33+ CAS Poses for the Sims 4 – Expressions & Emotions Posepacks!

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Who doesn’t like taking pictures of their Sims in all their glory? I myself love creating Sims 4 pictures that tell stories, and just simply show off my humble CAS creations! So, today I’ll be spoiling you with literally the best CAS poses you could ask for! This collection includes poses ranging from cute and emotional to plain weird – so no matter what kind of picture you’re going for with your characters, I’ve included a posepack for it here!

sims 4 cas poses
Discover the Best Sims 4 CAS Poses!

Prettiest and Most Bizare CAS Poses for the Sims 4!

Before we dive into our list, I’d like to shed some light on the amazing “No More Mirroring” mod by Thepancake1. If you happen to use gallery poses much, you know how annoying it is that poses switch sides so randomly. But thankfully, people like thepancake1 always come to the rescue. Say goodbye to mirroring in gallery poses by visiting this link.

no mirroring mod

Side note: this mod would inflect with the “No Randomization Mod”, so make sure you only have either of those in your mods folder.

To make things easier for you, I’ve included the trait/traits poses replace clearly visible in a white box below each item. This way you won’t end up downloading different posepacks for the same trait. And you can always come back to figure out which trait/traits you need to click in order to pose in a certain way!

Let’s just jump right to it now, shall we?

34. Model poses 31 by by helgatisha

cas poses
Sims 4 CAS Pose by Helgatisha!

All of Helgatisha’s CAS poses truly stand out! We’re actually featuring more than one of their creations on this list because one would never suffice! Plus, you just have to give credit where credit is due and their poses always bring something new to the table.

image 595

This posepack works both in CAS and in-game. You’ll just need to make sure you have Andrew’s pose player and Teleporter Any Sim installed first. (This goes for every in-game posepack for the Sims 4).

This pack includes up to 24 different poses. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Neat or Recycle Disciple traits

33. Female Model Pose Pack N4 by nELL

cas poses
Sims 4 CAS Posepack by NELL!

Next up is this overly cute posepack by NELL. It features 20 different poses, as shown in the pic below!

image 599

Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Art lover/High Maintenance traits

32. Pinterest Posepack by Uh0htaj

cas poses

Most CAS poses are done standing, so it’s always cool to find sitting poses like these. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Family Oriented trait

31. Male Modeling Poses set 1 by KatverseCC

cas poses
Sims 4 CAS Posepack by KatverseCC

This posepack is actually a golden oldie! I’ve had it for years now and it’s one of the best CAS poses I have for my male Sims. I’ve used that middle pose way too many times – you could literally find proof in many of our posts’ header images! Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Active Trait

30. Turn your attention to me poses by helgatisha

image 196

Here’s yet another amazing pose set by Helgatisha! I recommend getting this one if you want to capture your Sim’s nails, or simply want to put a focus on their faces.

image 195

The set has 26 different poses in store for you! Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Vegetarian or Cheerful Trait

29. Shy Poses by RatboySims

image 587

RatboySims doesn’t offer that many poses, but truth be told, theirs are magical and different than normal emotion poses. These 6 shy facial expressions will create the most delicate of shots! Here’s your download link.

image 588

CAS Trait:

Gloomy trait

28. New CAS Pose Pack Lovely by Cassandra Grusel

image 570

Cassandra Grusel is a true QUEEN! Her Patreon page is overflowing with the prettiest and most original poses you could ask for. Unfortunately, most of them are in-game poses. This one though is among the few exceptions.

It includes 17 different poses, as shows above! Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

IslandAncestors Trait

27. Shining Nikki Poseset by kitty cute

image 600

These poses are inspired by the game Shining Nikki! But it really doesn’t matter whether or not you’re familiar with it as the poses are just a must-have!

image 601

The set includes 16 different CAS poses. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Neat trait

26. Cas Poses by Sofi Sparks

image 554

These male poses bring so much fun to the table! I highly, highly recommend getting these if your character is the quirky, energetic type! You get ten different expressions from this set. Here’s your download link.

image 555

CAS Trait:

Evil trait

25. Pose pack 43 by katverse

image 557

There are 5 poses in total and I’m personally in love with the one above in particular! Check out more photos by visiting Katverse’s website. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Erratic trait

24. 9k followers posepack by cheweybutterfly

image 579

Cheweybutterfly’s pose pack contains 15 poses in total. I recommend getting these poses if your Sim is the fashionable type! Just dress them up in the latest custom clothes which you can find here, by the way, and get them pictures captured! Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Clumsy trait

23. Ballet Pose by ROSELIPA

image 569

ROSELIPA is another magical CC creator that this list would not be complete without! A ballet pose pack is what your ambitious female Sims were missing, right? You get a variety of poses in this set, 15 in total.

image 602

By the way, we have a dedicated listicle for the coolest ballet skirts, you can find them here. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Kleptomaniac trait

22. Cute poses 1 & 2 by atashi77

These are two of my absolute favorites! Huge thanks to Atashi77 for bringing these to life. The poses are versatile and so fun! You can use them on Sims from teen to elder.

Pose pack 1 – CAS Trait:

Pose pack 2 – CAS Trait:

Insider, Gloomy

Foodie, Paranoid

To download the first set, follow this link. To download the second, click here.

21. Usagi Poses by miiko

image 278

Miiko is known for their perfect CC creations and this pose pack is no less perfect! The pack contains 6 different poses, ranging from shy gestures to wildly excited ones as you can see below! Here’s your download link.

image 277

If you like what you see, you’d also love to check out more of their CC creations here.

CAS Trait:

Geek trait

20. Big size poses by helgatisha

These beautiful big size poses will compliment your Sims in the best ways! You most probably know the struggle of how most poses make big Sims appear out of place. Thankfully Helgatisha has got our backs covered with these beautiful, fitting poses.

image 189

The set includes 20 poses, you can have a closer look by visiting Helgatisha’s Patreon post. Here’s your download link. If you’d like more plus size poses, have a look at our compilation here.

CAS Trait:

Snob trait

19. Pretty Smile by loulicorn

image 577

The name of the pose pack speaks for itself! Go ahead and spread that pretty smile already. We’d love to see your CAS creations by the way. Hit us up on social media, you can find us everywhere under SnootySims!

image 578

Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Active trait

18. First steps poses by atashi77

image 576

How precious is it to see your little baby Sim take their first steps? Well, now you can capture that moment and save it forever! You get 18 different poses in this set. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Clingy trait

17. Halloween poses Vicious Vampires by helgatisha

sims 4 cas poses

Scary, bizarre and out of the box! These Halloween poses are the perfect package for a super cool shot! I love the variety in this set.

cas posepack

These are 14 poses in total. Go ahead and try them out yourself! By the way, you can find a collection of Halloween costumes by visiting this link. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Insane trait

16. Fairy Hunter & Fairy Reactions Pose Packs by samSims

sims 4 cas poses
Unique CAS poses by SamSims!

Here’s your download link.

image 589

CAS Trait:

Gloomy Trait

15. Male poses 06 by helgatisha

sims 4 cas poses
Male CAS Poses by Helgatisha!

I very much recommend these for your male Sims! They never failed to capture my Sims in the coolest of ways, whether sitting or standing!

sims 4 cas poses

The sweet thing is, you get 24 different verstile poses in this set alone! Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Foodie or Dog Lover

14. Boy & Girl CAS Pose Pack by Sofi Sparks

image 279

For your kid Sims, these poses are a must-have!

image 546

You get 10 different expressions/poses for each gender! Here’s your download link.

1) CAS Girl Trait:

2) CAS Boy Trait:

Creative trait

Goofball trait

13. Poses Set Pony Syndrome by flowerchamber

image 547

14 of the best poses for close-up pictures!

image 548

Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Loner trait

12. Yubin cas pose pack by Casteru

image 281

Tell me this isn’t the cutest face ever? I literally want to be taking pics of my toddler Sims all the time but even more now that I have this pose pack in my mods folder heh.

image 282

You get 15 poses in this set. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Charmer trait

11. Child pose pack by katverse

image 285
Child CAS Poses by Katverse!

Charming kid poses that work both in CAS and in-game! Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Active trait

10. Model poses 30 by helgatisha

Yes, lovelies, here’s another pack by Helgatisha that I know you’ll love! It includes 24 sim poses!

sims 4 cas poses

Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Artlover or Vegetarian traits

9. pose pack 03 by CinnaSims

This list wouldn’t be complete without a let-me-take-a-selfie posepack! Big thank you to CinnaSims for creating this one. You could always look for custom phone accessories to perfect the pic to the max! Here’s your download link.

image 553

CAS Trait:

Neat trait

8. Male model poses 01 by MMatteog

image 543

Beautiful, beautiful screenshots are awaiting to happen with these poses.

image 542

Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Bro & Cat Lover

More on SnootySims: The best male clothes we could dig up!

7. CAS pose pack by Casteru

image 284

Even more toddler poses because these bring even more expressive looks onboard! You get 21 different CAS poses from this set.

image 283

Here’s your download link. Find a variety of unique toddler poses custom content here.

CAS Trait:

Inquisitive trait

6. Kid Pose Pack by couquett

image 591

Do you know what would make a great screenshot? Yes, a great pose pack but also a great outfit! I recommend viewing our compilation here for some of the coolest outfits for your kiddos in the Sims 4. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Active Trait

5. fangtastic model pose pack by sam’s Pose Studio

image 584
Sims 4 CAS Posepack by Sam’s Studio!

The pose above is why I had to add this posepack to my list today! I’ve never seen it in any other set before and it’s such a sarcastic/eccentric look that I can’t help but love!

image 583

Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Active trait

4. Model Poses by ratboysims

sims 4 cas poses
Sims 4 CAS Pose by RatboySims!

You get the 8 poses below in this set!

sims 4 cas poses

Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Materialistic trait

3. San Francisco Street by ROSELIPA

cas posepack

You should be certain of something, simmers… ROSELIPA’s CC creations will only ever impress you!

image 565

In love with this set and I bet you would be too. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Paranoid trait

2. darari posepack by ROSELIPA

cas posepack
Female CAS Poses by ROSELIPA!

Isn’t it breathtaking? 10 different CAS poses for you in this set!

image 568

Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Materialistic trait

1. Pin-up Girl by LOULICORN

image 585
Sims 4 CAS Pose by Loulicorn!

Last but not least, we have this pose pack by LOULICORN to introduce to you! It offers 10 different intriguing poses. Here’s your download link.

CAS Trait:

Family Oriented trait

Final words

There you have it my dear simmers! It’s always fun to take pictures of our Sims and capture memories. I know a lot of people including myself who’ve spent years playing the Sims so it’s just cool to look back fondly on those moments, and a picture/screenshot is the best way to commemorate those times, right? Needless to say, it’s just fun to share those screenshots with other fellow simmers!

Anyways, we hope you enjoyed this list! See you in a different post. Take care!

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