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Do you have some Bratz nostalgia? Bratz dolls have marked an era in our childhoods, and now they are back thanks to the incredible Bratz CC! If you’d like to have such a throwback in Sims 4, keep reading to discover the best Bratz-themed content available for download!

sims 4 bratz cc

bratz cC: decor & fashion inspired by Bratz dolls!

Bratz dolls were an important part of a whole generation growing up. These fashionable angels were known for their style, luscious makeup, and hair. Now, thanks to CC creators, we can play with Sims 4 replicas of Bratz clothes, accessories, and furniture.

Thanks to these creative folks, we can now have designer clothes, rich outfits, and pink esthetics that match the original Bratz series and real dolls we loved playing with. We have prepared a list of the most amazing, showstopping Bratz CC that will blow you away.

To make things easier, we have divided it into two sections: Bratz interior & decor, and Bratz wardrobe. Enjoy!

Bratz interior & decor

1. bratz glam vanity room by LaSkrillz

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A Bratz room is a must for any Sims with good taste. This pink heaven has all you need to spice up your interior with key details: a vanity area to doll up with a selfie ring and all the clutter essentials. After all, every girl needs quality makeup, a hair styler, and good lighting to take perfect selfies. To recreate this original Bratz interior, download the stuff here!

2. bratz wall art

tumblr 8577961691e7d0490a9641f4c2732d91 f2181fc7 2048

Real Bratz angels can always recognize fine aesthetics. Now you can enjoy the beauty of aesthetic Bratz posters that are totally in alignment with their incredible taste. This set includes 27 incredible swatches, all inspired by our favorite dolls, from a simple Bratz logo to portraits of Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, and Jade. To get this Bratz CC wall art, follow this link.

3. bratz bedroom decor


Decorate your room like a real doll would, and add these gorgeous details to your interior! This set includes stickers, blankets, rugs, and pillows, all with more than five swatches to play with. Now all your interior will be covered with images of your favorite Bratz, from floor to walls. If you’d like to see these cc Bratz collection details in your interior, you can get them here.

If you enjoy experimenting with pink and purple in Sims 4, try out these stunning Purple Hair CC!

4. Bratz wall Paper by LaSkrillz

TS4 x64 2020 11 13 14 35 47 2

Sometimes you just need fancy wallpaper to create a theme for the room. This Bratz CC brings devilish energy into your space, but in a cute way! You can have this Bratz-inspired wallpaper with logos on your walls for free. To get this essential CC, follow this link!

5. bratz Y2K Posters

Screenshot 102

If you love posters and Bratz, this set of throwback posters is made for you. There are 11 of them, and some are the real ones that were featured in magazines a few years ago. They will look great in teen rooms, especially if your Sims is super girly and into fashion. To get these fancy Bratz CC posters for your room, go here.

6. bratz doll portraits

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We all had our favorite Bratz doll. Here they are, all four of them, to help you style your room like a real Bratz fan. Now you can frame the portrait of your favorite angel to decorate your room – or frame them all! All four are portraits of real dolls, which makes the set look super realistic. To get this Bratz CC wall decor for your interior, follow this link.


1. the bratz collection – greenllamas

cover tumblr

Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, and Jade are here to ignite your passion for fashion! Your Sims girlies can now look just like Bratz dolls, thanks to this incredible Bratz lookbook. There are 14 novel assets you can rock, including 9 clothing items and new hairstyles. There are a few swatches for each, so you’ll have a lot to experiment with! To get these incredible Bratz clothes CC, download here.

2. oversize Bratz t-shirt


Do you love both Bratz and oversized t-shirts? If the answer is yes, then this CC is a must-have design for your closet! Inspired by the nineties, besides the Bratz logo, you’ll also get some other iconic 90’s prints, such as Britney Spears or Friends. It’s girly, it’s comfy and your ladies will love it. To get this Bratz CC top, go here.

Do you love headbands? Check out these stunning Sims 4 Headband Pieces!

3. bratz outfits pack

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These outfits are a real throwback to the Bratz era and their bold outfits. This set of clothes is inspired by what our favorite dolls wear. It includes 3 fun tops and 3 bottoms you can mix up to your liking. There is a bunch of swatches to experiment with, so you can create your own, never-seen-before Bratz doll outfit. If you’d like to get these authentic Bratz CC pieces, go here.

4. vIP bratz t-shirt by turksimmer

patreon vip kopya

This super detailed, realistic crop top has the potential to rock your world. Suitable for all ladies, from teens to Sims grannies, this HQ top is made to draw admirers. Reserved for the brave girlies only, this one will make your Sims feel like a real pop icon. Plus, it’s available in 10 swatches! To check out this Bratz CC and download it, go here!

5. bratz collector lookbook by hayden williams

tumblr 5102f8a0d6624e24f5e5491b3fc07269 d410eb5b 1280

From stylish Berret to corsets and lace, this set will help you play with your Sims’s wardrobe like never before – and in doll’s style. The lookbook includes two outfits for each of the four dolls, but you can use the CC as you please and create completely new outfits for your Sims version of Bratz. To get these gorgeous Bratz CC outfits, follow this link!

6. bratz croco boots

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Bratz dolls are known for their huge shoes, and now your Sims can look equally stylish with these old and pink, crocodile heels! The ultra platform heel will turn any outfit into a masterpiece. These are HQ, so you’ll love the texture and the realism, and they come with 20 swatches, which is a huge plus. Pink, purple, and black are just some of the creative options. Check them out here!

7. boxy t-shirts with Bratz & barbie logo by SimmerKate


Bratz and Barbie are the most popular dolls of our time. So, why not pay respect to these fashion icons and include these themed t-shirts in Sims wardrobes? You can find each in black, white, and pink variations with both logos. Pair the tee with a nice pair of skinny jeans, and you are already a star. To get these girly t-shirts, download the Bratz clothes CC here.

8. bratz series: cloe lookbook

tumblr 09d70d525ad803d603f9c7ff4515a555 acd12907 1280

If Cloe is your favorite doll, this set of fashionable items is going to help you dress your Sims just like her. The lookbook includes everything from tops and skirts, to little details, such as earrings and a gorgeous necklace. You can copy the entire look or switch things up. Whatever you do, your girl will look stylish. To look like Cloe and download this Bratz CC, follow this link!

9. bratz doll eyeshadow & blush

tumblr 8720427fe0350a8896c940547804e3d5 51421ebc 1280

Let’s not forget the makeup! This mini set will help your Sims look as glamorous as Victoria’s Secret models on the runway. While blush comes in one color, the eyeshadow comes in nine fabulous pastel shades, so you can play with different looks. The shadow is blended perfectly, so your makeup will be so on point! To get this Bratz CC makeup palette, go here.

Ever dreamed of becoming a professional MUA? Try out this Makeup Artist Career MOD!

10. bratz-inspired characters sim dump

tumblr fe7ad04697bd2e6194ef81a49feea52d 281e3e60 1280

If you want stylish female characters that look as great as Bratz dolls, these Sims are just what you need. The CC includes four premade characters and each resonates with one of the four Bratz beauties. Each comes with a cool casual outfit and an even cooler personality! These will quickly become your go-to base Sims. To get these Bratz CC pieces, follow this link!

11. bratz series: yasmin lookbook

tumblr 119d3954e56baf05c3186bcd9df0acf9 2a9d181f 1280

Yasmin has the allure all Sims girls dream of having. Thanks to this look, your girls can replicate her style and win the hearts of every passerby. The lookbook includes all the essential CC you need to look as gorgeous as her, from voluminous hair to stylish accessories and a rich pink dress. To make your Sims girls look this amazing, download the CC here.


We hope you enjoyed scrolling through our Bratz CC picks! It was a lot of fun putting it together. It included all the essentials a Bratz needs to shine, from makeup and style to home decor. Get the ones you like, and try them out in Sims 4. Rock on, Bratz angels!

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