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Are you a fan of traditional looks and Indian aesthetics? If that’s so, effective Indian CC pieces can help bring cultural details into your gameplay big time! Read on to find out more, as we have prepared top-tier CC details for you!

sims 4 indian cc

Indian CC: sarees, turbans, Delicious Indian Food, & more!

Sims 4 and its expansion packs and kits allow us to embrace uniqueness and get creative when making characters and building homes. Cultural diversity is something to be cherished and celebrated. If you are a fan of traditional details, you’ll be happy to discover that there are some gorgeous Indian CC details you can download to enrich your game.

So, if you are hoping to find some cultural details, we have prepared a list of Indian-inspired custom content to help you out! Here come top Indian CC outfits, headwear, accessories, food, and decor. Let’s dive into it!

1. shyla sari by blue craving

Blue Craving Shyla sari

This stunning sari will turn your Sims into a lead female from a Bollywood movie in the blink of an eye. The model includes sixteen vibrant styles for ladies with good taste. This Indian CC traditional and detailed, yet so alluring and modern at the same time! Find more info here!

2. talak and bindi by leonKing786

tumblr ph5fn45AFc1wwep46o1 1280

Want a piece of Indian culture? Protect your Sims from evil forces and get them the Tilak and the Bindi. While Tilak is reserved for male Sims, Bindi is for married ladies. These two powerful marks will bring them good fortune, abundance, and success. To try out this Indian CC piece, go here!

3. indian groom coat by hoanglapsims

tumblr pkp9m19EZj1w79te9o4 1280

Indian grooms are known for their style, and now your Sims gentlemen can look equally handsome! This set includes six unique groom suits with golden embroidery and fine details. Men will love this full-body outfit. After all, it’s so perfectly tailored, isn’t it? Download it here!

4. sindoor by mansoonCreations

tumblr 7cee2f66234f2c37a4bf6b86385913fb 7b024b3c 500

Sindor or Sindooram is a traditional Hindu mark for brides. This red powdery detail is a symbol of marriage, and you can choose from 4 variations for your ladies who are about to say yes (or have already said yes) to the man of their dreams. Download this Indian CC here!

5. indian turban by leonking786

tumblr ow3d51wUgC1wwep46o1 1280

Culturally authentic details mean a lot when trying to recreate traditional looks. This Indian CC is a set of turbans that includes not just Indian, but also 6 other turbans. It will help you create unique looks for men. Blend them with stylish shirts and linen pants, and you are good to go! Check it out here!

6. indian-inspired wedding gown by emmastillsims

tumblr prfmd0rv8A1ynts23o1 1280

With a dress like this, it’s impossible to go unnoticed in a crowd. If you love lush, epic dresses, you will love this fabulous gown. Although it’s a bridal gown, this red Indian gem is suitable for all ladies, from teens to elders. For us, it’s golden details that make it pop. Check it out here!

7. Diwali Makeup by fishgoatsims

tumblr f950e909b117d1c1b17c9d0480b1ae34 b6c45559 2048

Get ready for the next Diwali, and help your girlies get their makeup done in style, with this cool Indian CC. Thick brows, Bindi face paint, a little blush, and eyeliner on fleek can go a long way, and this set includes all of that. You’ll also get lipstick and eyeshadow to complete the look. Download here!

8. diwali sweets set 2022 by robin

tumblr da6fd0756f5331f039fb3f7985070821 6981a261 1280

In India, Diwali is one of the biggest holidays, and as such, it should be celebrated appropriately! This delicious feast is safe for vegetarians and includes Rose Barfi and tasty Mohanthal. You can make 8, 4, or 1 serving, and add ingredients like pistachio, ghee, or cardamom! Download here!

9. indian-themed CC Set by xelenn

Scooter bottles gaming table

Let’s make way for some essential decor and detail, shall we? This set of Indian CC includes incredible wall decor, ornaments, paintings,rugs, pillows, vases, pots, blinds, panels, and candles – all in Indian style. There are more than 40 incredible pieces for your home! More info here!

10. Bengali bride by mansoonCreations

tumblr 9cee357bdb6dc3a4f857566078280360 3ccd0a4f 500

Chandan face paint can be so stunning! This decorative detail comes in eight versions, all of which combine white and black. They are made for ladies, and all accentuate beautiful feminine facial features. Find more info about this Indian CC here!

11. indian holiday Hair by birsche

cbd40d1bd5c105d0183424093c3d1e6d gnd

Prepare for festive time and celebration, and get your ladies a hairdo that takes their breaths away. This gorgeous bun is goddess-like and perfect for special occasions and parties. It looks so nearly-combed, voluminous, and lush! If you love this Indian CC, download it here.

12. femmes birthday set

tumblr olzwdynC6I1vemy2co5 r1 1280

Lotus lantern, flowers, and candles? Incense holders and a bar cart? They are all included! This Indian CC set has all a lady needs to get the party started. Besides decor, there are some cute wearables and accessories, such as a nose hoop, a crop top, a skirt, a sari wrap, a braid, and hand paint. Get all here!

13. patka & dastar by LeonKing786

tumblr pgwkil8Iih1wwep46o1 1280

Make way for some Sikh turbans! Traditionally worn in the North Indian region of Punjab, these 2 styles are tailored for Sims who embrace their cultural identities. Patka is for boys, and the Dastar is available for male and female Sims. Both come in various colors. More info here!

14. Indian-inspired wedding headdress by teanMoon

Are you a fan of shiny pieces? Then this Indian CC headpiece will charm you. It’s available in two variations, which are gold and silver, and you can also customize gem colors and choose one of the 6 shades for both styles. It’s designed for teens, adults, and elders, and if you’d love to try it out, go here!

15. saree by grindingteeth

indian cc

Here come some lovely patterns and colorful sarees! This authentic Indian CC offers more than 15 styles for you to experiment with, from intense purples and royal blues to orange, pink, red, and greens! You’ll get two main designs, a formalwear, and a casual outfit. More info here!

16. indian food stall by kMBiBi

MTS QMBiBi 2084255 IndianStall
For foreigners, Indian food is a spicy delicacy! This Indian CC food stall lets your Sims enjoy Indian cuisine and buy tasty meals at a local ”Taste of India” food stall. There are 5 custom recipes, and you’ll love how nicely textured the food is. Download it here!

17. indian veil by lindi

indian cc

This stunning veil is a traditional piece with shiny gems and detailed embroidery. It is available in 15 shades, and all ladies can wear it, from teens to adults. It’s compatible with the base game, so you can get it even if you don’t have any packs installed. Download here!

18. Holiday celebration saree

tumblr 708be1481aec9408cef0c8476d8d19e0 57f02c3b 1280

Let’s celebrate! This set comes in two style and pattern variations, and two color options: 9 intense, deep colors, and 8 soft pastels. The fabric is a quality one. It’s nicely textured and shiny, which makes it look super real! Download it here!

19. Indian Summer: Day & Night

indian cc

Here’s a collection of Indian makeup and genetics for your Sims. Here’s your download link.

20. Indian cartier

image 79

Here’s your download link.

21. Indian Sim by my historical sims

indian cc

Here’s your download link.


Cultural diversity is beautiful. This was our selection of the finest Indian CC. These are traditional, and colorful and can help you create characters with heritage and bring a dash of culture into your gameplay. Try them out, and happy simming!

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