50+ No CC Lookbooks That Will Rock Your World!

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Looking for some cool outfit ideas that don’t include custom content? Luckily, there is a bunch of incredible no CC lookbooks out there you can use for inspiration. Scroll down to discover incredible looks that don’t require CC!

sims 4 no cc lookbook

No CC Lookbooks for Sims of all ages and all style preferences

If you ever searched for outfit inspiration for your Sims, you likely noticed that many stunning outfits include CC, which needs to be downloaded separately. Luckily, being cool as it is, The Sims 4 with its packs alone can be more than enough to help you design incredible outfits in CAS, without using a single custom item.

Stay tuned and scroll down to discover the trendiest no CC lookbooks for the Sims 4 that include game-original stuff only, from Base game and all releases. Let’s go!

1. Male lookbook by Plumdot

image 163

These four versatile looks are excellent choices for urban and indie guys. Besides the base game, to dress your gents exactly like this, you will need a few expansion packs, stuff packs, and game packs. To see which item belongs to which pack, you’ll find the info here.

2. High School Years Cross-Pack Lookbook by plumdot

sims 4 no cc lookbook

If you love authentic outfits that let your Sim’s true personality shine, these will be a true delight. This no CC lookbook has three outfit combos for guys: Slade, Yunus, and Wells. Slade is colorful and geeky, Yunus rocks a Johnny Depp-type of an effortless layered look, while Wells is a classic punk-rock dude. Get more info here!

3. Cosy Autumnal Fits for Kiddos by Plumdot

sims 4 no cc lookbook

Earthy tones such as beige, orange, yellow, and green are perfect for the fall. So, to make sure your Sims 4 youngsters look great this season, try out these awesome no CC lookbook outfits! To check which packs you’ll need to dress them like this, get the info here.

4. Lookbook #1 by PixelShary

no cc lookbook

If you love comfy sweaters, the countryside, or vintage pieces, these three will grow on you. They blend floral and plaid details with knitwear and warm socks, and the best part is, you will need only the base game and the Werewolves game pack to dress your gals like this! Get more info here!

5. Plant mom lookbook 1 by Plumbobfaerie

image 171

If you love plants, gardening, and relaxed style, here comes no CC lookbook just for you. Here are four casual looks in different shades of green, ideal for hippies, urban jungle Sims, nature lovers, those who love an off-the-grid kind of life, or anyone who loves green. Check them out here!

6. Grunge-rock lookbook By kevinandthesims

image 161

Dark military boosts, a beanie, a cardigan and a baggy sweater is all you need to achieve a grunge kind of a look. These outfit combos are a perfect pick for Sims who love dark aesthetics and alternative stuff. To learn more about all the game packs you’ll need to rock these items, go here.

7. formal Base Game lookbook

image 157

Here come some serious no cc lookbooks for the gents! These are reserved for fine gentlemen with style, who love tailored suits, formalwear, and sportswear. To recreate any of these outfits, all you need is a base game installed, and a trey file, and you can copy it with MCCC mod. For info and download links, go here!

8. susan & anna waterfall lookbook by bashfulcookies

If you have only the base game and the Realm of Magic installed, you’ll love this no CC lookbook. Anna and Susan are downloadable characters and stylish spell-casters, and you can tell they love sorcery by looking at their cool outfits. To get these ladies and their style, go here.

9. Summer outfits by HutchPlays

Well, that’s an inspiring CAS video! HutchPlays has made a few stunning summer looks, from baggy jeans and puffer sleeve top combo to a floral long-sleeved top and a maxi skirt look, or an unbuttoned dress with tropical pattern and shorts. Take a peek, enjoy watching, and try out these looks yourself!

10. Lookbook by pricillaaSims

image 148

This lady Sim is a gorgeous girl next door. No matter if she is in a formal outfit, in casual wear, or in simple PJs, she is always stylish and feminine. You can download her with all the looks and try them out yourself! For more info about this no cc lookbook, go here.

11. alternative Teen Outfits by HutchPlays

Checkered pants, ripped jeans, oversized tees and band t-shirts are a definition of any alternative, grunge, or punk-rock look. So, to give your teens a real edgy makeover, you need somewhere to start, and these outfits are a good kickoff! For more inspiration, watch HutchPlays video.

12. Blossom Powerpuff Girls lookbook by Astraia

Blossom is known for her spirit, pink and red aesthetics, and ginger hair. If you love her, you need to try out Sims 4 version outfits inspired by her! This video covers all outfits, from everyday wear to sporty and cold-weather outfits, so do check it out.

13. Mint Not so berry outfits by HutchPlays

Some Sims look so cool in mint! No matter if it’s the hair, the dress, a blouse, or a whole outfit, mint always means originality. This video is a no CC lookbook inspired by the ”Not So Berry” challenge. So, if that’s something you vibe with, go and take a peek!

14. 80+ Outfits Lookbook by Simelon

A few outfits are great, but how about a collection of 80+ outfits for your ladies? We say, yes! All these looks from Simelon are completely cc-free, so you can dress up your characters just by using clothing pieces and accessories available in the game!

15. Grunge Outfits by HutchPlays

Now, let’s get extra brave and creative with outfits, shall we? HutchPlays presents a couple of outfits that are both edgy and super stylish for all your emo, punk, grunge, and alternative ladies in the Sims 4. Color combos for these no cc outfits are mostly greens, reds, grays, and black. Enjoy!

16. fall lookbook by genieSims

Help you Sims 4 girlies match their looks with pumpkins and fallen leaves, and dress them stylishly and cozy for the upcoming fall season! To start, check out this video by GenieSims to get 5 comfy, yet fashionable outfit inspirations!

17. 100 years of fashion for Mortimer goth by SimDay

Mortimer is as old as Sims is! So, why not give him a history-inspired makeover?! Here are 50 unique looks for different eras by SimDay, from 1920’s polished and classy looks, to trendy and hipster 2010’s outfits, all CC-free. Enjoy and have fun trying looks from this no cc lookbook!

18. no CC rainbow challenge By PooBeee Plays

Make way for some colorful outfits! PooBeee Plays has created a few colorful outfits for Sims 4 ladies, from red and green to purple and blue. So, if you love bright and vibrant pieces, make sure to check out this no CC lookbook video!

19. the sims 4 high school years lookbook part 2

image 169

Colorful outfits are not reserved for ladies only. These no CC outfits mix pastels and vibrant colors with a ’80s and ’90s aesthetic to inspire you to go big when dressing your gents. Play with all shades of the rainbow and try them out! Go here for more info!

20. werewolves game pack lookbook by solar Lemonade

image 168

Howl at the Moon in style! If you have a base game and the Werewolves pack, you are in luck, as you can recreate all of these stunning looks. This collection of 8 outfits is a mix of baggy and relaxed pieces any free-spirited girl will love. Info Check out this no CC lookbook here.

21. bob pancakes makeover by CokiCreative

image 156

This no CC lookbook is a combo of modern looks for Bob, our Willow Creek townie. He is now a trendy lad with glasses and wears hipster shorts, patterned shirts, and effective accessories. Rest assured everyone will love his makeover, including his sweetheart Eliza! Check out the lookbook here!

22. Kids outfits by Mushildasims

Here comes the inspiration for kids’ outfits! Mushildasims has dressed boys and girls in jeans, beige, and greens, and now they are better dressed than any other Sims in town. To check out which Sims 4 packs you’ll need for these, go here.

23. Celeste in night out outfits by kevinandthesims

no cc lookbook

The first impression is everything, so if you want your ladies to look put together and chic any time of the day, check out this no CC lookbook. No matter if it’s a dinner date, a business date, or a simple night out with friends, your ladies will always look immaculate when dressed like this. Take a peek at them here!

24. Audrey the Mermaid lookbook by cokiCreative

sims 4 no cc lookbook

Goth style never looked better! This lookbook by CokiCreative is a visual heaven for anyone who loves dark aesthetics, fishnet tights, black crop tops, spiky jewelry, and heavy makeup. You can check out these edgy looks here.


CC is a great addition to what we already have in the Sims 4. However, even without extra content, we can still create stunning outfits for different styles, be those casual, formal, punk rock, or unicolor looks. This was our list of no CC lookbooks, and we hope you found some ideas for your next gameplay! Happy simming!

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