30 Sims 4 Toddler Poses for the Ultimate Pics

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Sims 4 Toddler poses custom content packs are the perfect way to show your little ones that you love them and appreciate their unique features. These packs of poses are perfect for those photo sessions where you want to capture the natural beauty and personality of your toddler. With so many poses to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect pose for every photograph. Enjoy!

sims 4 toddler poses

A great variety of Toddler Poses Mods and Custom Content for the Sims 4

Toddlers are such a joy to photograph and capture all their unique moments. Custom content packs allow you to make your photos even more special by adding specific poses or expressions that are perfect for your character. Whether you’re shooting a family portrait or just want to add some fun variety to your toddler photography, a custom content pack is the way to go!

Although our babies can be so adorable when they pose for photos, it can be hard to get them to stand still long enough for a good photo. With the help of these custom content packs, you can have the perfect photo every time!

This post offers a lot of variety of poses for your little ones. There are several playful poses, including one where they’re posing on a slide, as well as more serious poses for portraits. Even if you’re looking for something a bit more horror-themed, there’s a pose that fits that category. Custom content creators have done a great job of bringing forth plenty of fun and interesting poses to choose from. So, without any further ado, let’s check them out!

30. My brothers and sisters poses

sims 4 toddler poses

If you’re looking for some cute poses for your toddler to play with, then this is the pack for you! My Brothers and Sisters Pose Pack contains 11 poses that are great for toddlers and their siblings. You’ll find both ground poses and bench ones in this set. Oh and there’s one or two on the bed.

This set is perfect for a sibling photo-shoot, or just for pictures of your son or daughter. It’s not just for toddlers, though – you’ll also find some great poses for kids’ sims, too! So, if you’ve got a little one at home who needs some fun, grab this pack, and have some easy time parenting. Feel free to check it out on this page.

29. “My Mini Me” sims 4 toddler poses

sims 4 toddler poses

Being a new mommy is not easy; it’s time-consuming and challenging. Especially when you have to take care of your little one 24/7. To make things easier, we are happy to present the My Mini Me set! This pose pack contains 8 adorable duo poses for you and your toddler sims. You could take a selfie, sit on the bed or just simply hug your mini you- there are plenty of poses for both mom and little one to enjoy. It’s compatible with the base game.

This new mommy and I pose pack is perfect for you to make your toddler look like a mini version of your adult sims. Click here to download.

28. rocker conversion two poses

sims 4 toddler poses

Feeling nostalgic? This toddler-sized rocker conversion is a Sims 3 classic that comes to life in the Sims 4. MIKROSIMSMOS even included 2 poses for your toddler sims! The rocker is available in three swatches so you can find the perfect color scheme for your home. It’s a must-have item for any Sims 4 player.

There’s nothing more adorable than watching toddlers rock on a cute little rocking chair. Now you can bring that joy to the Sims 4 with this toddler pose pack. Here’s your download link.


sims 4 toddler poses

When you need to take a break from the stress of your job and find a moment of peace, this is the pose for you. You’ll feel like your stress is melting away as you see your little one sitting there with her mama looking on lovingly. You’ll have a smile on your face for days after using this pack to make all your sims sit and relax. Use these poses at your Sims 4 Sim’s wedding day or virtually any other event. To install, head over to this Tumblr page.

26. Melodic by miiiniature

sims 4 toddler poses

It’s a perfect time for you to get your toddler to make music, or watch you play some, at least! With Melodic, you’ll finally be able to take a picture of them with their favorite toy- a guitar. This pack includes poses that are perfect for an aspiring rock star, who wants their toddler to be the next guitar hero! Give your children the best childhood, and let them explore their creativity.

It’s one of the best toddler pose packs to create the perfect picture with a guitar. You could almost listen to the melodies these images will bring, thanks to these poses. Download and use now to capture that perfect moment. Check them out here.

25. New posepack: Toddler Terror

sims 4 toddler poses

Toddlers are cute and all, but they can be a real terror. They don’t know how to do anything and they do it with the utmost confidence. Toddler Terror is an adorable pose pack with 4 adorable poses! They’re designed to capture your toddler’s clumsy antics and the most frustrating, yet hilarious times of your life. So, if your toddler is a naughty one and you want to capture that in a photo then this pose pack is for you! To install, click here.

24. We miss you – sims 4 toddler poses

sims 4 toddler poses

Sometimes, the simplest of things can bring joy. Or in this case, your favorite game can make you feel better. But sometimes, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Sometimes, there are moments when you want to play but can’t because someone is missing. This pose pack is for all mothers and toddlers who miss their father or a close one and are looking for ways to mend their broken hearts.

So, if you need a realistic and emotional touch to your sims, then this pack will do the job. You need to grab an iPhone first, then install Andrew’s Pose Player, in addition to Teleport Any Sim Mod. Here’s your download link.

23. Genuine love — Pose pack early access

sims 4 toddler poses

Introducing the newest pose pack, Genuine Love! This Sims 4 toddler pose pack is filled with six different ways to show your love for your little angel. Your parent sims will be seen holding their toddler’s hands, teaching them to walk. You’ll feel like a proud parent at the end of the day. We hope you enjoy this pose pack as much as we do. Install into your mods folder from this page.

22. Family Pool Day PosePack

sims 4 toddler poses

While we’re all enjoying summertime, here’s a pose pack that will make your entire family feel right at home. It has 5 group poses that are perfect for when you’re hanging out by the pool with your family. And since summer is a time for family and friends, why not get them together with some pool fun? Plus, it’s a load of cuteness, so you should definitely try it out. Head over to this page to grab this pose pack.

For more family poses, check out this post!

21. Cute sims 4 toddler poses

sims 4 toddler poses

You’re about to be a big brother or sister soon and you need to prepare! With this toddler pose pack, you’ll be able to show off your big brother or sister’s first days as they meet their new little sibling.

After all, nothing says family like a newborn and three siblings watching it lovingly together on the bed, right? Be ready for anything life throws at you with this cute toddler pose. We can all agree that toddlers are just so pure and innocent, and this set will make you want to have another one of your own! Here’s your download link.

20. HO Bloody Ho Sims 4 Pose Pack

sims 4 toddler poses

HO Bloody Ho! The perfect pack for winter time. Whether it’s you and your toddler enjoying a snowball fight, or your toddler running away from Father Winter, these poses are super cute and hilarious. It is perfect for winter time photoshoots. Make sure to get this if you’re a Sims 4 player who loves to have a good time! Here’s your download link.

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sims 4 toddler poses

Having a family is a beautiful, wonderful thing. You get to see all the happy and heartwarming moments, and it’s so rewarding to be able to watch your child grow up. Momma’s Baby is specifically designed for your mother and toddler Sim needs – that way you can have a happy family just like yours.

This family-friendly pack includes poses for mothers and toddlers, with the mother and toddler being seen taking a selfie together or posing with awesome smiles. It brings out the innocence in your family. To install this pack, follow this page.


sims4 toddler poses1 cc 11

If you’re a parent and you’ve read your toddler a story before bedtime, you know how cute the poses are. But now, with this pose pack, you can re-live that experience in The Sims 4. This pose pack includes 5 different poses that are perfect for storytelling sessions with your toddler before they go to sleep.

Share your love of reading with your little one and make their day with this easy-to-use toddler pose pack. Download TELL ME A STORY for your kids and enjoy a night filled with reading and relaxation. Here’s your link.

17. MicroSimsSMOS sims 4 toddler poses

sims4 toddler poses1 cc 12

These are some really cute toddler poses for your Sims 4 game. They remind me of my niece and nephew, so I think they’re perfect for any toddler. So, if you are looking for poses that are toddler-friendly, this is it. They have a wide range of movement and they look expressive just like a toddler should be. Go ahead and express your creativity with these amazing, stylish, and energetic poses! Grab this pose pack from this page.

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16. Babies On Bed sims 4 toddler poses

sims4 toddler poses1 cc 13

This sims poses pack is great for any family portrait. The toddlers will look so adorable on their bed and the parents looking at them. You’ll be sure to love the facial expressions they have on their faces. Your toddler with their siblings will be perfect in any situation with this group pose. Here’s your download link.

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15. misc toddler pose pack

sims4 toddler poses1 cc 14

This toddler pose pack is the perfect addition to any sims 4 household. These six different poses make sure that your toddler has a pose for every mood and situation. From sad to happy, to confused, and everything in between, these poses are just what your sims need. An ideal set for both the causal and aspiring sims 4 players looking for more creative content. Click here to install.

14. Random Portrait PosePack

sims4 toddler poses1 cc 15

There’s no need to plan vacations to take care of your toddler. You can take them on a photo shoot with this Random Portrait Posepack. It has everything you need to make your sim’s selfie stand out. Take them on adventures and capture it all with the right smile. Without any mess and it looks like it was taken by some professional photographers. Click here to grab these sim poses.

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13. the ball pit sims 4 toddler poses

sims4 toddler poses1 cc 16

Toddlers are never content, always on the go and wiggling. The Ball Pit is a pose pack for the Sims 4. It has 8 poses that can be used to capture the curiosity and fun of toddlers. It’s perfect for toddlers of any age but especially for those who are at school or daycare. And just for the record, this literally wasn’t free the previous month. All you have to do is grab this ball pit and get going to download the pose pack on this page.


toddlerposes sims4 cc 19

Let your tired toddler rest with these poses. You’ve got a busy household and now you’ve got to take care of a sick baby. These poses will bring back the memories of the times when you were at your wit’s end but wanted to take care of your little ones. From trying to feed them with a stuffy nose to cuddling them in their sleep, these poses are what you need.

These poses are perfect for those times you nursed your little ones back to health. You need the short toddler height preset for this pose to work properly in the game. Here’s your download link.

11. Babys And Horse Posepack

toddlerposes sims4 cc20

Finally, your toddler can do more than just sit! Introducing the Babys and Horse Posepack! We have seen many puppy poses but now your toddler can pose along with their horse, too. These poses aren’t available anywhere else. Capture the excitement of your toddlerhood with these poses!

The poses are designed to be creative, easy to use, and fun. The poses are perfect for those who love photography, artwork, or just want to get some nice shots of their kids. To install, click here.


toddlerposes sims4 cc22

When your toddler gets thirsty, they’ll drink from their feeding bottle and look so cute while they do it! I can’t wait to use this pose pack myself! This pack comes with 3 different poses, one where your toddler is holding the feeding bottle, and one where he or she is sitting and drinking from the bottle as well. No time for yawns, install from this page.

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9. pumpkin patch poses

toddlerposes sims4 cc23

Trick or Treat! In October, it’s time to get the best of our spooky side. Have your toddler stand by a pumpkin or on the ground and get these pumpkin patch poses to give your toddler some additional cuteness and make them a part of the festivities. Included are 3 poses perfect for ghost stories around the campfire.

And since Halloween is coming soon, it’s time for you to get ready for it. Here’s your download link.

8. welcome baby sibling posepack

toddlerposes sims4 cc24

It’s your little one’s time to shine! You’re about to welcome a new baby sibling and want to show the world how excited you are. You need to keep your poses on fleek and this pose pack offers just that. It’s got the perfect blend of cute and trendy, just like your new baby.

It’s without question the perfect pose pack for all those welcoming shots… and that’s just the start. With over 6 poses, including a chair pose, these poses will have you covered. What are you waiting for? Grab it from this page.

7. Pose Request by Eclypto – Early access

toddlerposes sims4 cc25

This is another toddler pose pack for Sims 4, with two toddlers posed together. You’ll adore the range of poses that come with these and they’ll be perfect for your Sims 4 game. The poses will show most toddlers’ reactions, as well as their facial expressions. These poses are worth it and are great for any family to use. To download, visit this page.

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6. It’s My Birthday! Pose Pack

toddlerposes sims4 cc26

You don’t always want to throw a party for your little one and surprise them, but sometimes it’s just so much fun! So, are you looking for a game-ready toddler birthday pose pack? Look no further. It’s My Birthday! is the perfect pack for any sim who wants to throw a birthday party for his or her toddler. Outfitted with playful balloons, delicious presents, and so many more activities, this pack will have your sims hopping with joy.

This adorable pose pack is the perfect gift. With it, you can create the perfect party and capture that special moment in-game. Here’s your installation link.

5. Sims 4 Toddler Poses

toddlerposes sims4 cc27

It’s time to show off your little ones with these toddler poses! This pose pack is cute, and you can do anything from a simple “I’m being adorable” pose to a silly “I have no idea what I’m doing” pose. Includes not only in-game poses but also CAS poses so you’ll have a wide variety of choices. Whether they’re feeling shy, or they want to show off that adorable face, these poses will help them achieve their goal. To install, follow this link.

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4. BOOP pose

toddlerposes sims4 cc29

What’s better than a good old father-son bonding session? Have you always wanted to take your toddler outside and take a picnic with them? We thought so. Now you can realize your wildest dreams with BOOP’s new toddler pose pack. This pack will help you create the perfect outdoor picnic for your toddler and dad.

All you need for this scene is a picnic table, which you can get from Toddler Stuff Pack. Your little one can now enjoy an outing with his dad! Here’s your download link.

3. HAPPY EASTER sims 4 toddler poses

toddlerposes sims4 cc30

Do you want to feel that little bit of childhood joy and wonder again? Finally, we have a pose pack for toddlers where the parent is carrying their toddler in the air just like a superhero. These poses will surely bring out the little kid in you. The poses are cute and realistic, and there’s absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t want to try them out!

The pack is compatible with female and male sims like, whether adults, toddlers, teens, or elders. To grab these child poses, click here.

2. Playing Together – 3 couple poses

toddlerposes sims4 cc31

As for this pose pack, it is filled with romantic poses for a date that your toddlers are taking together. From the shy hug to the cuddle, all the way to pushing a toy stroller together. this pack has them all! Your toddlers will look like they’re really enjoying each other’s company. Right-click to place a pose, and enjoy some sweet moments with your little ones. Install this one.

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1. poses for the Toddler Slide – sims 4 toddler poses

toddlerposes sims4 cc32

Last but not least on this list is the Toddler Slide Pose Pack. Playing is the best thing ever, and this pose pack will make your toddler just want to play all day long. We bet you want to take pics of your little ones on the slide. Or let them pose on the swings.

Go ahead and do the cutest, funniest or silliest pose on the slide or in the backyard. You’ll never get tired of looking at your child’s cute poses in this pack. You’ll want to capture these moments forever! Click here to download.

Special Post for Kids: Lovely Kid Reading Book PosePack

sims4 toddler poses1 cc 8

We just had to include this extra CC item. You’re about to discover a hidden gem in the Sims 4 world! Lovely Reading Kid Poses is a custom pose pack that features adorable kids reading books with their dog. It’s time to get lost in the world of children reading and loving life with their pet. Here’s your download link.

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In conclusion, the Sims 4 toddler poses are a great way to add some personality to your toddler’s photo shoots. The poses are cute and fun, and they’re perfect for creating memories that will last a lifetime. So why not give them a try?

If you are looking for a way to add some extra fun to your game, then be sure to check out the related content below. From toddler clothes to accessories and more. Have fun!

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