Delgato is likely a reference to “del gato” which is Spanish for “of the cat.”

2. The Hecking Household

Brant and Brent are a newlywed couple that live with their dog Rosie; their Info Panel states that they argue over who will get to spend time with Rosie during their respective hobbies though they are both only acquaintances with her at game start.

Brant is an active adventurer and wants the dog to tag along as he explores the world gathering collectibles, while artsy romantic Brent wants her to accompany him as his muse while he paints from their charming home. Brant is a dog lover but Brent has dog training skill, so it’s anybody’s guess who smart and loyal Rosie will pick!

3. The Lynx Household

Catarina Lynx is a “crazy cat lady” who has 4 cats living with her at the moment: Doc, Cleo, Josie, and Josie’s kitten Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr. (no relation to Bartholomew Sr. despite sharing a name). The four cats all have very different personalities but Catarina is friends with all of them, and she’s known to adopt any stray cat she finds in need of help. Catarina and her brood live in a spacious home right on the wharf where the kitties can befriend fisherman and get enrichment by watching all the critters flying, crawling, and swimming around.

Del Sol Valley

image 17

1. The Jeong Household

Vanessa Jeong has recently moved into her modest house in pursuit of fame. The D-lister has only just begun her journey to the limelight, with a few commercials under her belt but not much else. She is ambitious though and has already signed up with a talent agency to help find acting gigs. Her unique teal and green bob haircut makes her hard to forget, and hopefully that will help auditions remain memorable!

2. The Bailey-Moon Household

Thorne Bailey is a famous celebrity musician, although a recent online snafu has caused damage to his reputation; wife Octavia Moon is a well-known writer and it’s been leaked that she’s the actual composer of Thorne’s songs which has caused a scandal. Thorne is still popular at celebrity meet-and-greet events in spite of the controversy, and he has some pretty dedicated fans.

Octavia seems to be a target of Thorne’s fan’s jealousy, as she’s been harassed through the mail in the past and has developed a juice habit to help her cope. Thorne and Octavia’s son Orange Bailey-Moon is a low level celebrity in his own right however he’s pretty sheltered and more concerned with playing on his phone over anything else.

Despite needing to practice and gain skill in several instruments to advance Thorne’s career, there are no actual musical instruments in the house. There’s also not a single piece of orange furniture, including in Orange’s bedroom.

It’s unknown if the young Bailey-Moon was named after the color or the fruit. His name is likely a parody of actor Gwenyth Paltrow and singer Chris Martin’s daughter whom they named Apple.

3. The Ward Household

Both famous and infamous, Judith Ward is an aging starlet with incredible range and a cutthroat demeanor. She is well known in Del Sol Valley both for her acting resume and for the number of relationships (including multiple marriages) she’s destroyed to get to the top, and as such she has retired to live alone in her opulent mansion with no friends or family. She’s materialistic, mean, vain, emotional, a snob, and hates being touched.

Her house overlooks the Del Sol Valley hills and is split in half with 2 completely different decor styles, almost as if Judith has two different homes depending on what mood she’s in.


image 19

1. The Roswell Household

Ted and Meredith are the oldest premade residents of StrangerVille. Ted serves as the mayor of the town but has a reputation for shady backdoor transactions, all to fulfill his obsession with advancing StrangerVille technologically and making lots of money in the process. He’s evil, hot-headed, and paranoid and while it’s unclear what kind of deal he made to get the ██████ Lab built it seems he has been affected by it more than he anticipated.

Kind and outgoing Meredith appears unaware or intentionally ignorant to her husband’s dirty dealings but has noticed Ted acting peculiar lately. The couple live in a large 5-bedroom home overlooking the main road; despite so many rooms they do not have children. Ted probably just bought the biggest, grandest house in town because he could.

The last name “Roswell” is likely a nod to Roswell, New Mexico,USA where a famous supposed UFO sighting occurred in the 1940’s.

2. The Eclectic Arts Household

3 privileged young adult sims who have decided to strike out on their own, with the help of their parents’ money. Mark Eggleston, Leslie Holland, and Alice Martin are roommates that start as acquaintances sharing a 2-bedroom, 2 story house away from the “modern world.” Apparently TVs and stereos don’t count as “modern” because both can be found in the house.

Leslie and Alice both have artistic aspirations but no skill related to those goals, with Leslie dreaming of becoming a writer and Alice wanting to paint. Mark just likes reading and viewing artwork, and seems to have moved in to make friends and have a good time. The 3 roommates are all unemployed with no skill building equipment in their homes, as if they expect inspiration to magically imbue them with their desired skills. Unfortunately things are about to get complicated, as Leslie has been feeling weird lately.

It’s not explained why there are 2 bedrooms and 2 beds in a house of 3 sims. Leslie will need to sleep too…right?

3. The Cahill Household

George Cahill was flying his plane over StrangerVille one day when a sudden flash of mysterious light caused him to crash, and he decided that the best course of action was to remain in town while living in the carcass of his downed aircraft.

He is described as harmless and one who keeps to himself, which clashes with his public enemy aspiration and hot-headedness. He’s also grown more paranoid of the StrangerVille residents over time, preferring to retreat to his ramshackle cargo hold home over befriending his neighbors.

Though the Roswell’s are described as the oldest residents in town, they are in the adult life stage while George is an elder. In actuality he is the eldest premade resident in town.

4. The Sigworth Household

New to the neighborhood, Jess, Dylan, and their daughter Christie are trying to settle into town after being transferred to StrangerVille for Jess’ military job. Since the transfer though, Jess has been acting strange and Dylan has been trying to cover for her, but their daughter is getting suspicious. Christine shares an active personality with her mom, and poor nerdy Dylan is the odd one out trying to keep everything in his family going smoothly while deliberately ignoring the intriguing paperwork Jess has brought home from work!


image 20

1. The Kahananui Household

Mele and Alika Kahananui are a couple who have chosen to retire in one of the less bustling areas of Sulani, although they’re not yet retired. Mele is neat and outgoing but also materialistic, and Alika is a self-assured foodie and snob. They live in a 3 bedroom home though they have no children, and refer to themselves as “Sulani Ambassadors” despite neither of them having any relevant island culture traits or aspirations.

2. The Ngata Household

Oliana Ngata and her son Tane Ngata were living their lives in Sualani before Leila Illes came to the island, where she fell in love with the culture and eventually, the Ngata’s. Oliana is a fitness fiend while her boy Tane is a geek, and Leila is a clumsy creative type. Their home overlooking the ocean and coral reefs is a picturesque place for Leila to hone her photography and painting skills. Oliana is the jealous and possessive type, which might explain why Tane is closer to his stepmother than his biological mom.

3. The Hoapili Household

Keala Hoaipli is an elder sim and child of the islands looking to impart her cultural knowledge on her granddaughter, Lia Hauata, with whom she lives. They share a compound nestled between the cliffs and the ocean in the heart of Sulani. Keala is hotheaded and erratic while her granddaughter is gloomy and a perfectionist, so teaching her the ways of the island may prove difficult with Keala’s impatience and Lia’s high standards.

4. The Kealoha Household

Makoa and Lilliana are a premade married couple with a young daughter named Nani. They have a roommate named Duane Talla who is not biologically related to them, but considered part of their extended island family. The Kealoha’s are both family focused sims, but their home is small and already packed full so they may need to consider moving if they want to keep growing!


image 21

1. The Charm Household

Elder Minerva Charm lives with her two children and her future daughter in law, Emilia Ernest. Descended from magical greats and an established spellcaster herself, Minerva holds high expectations for her children to continue the family legacy. Her son Darrel is well on his way to spellcasting mastery while Darrel’s fiance is new to magic and under pressure to impress her future mother in law—Emilia is clumsy and a perfectionist which is a recipe for shenanigans! Teen Gemma is still early into her magic training and though she is resentful of the reputation her family has, she still wants to surprise and impress her mother.

At game launch their home has 3 bedrooms, but only one of them has a double bed. The player can decide if Minerva gets a single bed or if the double bed is hers in which case Darrel will need to be given a double bed to share with Emilia.

2. The Amicable Acolytes Household

Tomax Collette and Grace Anansi are friends and roommates that have lived together since first adventuring into the world of spellcasting. They are both the same skill rank and have a friendly competition going on to see who will rank up to the next level first. Despite Tomax being a loner and Grace being noncommittal, they are good friends. It seems both roommates have some animosity toward Darrel Charm, with Tomax in particular not being fond of his neighbor. In addition to spellcasting the pair also work entry level jobs and though they don’t have much in the way of household funds, their home is colorful and decently furnished.


image 22

1. The Elderberry Household

Ekram and Eleanor Elderberry are another pair of married opposites with Ekram being gloomy and mean while Eleanor is cheerful, but they do share a love of the outdoors. They’ve been living in town since they were newlyweds and while Eleanor loves seeing new student faces every semester, Ekram is crotchety about the youths constantly invading town.

Their grandson Rohan is a perfectionist and quick learner who has moved in with them to prep for his own college experience. They live in a 3-bedroom home with the two uppermost rooms being furnished for children (looks like Rohan has some redecorating to do) which would suggest that Eleanor and Ekram have had at least two children, but there is no information on what sim(s) might exist in the family outside of their grandson.

2. The Pleasant Household

Another name that’s been in the sims for decades, this version of the Pleasant twins have moved into an old family home while they attend college at different campuses. Angela and Lilith have always been portrayed as identical in appearance but opposite in personality, and this time around is no exception. Lilith is a sloppy loner with sticky fingers majoring in villainy and Angela is a neat foodie with a good heart majoring in art history.

Each twin has a floor to herself in the house and the floors are decorated to match their likes and personality. In previous iterations of the game the two were bitter enemies but this time around they are merely acquaintances; the player can choose whether they continue their rivalry or finally put aside their differences to bond.

Despite the entire family being a premade standard in the sims for decades, Angela and Lilith are the only members of their family tree in this game. A version of the family consisting of parents Daniel and Mary Sue, along with teen versions of the twins, was made available in the gallery several months before Discover University launched so it’s unclear why the EP version of the family didn’t include the parents as relatives in a separate household.

3. The Fletcher Household

Cameron Fletcher attends Foxbury University as a computer science major and lives in one of the dorms on campus. He’s a geeky genius with a goofy side and though he starts the game with no relationships, he is eager to make new friends despite being a bit shy.

4. The Best of Friends Household

Ubrite students Julia Wright and Becca Clark are lifelong besties who have chosen to go to college together. Julia is an ambitious and outgoing physics major and Becca is an active romantic majoring in language & literature. They are very close and live together on campus in one of the dorms.

Evergreen Harbor

image 23

1. The Harris Household

The Harris’ are a premade family of 5 living in a large and well furnished house. Cletus and Faye Harris along with their sons Jeb and Gideon moved into the home before being joined by Cletus’ mother, Francine Spencer. Faye is the sole breadwinner of the family making money working as a head caterer, though there are whispers throughout town that the family makes money in other ways due to living far above their assumed means.

The family appears to be a caricature of the American hillbilly, which is a stereotype known to make their money by manufacturing and selling certain substances, such as fizzing their own juice.

Teen Jeb seems to be either embarrassed by his family’s reputation or attempting to distance himself from it, wearing a paper bag on his head to conceal his identity. Youngest son Gideon is a social butterfly and his grandmother Francine is his best friend. In addition to her grandson, Francine has made friends with the elders Greenberg; she is also a serial romantic but has yet to find a romantic new interest in the area.

2. The Sterling Rico Household

Bess Sterling and Jules Rico are an enterprising couple looking to make Evergreen Harbor into a city of their own design. Bess is an ambitious entrepreneurial civic designer hoping to further develop the Port Promise neighborhood while Jules wants to upgrade the residents to match, as he is employed as an ensemble author in the style influencer career and is stated to be very convincing about his ensembles. The two share a home in a converted mill building with a funky roofline which they have decorated in an industrial-modern palate and stuffed with crafting objects.

The couple share a dislike for Knox Greenberg, an eco-minded sim that disagrees with their plans to develop Evergreen Harbor.

3. The Greenburg Household

Elder couple Mary and Blossom Greenberg and their adopted son Knox are premade sims who wish to build up Evergreen Harbor in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, with Mary’s gardening and Blossom’s painting contributing to the cause.

Knox the eco master takes his environmentally-friendly stance incredibly seriously, with traits reflecting as such, and he actively dislikes the Sterling Rico household for their industrious plans for the town.

The family lives in a very unique home. A shipping container has been converted into a sort of studio apartment-like space for Mary & Blossom, meanwhile Knox sleeps in the cab of an old decommissioned crane. Outside of the kitchen area, a majority of the communal spaces are set outside or on top of the other structures, with planters scattered throughout the entire lot.

4. The Tinker Household

Tina and Yasemin Tinker live with their daughter Olive in a restored historical home, and both work successfully as freelancers. Yasemin is more laid back, working as a writer and spending time with daughter Olive who is also an artistic type. Tina on the other hand is a total workaholic, being a perfectionist and master crafter who doesn’t seem to value time with her daughter as much as she does working. Olive looks up to both of her mothers and aspires to be hardworking like them, though she is much closer with Yasemin than Tina.

Mt. Komorebi

image 24

1. The Akiyama Household

Kado Akiyama was originally born in Mt. Komorebi and has recently moved back with his wife Jenna and their kids. Both parents are employed in the salaryperson career though in different branches. Kado is adventurous and Jenna is active and loves the outdoors, which are perfect for their shared aspiration to explore all Mt. Komorebi has to offer. They have two children, son Taku and daughter Miki.

When moving back to town Kado was surprised to find his ex girlfriend Megumi Ito living nearby and though he seems content to leave their relationship in the past, Jenna has doubts about their marriage and will occasionally sneak off to the sea by train to clear her head.

2. The Nishidaki Household

Shigeru and Sachiko Nishidaki took in their granddaughter Kaori after the loss of her parents. People joke that the Nishidaki’s are secretly guardians of Mt. Komorebi, and hot-headed Shigeru often gets riled up about any plans to further develop the area. He has a particular dislike for Naoki Ito who is spearheading the push to modernize and bring in more tourism.

Sachiko on the other hand feels a warmth toward the Ito family, as Naoki’s wife Megumi is the daughter of her late friend, and the two continue to have a close bond. She also knows that her granddaughter Kaori shares a budding romance with the Ito’s son, and just wants her family to be happy. Naoki is a cheerful snowboarder who is smitten by the son of her grandfather’s nemesis, though Shigeru doesn’t seem to have figured that out yet.

3. The Ito Household

Naoki and Megumi Ito are gold medalist skiiers and their children Kiyoshi and Nanami are both talented athletes as well. Retired from sports, Naoki is now a conniving businessman with motivations to increase tourism, modernization, and his own bank account by developing Mt. Komorebi. He has made an enemy in neighbor Shigeru Nishidaki who is old fashioned and set in his ways of what the mountain should be.

While still a championship skier, Megumi has been working her way up in the business career since moving back to town. She was surprised to learn that her ex, Kado Akiyama, has also recently moved back and though both are married with families, she wonders if there’s still any flame left between them despite her hurt feelings. She is also good friends with the wife of her husband’s enemy, Sachiko Nishidaki, who was close with her late mother.

Though the children are athletically inclined, neither are as eager to be medalists as their parents are. Kiyoshi is skilled in snowboarding but lately is more concerned with a young romance developing between himself and Kaori Nishidaki, seemingly behind his parents’ back. Nanami has begun rebelling against the high expectations of her family and fancies herself a petty thief.


image 25

1. The Markovic Household

Mateo and Lucia have been together for a while but have never found time to get married. Though they are only engaged they already have the same last name, along with their daughter Tomi. The couple both work as professional pianists and have been trying to elbow their way into being considered the top wedding entertainers in the area, the stress of which is a big reason why they keep putting off their own nuptials. Tomi is a very talented child but does not apply herself in school, and is failing at game start.

2. The Laurent Household

The Laurent family has existed in Tartosa for a long time, though the name “Laurent” itself is fairly new. Arnessa Thebe, the matriarch of the family, is descended from royalty and as such chose to give her son Hector the paternal last name of Laurent to protect him from the pressures of being a Thebe. The two are very close.

Hector married Hilary whose family owns one of the local restaurants where she serves as a caterer, while Hector manages the La Coppia Serena wedding venue that they own. The family’s dominance over the wedding industry in the area has caused jealousy oh behalf of the Markovics. Daughter Greta is an accomplished painter who has set her sights on botany as her next life goal, and son Jace is a smart kid with a love of digging for treasure and the color blue.

Before marrying his wife Hilary, Hector Laurent dated her friend and professional rival Lucia Markovic. The two ex lovers actively dislike each other while Hilary and Lucia have remained friends and are supportive of each other’s happiness.

It’s possible that Arnessa Thebe is related to the premade Thebe/Capp family from the Sims 2 and 3 though there is no clear indication if this is the case. It’s worth mentioning that the patriarch of that family was named Hector, and it seems to be more than just a coincidence that Arnessa chose that as her son’s name.


image 26

1. The Moody & McMillan Household

Derek McMillan was an office worker with dreams of retiring to his old family cottage where he could spend his days befriending the local fauna and focus on his writing. He met the outgoing goofball Ian Moody, who fell in love with him and his dreams to escape the city, and the two now share the quaint 2 bedroom McMillan cottage out in the hills. The couple take turns having cozy days at home and exciting adventures out & about depending on who picks the itinerary of the day.

2. The New Start Household

Cecilia Kang is ambitious and an animal lover with a fear of commitment. She moved to the country after a big heartbreak and so far has struck out with finding love in Henford-On-Bagley, her only date with local creature keeper Michael Bell ending in disaster. She lives alone in a charming cottage where she plans to focus on freelancing and keeping animals for the time being while she gets over her romantic embarrassment.

3. The Watson Household

Thomas Watson always planned on inheriting his family’s estate and when he did, he brought along his wife Rahmi and their three kids, teen Rashida and children Imran and Maira. Thomas intended on making a living from farming the land, but it turns out that he’s not as successful at it as he originally anticipated and his hot-headed nature has caused some tension as he’s very sensitive about his crop size.

Rahmi has lost feelings for her husband and has even begun to stray from their marriage. She tried pursuing a relationship with the village mayor which has since fizzled out though it’s unclear which sim chose to end things. Thomas knows his wife cheated on him but does not appear to know the mayor so it’s possible Rahmi kept her paramour’s identity a secret.

The children seem unaware of the affair and in fact do not know the mayor at all. To complicate things further, young Rashida has begun a budding romance with none other than the mayor’s son, with whom she hopes to escape her gloomy boring life in the countryside. Imran would prefer to stay inside and game all day, while Maira can be found exploring the hills outside the village. She loves fishing in particular, and Henford-On-Bagley has several large rivers where she can swim and fish to her heart’s content.

4. The Scott Household

Sara Scott the mixology master always dreamed of owning a small pub, and her husband Simon has encouraged her despite his own dislike of living away from the city. Sara is confident and outgoing, great qualities for a pub owner. Simon dislikes mixology and would rather be dancing or telling jokes while his wife tends to the country bumpkins. The couple are planning to start a family which might bring family-oriented Simon the satisfaction in his life that he’s been missing since moving to the country.

Moonwood Mill

image 27

1. The Volkov Household

Kristopher Volkov is an ancient premade werewolf living in Moonwood Mill, adopting those in need of family and leading the upstanding Moonwood Collective pack. His eldest charge is Lily Zhu, a once feral werewolf whom he took in and nurtured. Lily is cousins with the vampires Lilith and Caleb Vatore and the three were close as children, however Lily fled the family when they were turned after Vlad attempted to turn her as well. She ended up hiding in the tunnels below Moonwood Mill where she was bitten by a werewolf and remained trapped in her fury until she was rescued by Kristopher.

In addition to Lily, Kristopher’s adoptive son Jacob Volkov also lives in the home. A hardworking and kind soul, Kristopher intends on making his son the new leader of the Moonwood Collective when he’s ready. Jacob is already skilled at forging bonds with werewolves although his vegetarian lifestyle might prove to be an interesting hiccup in that ascent. Once he is satisfied with the new leadeadership of the pack, Kristopher intends to deactivate his immortality werewolf perk.

Rory Oaklow, who is not currently living on a lot in town, is Kristopher’s adoptive daughter and Jacob’s adoptive sister. Originally his heir, Rory’s wild nature and disagreement with Viktor’s leadership style led to a bigger and bigger rift growing between them before Rory moved out and started her own pack, the Wildfangs. She still has a room in Kristopher’s house where the walls have been scratched up from one of her rampages. Despite the cooled relationship with her father Rory is still very close to her brother Jacob, who fears losing his sister when he takes over the Moonwood Collective.


image 28

1. The Harjo Household

The Harjo household is a blended premade family consisting of Lucha Harjo, his child Ash Harjo, wife Ava Harjo, and Ava’s son Noah Kane. Lucha and Ava are both foodies who work in the culinary field; Lucha is still making his way up the ranks but Ava is currently employed at Copperdale High School where the food is now better than it has been in ages. Ash is relatable, creative, and self-assured and when they aren’t in school they’re working on their online simfluencer career through the Trendi app. Noah is a mischievous party animal and rookie football player, and he has a crush on Sidney Price, a member of the rival cheerleading team, though Sidney has no idea.

2. The Price Household

Marcel and Janae Price are high school sweethearts with three children, twins Sidney & Savanna and young son Jayden. They moved back to the old neighborhood and have a home large enough to house an additional member, exchange student Kevin Puri. Marcel is a novelist and Janae is a regional manager, and they both enjoy playing piano, cooking, and listening to blues music. They have good relationships with all of their kids. Sidney is an overachiever and a member of the cheer squad while geeky twin sister Savannah is on the computer team. Though very different from one another the twins share a love of video games and retro music. Youngest son Jayden is also a fan of video games.

Kevin Puri is an exchange student currently living with them but it’s not stated where he is from or who his family is. He is a romantic but also socially awkward, however he is close with his teenage housemates Sidney and Savannah, considering Sidney his best friend. He is very goal-oriented with a talent for rocket science.

3. The Prescott Household

Mei Prescott, her daughters Molly and Amy, and her father Tai Lum all live in the historical Prescott Estate which they inherited from Mei’s late husband/the girls’ late father. Mei is the principle of Copperdale High and living under the pressure of her husband’s legacy, being overprotective of her children and impressing upon them the importance of excelling in school. She keeps her husband’s photo and urn in the living room and still wears her wedding ring.

Molly is the eldest daughter and a member of the chess team to appease her mother, but secretly she desires a life of music and even has a hidey hole in the attic where she can hang out and practice guitar. Little Amy revolts against her mother’s expectations, being a kleptomaniac with a fondness for popular music and video games. Tai loves his granddaughters and especially enjoys getting to see Molly every day at school where he is employed as a janitor. He likes doing things with his hands and has skills in fishing and handiness as well as interests in cooking, gardening, and piano.

Now you’ve met Every Premade Resident!

Congrats, you now know every single premade household living in the worlds of the Sims 4. We hope that you’ve learned something new about a character you love, or found an interesting fact about a sim you may not have ever bothered getting to know before. May your newfound knowledge lead to more exciting gameplay, and happy simming!

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