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The Sims 4 is filled with a ton of different features and opportunities for players to explore and play around with to make their own worlds – whether it’s through designing the perfect houses or amazingly creating their own storylines. In this post, we have compiled a list of the coolest Sims 4 umbrella custom content that includes umbrella accessories of all styles and shapes, poses, and more. Enjoy!

sims 4 umbrella

How to get an umbrella

In the Sims 4 Seasons expansion pack, you might have noticed that when it rains, your sim will pull out an umbrella! However, if your sim decides to stand out in the rain and gets wet, they could get sick. With umbrellas being so important during the rainy seasons, why shouldn’t your sim want to have more choices to pick from besides the default black umbrella? First, let’s learn how to get an umbrella.

First, go to build mode. Search for an umbrella stand. Once you place the umbrella stand, have your sim interact with it by clicking “Choose a New Umbrella”. Here you will find the default umbrellas or any of the custom content umbrellas you find and download in this list!

To have your sim use the umbrella you pick from the umbrella stand, you can then click on your sim and choose “Take out an Umbrella” any time you want. Your sim will automatically take out any umbrella you pick from the umbrella stand while it’s raining, but you can click on your sim and have them pull out an umbrella, even when it’s sunny out!

Umbrella CC packs for Your Sims

With the Sims 4, you can do whatever you want. You can create your own personalized world and let your Sims live their life as they please. The freedom is exciting. As we know, the game is all about being creative and different. And there are so many ways to make your Sims look amazing with the umbrella custom content accessories and poses listed below.

Real life is unpredictable and so are the Sims. It’s difficult to predict when rain could pour on your Sims. This is where an umbrella comes in handy! Plus, taking selfies with umbrellas in the Sims is a new trend as rain falls on the world of your virtual reality.

If you’re searching for a versatile collection of umbrellas for your Sims, Let this post be your creative guide. Let’s dive right into it!

1. Umbrella Set 01 – sims 4 umbrella

sims 4 umbrella

The rain falls on the streets and people walk by, hand in hand. Are your sims one of those people? Are they willing to take a chance and stand out from the crowd? Maybe they are just waiting for a break in the weather, or maybe they are just not sure what’s waiting for them outside. Drama aside, whatever they choose, these colorful umbrellas will add a quirky touch to their world that will make it all the more interesting. You must Andrew’s Accessories Enabler for these umbrella to work properly in-game. Head over to this page for easy download.

2. august Beach Umbrella and Chairs

sims 4 umbrella

Your Sims are well on their way to living a beach lifestyle. Make sure their beach experience is complete with these beautiful and realistic chairs and umbrellas. Try a variety of colors and patterns to match your Sims’ personality.

Made of original mesh, this chair and umbrella will give your sims a rest during the scorching summer season. Feel free to check it out on this page.

3. Under the Umbrella Pose Pack

sims 4 umbrella

Whether it’s sunny or stormy outside, nothing beats an umbrella pose. The Sims 4 Pose Pack Under the Umbrella is your first step towards creating even more realistic photos in the Sims 4. You’ll get 12 poses, 5 duo poses and 2 all-in-one poses – all of which are perfect for capturing the most romantic and intimate moments of your sims life. To install, click here.

4. simple umbrella – sims 4 umbrella

sims 4 umbrella

It’s time to stop running around in the rain wit the conventional EA umbrella. The Sims 4 comes with its own set of umbrellas but nothing as unique. Although it has quite a simple design, this one is definitely one to try. There are a few available swatches. The set also has a few poses that you could try out with your sims, male or female who are in their teens, twenties, thirties, forties, or fifties. What are you waiting for? It costs no simoleons. Here’s your download link.


sims 4 umbrella

You’ll never have to worry about the rain ruining your beautiful party again with our holographic style of umbrella! Your Sims will be so super cute in this holographic design! It is a standalone item, for use in the Sims 4. Perfect item for those who love to glam up their digital world with holographic effects. It’s a recolor but won’t overwrite EA swatches. Just make sure you install the necessary files found in the creator’s page. To install this custom content pack, click here.

6. MOON BLUE – Umbrella Poses

umbrellacc sims4 cc 7 min

Here’s another dreamy pose pack for your characters! It has some really dope poses that you’re sure to take fascinating pics with. It’s base game compatible but you need to use Andrew poses player and Teleport any sim that you could find in build mode.

All you’ll need to do is give these gorgeous poses a try and they’ll transform your Sims 4 gameplay into something even better. Feel free to check it out here.

7. Oriental Oil-Paper Umbrella

umbrellacc sims4 cc 3

Create uniquely distinctive umbrellas for your Sims with Oriental Oil-Paper Umbrellas. These umbrellas come in three different designs: Thai, Chinese, and Japanese. They’re also recolorable, so you can easily change the colors to match your Sims’ home decor. Here’s your download link.

8. Translucent Umbrella Pose – sims 4 umbrella

umbrellacc sims4 cc 1

Now your Sims can be the stars of their very own outdoor photography session for the whole season of spring! Translucent Umbrella poses for your Sims are 12 different poses for your characters that can be used in the game. Pose your Sims with a beautiful backdrop, and show them off to the world!

Just make sure you download Pose player form Andrew’s Studio and Teleport Any Sim and you’ll be good to go. Here’s your download link for more info.

9. Umbrella Stand Collection – umbri umbrella rack


When it comes to decorating in the Sims 4, you can choose among a wider variety of decor choices and styles of home decor. One of the most interesting additions is the ornate umbrella stand. This sleek, functional object can add a bit of color and flavor that you might not have thought about.

These new umbrella stands has an ornate look and comes in six different colors that can be mixed and matched to create a personalized style. It has 6 different slots on its side, so it’s possible to create a beautiful arrangement of your own design if you are looking for something more personal than what others have done before.

There are more attached screenshots that you could check out by clicking here.

10. No More Broken Umbrellas

image 3

Another important mod to download, though entirely optional, is the No More Broken Umbrellas mod. If you’re tired of your sims walking around with broken umbrellas, this mod changes the decay rate of umbrellas to zero so that they never break. Download here from Foxx on Nexus Mods.

11. Custom Umbrellas Set 1 – Giulietta

image 6

This custom content for sim umbrellas comes with four different transparent recolors. I absolutely love the transparent-looking type of umbrellas. The raindrop umbrella is my favorite, it’s so cute and totally makes a rainy day fun. There is also a rainbow dot pattern that also fits a rainy day perfectly. Rainbows are the prettiest thing to look forward to after a nice rain! Download here from Giulietta Sims on sims4studio.

12. Functional Umbrella Recolors – Tukete

image 7

This umbrella recolor has so many cute options to choose from. I love the octopus and the cute posh eyeball patterns! There are also many basic colors to choose from if you want your sim to have their favorite color. Download here from Tukete at blogspot.

13. Colorful Umbrellas

image 14

With all these choices, what else does your sim need? How about even cuter chic umbrella recolors! Here are 10 different swatches with cute patterns, if your sim needs extra choices to pick from! The leaf print is my personal favorite, and a close second is pink with colorful stars. Download here from Annett on Sims4updates.

14. Umbrella Mix – Dreacia

image 13

This umbrella recolor set has some cute and Kawaii recolors! There is a pink strawberry Rilakkuma umbrella and a Stitch one, too! Also included is a cute kitty with a bow, a cloudy night print, a couple starry night prints, and a black umbrella with white crosses. The Stitch umbrella would be perfect for a Disney fan! Download here from Dreacia on WordPress.

15. Spooky sims 4 umbrella Collection

image 11

Does your sim celebrate Halloween all year long? (I do.) This spectacular umbrella recolor is perfect for your spooky sims! This custom content includes four different colors for the umbrella: Spiderweb, Pumpkin, Frankenstein, Skull, and Bat! Download here from deathpoke1qa on Tumblr.

16. Umbrella Mix – helluin9992

image 10

This cc adds five new recolors to your sim’s umbrellas collection. There are two semi-transparent and three-patterned to choose from! My favorite is the purple semi-transparent with black polka dots! If your sim is on the medical career path, maybe they might like the heartbeat pattern? Or, if your sim has the Geek trait, I bet they would love the Portal print umbrella! Download here from helluin9992 on TSR.

17. Goth Design Umbrellas

image 8

Does your goth sim need a little shade from the sun? The default umbrella is black, but it’s not cute enough! This cute goth design umbrella is perfect for any sim that loves the dark and spooky vibe! This cc adds four different semi-transparent gothic recolors to fit any dark aesthetic your sim might prefer! Download here from AleNikSimmer on TSR.

18. Nickname’s sims 4 umbrella

image 9

This mod is unique because not only do they give your sim 12 new recolors but there is also an additional umbrella stand for your sims to have in their house! The umbrella stands included are posher and sleek looking compared to the Maxis default. There are also very cute recolors, from Starbucks, Chanel, and Nike, and a few semi-transparent choices that I absolutely adore, especially the holographic textured ones! Download here from nickname at Simsdom.

We hope you enjoyed our list of Sims 4 umbrella custom content! Next time you’re looking for something else to add to your Sims family, check out related content sections. Happy simming!

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