50 CC Lookbooks for Only the Most Stylish Sims!

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If your sims are overdue for some cool new CC looks, take a peek at this assortment of ‘fits you can add to your closet for free!

CC Lookbook

Custom Content for the Sims 4 is vast; you can find content for almost every style and vibe. It’s exciting when you find items from multiple creators that mix & match together well, allowing you to craft the perfect look for your characters. Lookbooks are essentially a fashion show for simmers to show off their Sims, and are a great resource for inspiration and new content that players might not have otherwise discovered.

We’ve curated a collection of CC lookbooks for sims of all styles so everyone can find something they love, with each entry offering at least 5 new outfits!

Femme-Framed Sims

Outfits for fun & fabulous female frames.

1. Tegan Lookbook by Sims4AReason

image 38

A stylish outfit for every category, found here.

2. Melody Lookbook by townbugzz

image 14

When you want to be cute and cozy, but make it witchy!

If your witchy sim needs a new place to live take a peek at these great witchy lots.

3. Daily Fits Abroad in Tartosa by Softimblue

image 26

This holiday ensemble makes me want to go to the beach.

4. Nova Curious Lookbook by MiilkyMoon

image 21

This CC lookbook gives off Simtagram Influencer vibes.

5. Taylor Flower Lookbook by dr3amscapes

image 62 edited

Whether you love florals or just want a hippie vibe, this is the CC lookbook for you.

6. Francesca’s Wardrobe Lookbook by Farfalles

image 4

Who says neutrals have to be boring?

7. Jamie by lunartrait

image 28

This lovely brunette has great fashion sense!

8. Newwwwwww Lookbook By Clown-Sims

image 36

A CC lookbook that illustrates how much of an impact a few statement pieces can make.

9. Lookbook #5 – bright & bold by ironicpixls

image 40

We adore the 70’s vibes of this lookbook!

Embrace that retro life with these great 70’s CC packs.

10. Kianna’s Sulani Looks by globetrotter

image 37

The perfect outfit collection to really enjoy the island breezes.

11. Sunshine Girl by wildmelon

image 5

Seize the summer in this warm wardrobe!

12. Robin Zhu by Ailuropoda

image 13

Because you’re never too old to be a punk!

13. Imani Lookbook by ThemedCafe

image 7

Schoolgirl meets Attitude in this sweet CC lookbook.

14. A Lookbook For Big Booty Cuties By Cinamun

image 35 edited

This lookbook features a selection of shirts that won’t warp or break if your sims are well-endowed in their derriere!

If you need poses for your plus size sims take a look at our favorites.

plus size cc posepack snootysims

15. What to wear in a depressive episode by KingFakey

image 39

Sometimes the best way to deal with feeling down is to dress yourself up.

16. Lookbook Vol. 5 by alternatash

image 46

Inspired by the television show Euphoria, we love the Y2K feels of this CC Lookbook!

Masc-Framed Sims

Styles for sims with masculine builds.

17. *accidentally creates the hottest sim dude ever* Lookbook by RoseColcred-Sims

image 56

When you want to look hot but not like you tried too hard.

18. 1K Follower Lookbook by Jazzy Trait

image 11

We love how colorful this ensemble is; pink is for everybody!

Find more pink CC for your sims here.

19. Nico Rice by Simmerly

image 33

This handsome guy knows how to dress comfortably and look good while doing it.

20. Men’s Fall Lookbook by SimsCreator

image 49

A CC lookbook that makes us want to wrap up in a blanket and drink a pumpkin spice latte. That mushroom sweater is so cute!

21. Henry Choi by Misty Meadows

image 10

If you dress in all neutrals your outfits will always match.

22. Alexander Lookbook by bibliosims

image 9

Kind of preppy, kind of nerdy, kind of grungy, but all style.

23. Cryptidcore: A Lookbook by StingraySims

image 50

Cryptids are having their moment lately and this lookbook is all over it.

24. Lookbook by PriscillaaSims

image 51

If your sim wants to look posh but not stuffy, take a peek at this lookbook.

25. Get the LOOK!; Kesai Lynch Edition

image 61

Fresh & fly for fashion fiends.

26. Skirts & Dresses Lookbook by PuppyCheesecake

image 12

12 dress & skirt outfits for masc framed sims who are too cool for pants.

27. Cecil Redux by Avelynns

image 57

This CC lookbook is for sims who aren’t afraid of a few prints.

28. 和硕 by Miaormiya

image 63

A lookbook that makes looking good seem easy!

29. A Strangerville Lookbook, Pt. 6 by AllTimeFail Sims

image 8

One of several Strangerville-inspired lookbooks which can all be found on the blog.

30. Meet Nico by kadelyka

image 42

This is the perfect lookbook for the stylish nerd.

Customize the fit of your sims’ eyeglasses with the glasses slider mod.

31. Male Summer Lookbook by The Simpanions

image 52 edited

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere and this CC lookbook covers all the bases.

32. Ts4 Maxis Mix Menswear Lookbook #5 by Fab-Lois

image 55

This lookbook is a good mix of versatile basics and statement pieces.

33. TS4 Menswear Lookbook #2 by TheKims4

image 53

A collection of casual chic clothing.

Looks for Little Ones

Toddlers, children, and teens can be stylish too!

34. Baby’s First Lookbook by Blarffy

image 67

Some super cute clothes for your tiny toddlers!

35. A Blue Lookbook by WileyFern

image 68

This versatile CC lookbook rocks for sims of any gender representation.

36. Toddler Fits, a Lookbook by Amelie

image 64

Dressing toddlers in light colors is brave, but luckily for sims their clothes don’t permanently stain!

Check out some of our favorite CC toddler furniture here!

37. Lookbook No. 2 by Powluna

image 71

This post actually has 3 lookbooks to fill your kiddo’s closets!

38. Spyder Lookbook by WileyFern

image 70

You must-ard ketchup with other simmers and add these looks to your game.

39. Lookbook By Marronnie

image 69

You get a 2-for-1 deal with this CC lookbook, dressing your toddlers and child sims to keep them looking fresh for years.

40. Mali Lookbook by FreezerBonnie

image 32

A complete lookbook for younger teens that make them look like actual teens!

Can’t get enough teen-centered CC? We’ve got you covered.

41. Windenburg Prom by Szmoothie

image 44

A cute lookbook of prom outfits for some well-known Windenburg teens.

Occult Creations

Whether it’s upgraded in-game occults or a creation completely separate from the vanilla creatures, there’s a lookbook for it.

42. Florian by PuppyCheesecake

image 60 edited

One of several awesome occult CC lookbooks from PuppyCheesecake.

43. Grunge Fairycore by Missatan

image 27

A lovely lookbook for fairies who aren’t into the stereotypical fairy style.

44. Lyra Human by PuppyCheesecake

image 16

Another lookbook by PuppyCheesecake, this alien was just too cool not to share.

Costumes & Holiday Looks

Holiday content is always in season no matter the time of year!

45. Shepard by Simadillo

image 47

If you’re a fan of Mass Effect, you can now have Shepard in the Sims 4 thanks to this CC lookbook.

We have lots of CC lists for simmers who game, like this collection of our favorite Super Mario Bros. CC!

46. The Darlington Legacy: Lookbooks by A Heathen, Conceivably

image 31

The curator of this lookbook plays a historical legacy and has lots of awesome vintage outfits to peruse!

47. Feel The Love by MiilkyMoon

image 20

Your sims can be pretty in peach with this Valentine’s lookbook.

48. Valentines Lookbook by DigitalBae

image 43

If you want your Valentine’s look to be a little louder, check out this lovely lookbook!

49. Halloween P2 Lookbook by bibliosims

image 72

If your sim needs a Halloween costume idea they should take a peek at this lookbook.

50. Christmas Lookbook #4 by PriscillaaSims

image 58

To close off this list we’ll leave you with a giant lookbook of 20 different holiday looks, with links to 3 other Christmas lookbooks so you can really deck out your characters.

Can’t get enough Christmas CC? Boy, do we have a lot of it.

In Conclusion

If you find yourself needing to do some CC shopping, lookbooks are a great place to start. Seeing pieces already arranged into an outfit is a helpful tool to help you decide if you’ll use it yourself and you get exposed to multiple creators at once. Hopefully this list has something for your style, and if it does I urge you to check out other lookbooks by these curators as well as more content from the CC creators who made the items you like. Enjoy your CC spree!

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