The Best Sims 4 Pinterest Accounts For TS4 Inspiration

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Looking for the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts to follow? Say no more! Keep reading to discover amazing profiles of other Simmers, where you can find cool ideas, CC, mods, and all other fun content for the Sims 4.

Best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts
The Best Sims 4 Pinterest Accounts For the Sims 4!

Why follow Sims 4 Pinterest accounts?

Pinterest is a heaven for inspiration and a sea full of saved CC, Mods, tutorials, and useful content. Some profiles are those of custom content creators and shorts creators, and some are Sims 4 players and fans who took their time to create incredible boards with mods, custom content, or Sims 4 fun facts and tutorials.

Some of the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts have more followers than others, but nevertheless, you can find your fair share of interesting Sims 4 content on their Pinterest pages and connect with likeminded game fans. You can pin photos from others, browse related content, and Sims 4 pins to redirect you to download pages for CC and mods when you want to try out some!

Following the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts will help you stay updated with the latest Sims 4 content, while also giving you a lot to explore in already existing boards. This is a unique chance to be freshly updated from various sources. Just type in the keyword in the search bar, and you will get a bunch of related Sims 4 content from multiple websites and platforms.

How to Save and Download CC and Mods You Find on Pinterest?

sims 4 pinterest

If an account you followed posts something you’d really like to try out, you’ll likely see their newest pin on your feed. Just click on the photo you like, and then click on the title of the photo or the link above the title to get redirected to the source page. You will then automatically leave Pinterest and find yourself on the page from where you can download the CC or a mod, or get further redirected to the original post. From there, just download stuff and enjoy!

The Best Sims 4 Pinterest Accounts to Follow

All game fans are created equal! With that in mind, we have prepared a list of 20+ accounts that caught our eye for you to start with, but feel free to follow anyone whose Sims 4 content you like. The more of these follow, the more Sims-elated content will pop up on your feed, and the more interesting recommendations you’ll get from other users with similar boards. Here come some incredible accounts, listed without a specific order.

SNOOTYSIMS is on Pinterest, too! – @snooty0192

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If you love our content, you can check out SnootySims on Pinterest! We have more than 25 boards dedicated to the Sims 4 that cover mods and different kinds of CC, from clothes and accessories to presets, hair and furniture. Here you’ll also find pined challenges, and useful Sims 4 tips and tricks.

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Follow us on the @snooty0192 Pinterest page to stay updated with the latest SnootySims news! 

Now, let’s jump into exploring other Simmer profiles!  

1. Sims With Britt – @simswithbritt

image 384

Britt is a lifelong Simmer and an architect who blends their love for Sims4 and design to create stunning homes. Besides the incredible builds they make, you can find some cool building tips and tricks, building tutorials, and fun Sims-inspired shorts on their profile. This is one of the best Sims 4 CC Pinterest accounts, and has a bunch of fun facts about the Sims, useful info for Sims newbies, as well as interesting building hacks and reviews for all and new Simmers. Check out their Pinterest page here!

2. GiuliettaSims- @GiuliettaSims

sims 4 pinterest

Looking for new stunning accessories for your gameplay? Well, you can certainly check out Giulietta’s Pinterest profile, which is one of the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts when it comes to shiny jewels and details. They are a custom content creator who mainly focuses on creating jewelry, accessories, and clothes. To stay updated with the newest CC details they save, you can check out their boards and follow the account here.

3. Clersims – @clersims

sims 4 pinterest

Clersims is a TikTok creator for Sims 4-themed content and has one of the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts. You can find their shorts on Pinterest where they have fun testing incredible mods and CC in-game for you. So, if you want a quick demonstration of some popular mods and CC, these shorts will be a delight. The profile also has a nice collection of Sims 4 boards, with a bunch of aesthetic stuff, including hair, clothes, accessories, overlays, presets, shades, lashes, contacts, eyebrows – you name it. Check out this awesome Pinterest content here!

4. Zuzuki – @zuzkinaa

image 383

Zuzuki is a Sims 4 lover who has boards packed with hundreds of pins. You will find boards with Sims 4 clothes, genetics, poses, presets, and hair. Board names are not in English, but you’ll get a hint from pictures on board covers that the board is about the Sims 4. Once you open a board everything is pretty much in English, and you will be able to browse a certain category of CC by the creator’s name. This Pinterest account has more than 15,000 saved pins that might interest you! You can check out their Pinterest profile here.

5. TS4 – @TS4CC

image 387

From the first to the last board, this Pinterest account is all Sims 4.  As one of the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts, it has around 10,000 pins dedicated to your fave game, from houses, toddlers, pets, and clothes, to furniture and decor, indoor or outdoor. To stay updated and keep track of the pins they are saving, and that you may like, you can follow them here.

6. CherieSimmer – @CherieSimmer

image 388

The profile of CherrieSimmer not only has plenty of pastel and fantasy aesthetic details and a few incredible CC boards, but also stunning original content. They are a content creator who makes stylish lookbooks, and create characters, poses, and fashion details you’d love to try. They give their townies makeovers, making every Sims look good, films, and triy out new looks based on custom themes. Browse their Pinterest gallery and Sims 4 shorts here!

7. AliSim – @AliSimchanel

image 391

Those who love nicely decorated homes will love AliSim’s page, as it’s one of the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts for lavish interior design ideas for all rooms, from the living rooms to the laundry rooms. To see some of their cool builds, make sure to check out their board named ‘’My Building’’ in Bards, as well as the ‘’Created’’ Category. If building homes is your favorite Sims 4 activity, or you are looking for ways to decorate without using CC, take a look at their speed builds and follow their Pinterest account here!

8. Fashion the Sims 4 – @fashionthesims4

image 392

If you’d like to keep up with fun, fashionable details for Sims of all ages, you’d want to take a peek at this Pinterest profile, one of the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts, with more 20,000+ Sims 4 saves. Fashion the Sims 4 has a handful of boards dedicated to nails, makeup, and styling for the Sims 4, from lingerie, trendy outfits, and accessory trends, to fantasy-inspired looks. Besides these, you’ll also find great home and decor ideas to help you get inspired when building your next home! Check out their Pinterest page

9. Mellindi | Sims 4 – @mellindi1

image 393

If you love a good storyline, you’ll love this one! Mellindi is not only a dedicated Simmer but also a creative one. This Simmer makes Sims 4 tutorials, gives mods and CC recommendations, and shares the most private details of their Sims’ lives, so if you love a good story, go check out their profile here! To see custom content and mods they saved, be it for the build/buy or CAS mode, go to their Sims 4 board.

10. Cinnasims – @cinnasims

image 394

Being the owner of one of the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts, Cinnasims is a CC creator and a live streamer, who makes custom looks and clothes, loves making unique Sims with dreamy eyes, and pins awesome CC finds on Pinterest. Besides their cool short videos of Sims called simtocks, you can also enjoy scrolling through their boards for Sims 4 to find accessories, hair, clothes, and more! To follow this Cinnasims, go here

11. Katverse – @Katverse

image 395

Here comes a Pinterest account of yet another incredible CC creator! Katverse is an active Simmer and custom stuff maker with a long list of downloadable content saved on their Pinterest boards. They create beautiful characters, fresh poses for Sims to strike, accessories, makeup, eyebrows, clothes, eyes, and similar stuff, and all that is nicely updated on Pinterest. So, to have all your favorite CC in one place (Pinterest), you can follow their page here!

12. Ninetensims – @nintensims

image 398

If you want to create ethereal characters, this is undoubtedly one of the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts for you. You can see their Sims 4 defaults and try them in your game, and get inspiration for CC hair, skin, makeup, shoes, and all other fashion essentials. Ninetensims occasionally shares favorite Sims they made, too! To keep up with their saves, go here.

13. Michaela Sims | The Sims 4 Builds And Houses

best sims 4 cc pinterest

Looking for the best Sims 4 CC Pinterest account where you can find inspiration for your next build? If that’s the case, then Michela Sims is the account for you! Their boards have all you need to get started with exteriors or decorate your interiors. So, if you are up for some incredible speed builds, building ideas and tutorials, themed room builds, and home furnishing tips and tricks, make sure to check out their Pinterest account here!

14. Desire Luxe – @DesireLuxe

image 401

Desireluxe makes YouTube videos for Sims 4, collects coolest CC to help us elevate our gameplay, and uploads and saves equally amazing content. Their Sims-related content is among the best Sims 4 CC Pinterest accounts, with more than 11,000+ Sims 4 pins. Here you’ll find all kinds of stuff, from hundreds of clutter pieces, poses and lots to fashion and home CC. To browse their Sims 4 board, check out this link. To follow their account, go here

15. Deery – @Deerytrait

sims 4 pinterest

Being among the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts, Deerytrait is a profile of a Sims 4 content creator on YouTube, and their Pinterest collection of CC and Sims faces is just stunning. Go to their Pinterest and start your CC browsing, downloading, and shopping, as chances are, you are going to love their boards, full of custom furniture, clothes, and extra stuff. Check out their shorts and the Sims they’ve made, too! Follow them here!

16. Simpliciaty – @simpliciatycc

image 405

If you ever downloaded CC, you’ve likely bumped into Simpliciaty content on Patreon or elsewhere. This custom content creator pins their original content and saves it under three board categories: hair, clothing, and accessories. Unless you are already on Patreon, this account is a unique collection of their creations, and you can always stay connected for new updates on releases. Stay tuned for fresh custom content and keep up with Simpliciaty here!

17. sims 4 cc – @simmerthings

image 406

Simmerthings is one of the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts with more than 3,000 pins, many of which are in soft, pastel aesthetics. You can find flowy hair, makeup, tops, bottoms, patterns for walls and floors, furniture, and home decor. Here you can find a lot of great stuff for clean girl looks, indie and casual looks, CC that reflects the latest Instagram fashion, no-makeup makup CC for your Sims, and more. Check out their profile here!

18. Simmy Lou Martin – @lousimmy

image 407

Are you a fan of vintage, Victorian, and goth stuff? If you are, this Pinterest account will blow you away. Their collection of retro stuff and historic details for the Sims 4 is astonishing. Besides historical Sims 4 stuff, clothes, and makeup, they also have other boards dedicated to specific themes, such as Sims 4 k-pop CC, Korean-themed ones, or middle ages-inspired CC. To follow them and check out their Sims 4 28,000+ saves, go here!

19. The Sims 4 CC – @kataraesimmer

image 409

Looking for best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts with versatile content? This Sims 4 Pinterest profile has a few boards that might interest you: stuff for households, clothes, hair and accessories for toddlers and kids, shoes, skin details, home, makeup, accessories, and unclassified CC. Check out their profile here!

20. My House – The Sims 4 – @Myhousethesims4

image 410

It’s time for some fresh builds and rooms and add the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts like this one to your follow list! This is one of the Best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts for finding homes, lots and spaces for download. Here you can find different architectural styles for your favorite game, from minimal and modernistic interiors and exteriors, to classic spaces and vacation homes. To check out saved furniture and homes, follow them here!

21. Hoarder of Sims 4 cc! – @HoarderofSims4CC

best sims 4 cc pinterest

We are all lovers and hoarders of CC, aren’t we? From hairstyles and outfits for males and females, toddlers and kids, to shoes and accessories, this one is one of the best Sims 4 CC Pinterest profiles, and here you’ll find a bunch of new styles to try. Don’t forget to check out their stuff for home, too. Take a peek at this Pinterest profile and follow them here!

22. Sims Online – @simsonline

image 412

Need some ideas for your next home? Here comes another one from ”best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts” category with fine Pinterest collection of CC. It’s especially valuable if you love trying out new building styles. Although you can’t find as many CC and Mods here, you can find valuable ideas for home decor and different types of exteriors you can implement into your gameplay. This account is a sea of creative ideas, from lot ideas and houses to floor plans. Check them out here!

Other incredible Sims 4 pinterest accounts

There are so many Sims 4 lovers out there, and so many profiles that can categorize as the best Sims 4 Pinterest accounts, in terms of CC, mods, inspiration and aesthetic content on Pinterest. To connect with as many accounts as possible to stay updated with the latest saves, feel free to check out these profiles as well:

Why follow SnootySims on Pinterest?

Keep in mind that some of the accounts may have outdated content, which is why we are consistently updating our content! You can find an abundance of exciting content, from cheat codes and how-tos to custom content and mods by following our Pinterest account!

sims 4 pinterest


No matter if you are looking for inspiration for building and designing your Sims homes, or would like to stay updated with fresh CC on Pinterest, following fellow simmers can truly spark creativity. We hope you’ll find your Pinterest match among some of the accounts we listed.

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