Sims 4 Family Tree Mod – Stop Relatives From Disappearing!

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Find All About The Sims 4 Family Tree Mod!

One thing that’s very odd about The Sims 4 is the fact that family members start disappearing after a while. As you grow your family and play with the same one further on, older Sims simply get deleted from your family tree. The game cuts them off as not important, but that’s very wrong, in our opinion. Fortunately for us, there is a working family tree mod that helps us with this issue!

Why would you want this family tree mod?

A lot of Sims 4 players, including us, like to stick to one family for a long time. We love to see generation after generation lives and prosper. But we also don’t want to lose our “older” Sims, the ones that were there from the very beginning. Because for some of us, those Sims are simply way too precious.

And if you’re such a player, we heavily recommend you to get his Sims 4 family tree mod. It has worked fantastically in our experiencing, preserving the whole family tree as we progress further.

So let’s talk about it in greater detail and explain how to download and install it!

Sims 4 Family Tree Mod: an Overview

The official name of this mod is No Disappearing Relatives in Family Tree. It’s created by Tremerion, who has initially published it in 2020 at ModTheSims. Since then, the extension has been downloaded over 80,000 times, which speaks to the demand for mods such as this.

And if you want to download it yourself, click here to get the latest version of this Sims 4 family tree mod!

What does the Sims 4 family tree mod do exactly?

The No Disappearing Relatives in Family Tree mod stops the disappearing of the dead family members. Your relatives will now be preserved, no matter how much time they have been dead. Additionally, you will not receive messages that your ghost relatives are getting weaker, and they won’t vanish! So, you can preserve your entire family tree!

What else can you do?

You can send the ghosts of your dead relatives away (if you’re tired of playing with them) but still keep them in your family tree! And that is awesome!

Now, a few simmers have told us that they’ve had a problem with this mod. More specifically, when an update hits the game, it’s possible to lose all those family members that you’ve previously saved with the mod. However, make sure to check the mod’s page regularly for updates!

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How To Download and Install This Mod?

Luckily for you, the Sims 4 family tree mod doesn’t require any “special treatment.” You can download it and install it the same way as any other mod for the game. But if you’re new to The Sims 4 mods and custom content scene, here’s how to do it!

First, download the mod with the link we’ve provided above. And once you download it, make sure to extract it into a new folder.

Second, copy the extracted contents and paste them into your Mods folder. This Mods folder is located inside your Sims 4 directory, the place where you have your game installed. 

And third, launch your game and open up the in-game settings. The “Enable Script Mods and Custom Content” box must be checked in order for the mods to work. And you’re done!

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Sadly, we have no official way to preserve all of our dead relatives in the Sims 4. And although this mod does a great job, it’s still not the best possible solution. It does have a few flaws, but if you absolutely need to preserve your family members, then totally get it! Because there is no better one!

Happy simming!

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