How to (still) use the Remove Buff Cheat in The Sims 4


Welcome to our post on the Remove Buff Cheat! The cheat helps you to remove all emotions or moodlets from your sim.

There are many reasons why the Remove Buff Cheat is that popular. Sometimes you want to tell a story and some moods just don’t make sense. In other cases, gamers just wanna get rid of negative emotions and forcefully cause positive emotions. With the Remove Buff Cheat, The Sims 4 used to offer an extremely useful solution.

What happened to the sims 4 remove all buffs cheat?

Unfortunately, a few years ago, EA decided to disable the cheat code, as the cheat can break the game from time to time. The change was implemented with an update in 2018. That was around the same time when Sims 4 Seasons had been released. If you wanna find out more about why they did that check these tweets by SimGuraGrant! Despite all the good reasons behind it, that’s been an update many out there completely disliked.

Luckily there is a solution! In this post, we will show you how you still can use this super useful cheat in The Sims 4 to remove all buffs!

How to re-enable the Sims 4 Remove Buff Cheat

As already said: The cheat does not work anymore. To use the cheat, you will need a mod. Before getting to the mod: Be warned, the cheat was disabled for a reason. I personally do not have any issue with the cheat but can’t guarantee there wouldn’t be any for you either.

Option #1: The Sims 4 “AllCheats – Get your cheats back” Mod

Let’s start with option number one! To make the cheat work again you can use the “AllCheats – Get your cheats back” mod. You can download the mod from this link. 

The mod is a creation by TwistedMexi. It does not only re-enable the Remove Buff Cheat but adds many more useful cheat codes to the game again, like the resetsim cheat code or the sims.add_buff cheat code. Another thing the mod does is to redirect all output to the cheat console. That’s a useful feature if you want to find out why some cheats aren’t working.

Option #2: The UI Cheat Extension

The second alternative is to use the UI Cheat Extension. And: The Extension is super helpful for many other things as well. Check our post linked before to find out more on this awesome extension.

Use the Remove Buff Cheat in The Sims 4

To use the Sims 4 Remove Buff cheat, you just need to press CONTROL, SHIFT, and C at the same time. Then you need to type testingcheats.on and simply press enter. Here we are! If you have either the AllCheat mod or the UI Cheat Extension installed, the cheat should work now.

More cheats are listed here!

Sims 4 Remove Buff Cheat not working

We have a specific post typical issues when using cheats. You can find the post here. Typical reasons are:

  • Does either the AllCheat Mod or the UI Cheat Extension work properly?
  • Did you enter the exact same phrases as mentioned above?
  • Did you put testing cheats first?
  • Make sure to press Press Shift-Ctrl-C all at the same time?
  • Check if there are any conflicting mods installed!

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