Poofy Skirts Custom Content We Need in the Sims


Poofy bubble skirts may have come and gone over the years but they are definitely no longer reserved for ballerina. The reason why they appeal to most of us simmer is because we know they flatter most figures —but also because of the fact that they are quite fun to style! Your sim character can do so many different things with a tulle skirt appearance. Here our picks of the best poofy skirts custom content for the Sims 4.

Loveliest Poofy Skirts for Your Female Sims

Odette Layered Skirt

Poofy Skirts Custom content

One word: elegant! These long poofy skirts come in a variety of 50 swatches to choose from and we’re honestly excited for you to try them out one by one —your female sims will surely rock them. This custom content package is base game compatible, so anyone could own this collection. To install, follow this link.

anne skirt -brsims – the sims 4

Anne skirt is another tulle piece by BRSIMS. It is made with completely new mesh and is available in 20 swatches. Here’s your download-link.

bluerose asyme skirt

This cool ocean color palette is absolutely gorgeous. We’re getting 22 swatches from this palette, so worry not about finding the perfect top or blouse to fit with this skirt. It is also compatible with base game. For easy download, follow this link.

CHANEL Poofy Skirt

Poofy Skirts Cc

We’re loving this set of poofy skirts. The Sims 4 custom content creators never failed to deliver stunning prints and swatches and this set is straight up proof. It comes in a collection of 20 swatches. Check them out by visiting this page.


We know your sims will appreciate a super high waisted skirt and it’s not just any skirt, a red poofy one! Check it out here.

Lace Seethrough Top & Skirt

This top and skirt come together to make up an outfit that’s pretty cute and stylish. Your sims can wear this to parties and events of all sorts —they will rock it. To download, click here.

Innocence Skirt [HC20]

This one has to be one of our all time favorites for its striking design and fantastic color options. It comes in 28 swatches and your female sims from teen to elder can wear it. To install, head over to this page.

astya96 unicorn skirt recolor

Poofy Skirts Custom content

This skirt is bubbling like no other! It comes in 5 variants and works on sims from teen to elder. It is formal in style though, so your sim can’t wander around all day wearing it… or can they? Here’s your download page.

Long Flared Skirt by Marigold

This long flared skirt is brought to you by Mrigold. You get two versions: black and white. Here’s your download-link.

Gathered Poofy Skirts Custom Content

Poofy Skirts Custom content

Last but not least on this list is a set of 20 swatches that your characters from teen to elder can rock effortlessly. Install from this page.

We hope you’ve come to find the pieces you were looking for in our list of poofy skirts custom content. If so, we advise that you head over to the main post for a bigger collection of custom skirts for the Sims 4. And perhaps you could stop by related posts below —we know your sims would love it. Enjoy!

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