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Learn All the Toddler Skills in The Sims 4 Now!

Toddlers, like any other Sims in The Sims 4, have skills that need to be increased. These skills revolve around their development, both mental and physical. As a Sims 4 player, you need to be aware of the toddler skills if you want your child to grow up into a healthy child. That means that you’ll have to focus and work on them, along with the other things that characterize these stages.

However, the toddler skills in The Sims 4 are often misunderstood. That’s why we’re dedicating this post to explaining all the confusion around them. We’ll tell you all you need to know about these skills, what they do, and how you can increase them efficiently. Also, know that you can skip all that by using the cheat to instantly max out skills in the game. This cheat is relatively easy to use, and we definitely recommend you to check it out.

Now let’s check all the toddler skills in The Sims 4!

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The Toddler Skills in The Sims 4!

As you may have guessed, the toddler skills in The Sims 4 are Communication, Imagination, Movement, Thinking, and Potty. Each of these has 5 levels of progression, and they all require different activities and interactions. Let’s see what you can do at each level of each skill. 


To increase your toddler Sim’s communication skills, you’ll want to aim for the Happy mood. When toddlers are happy, they’re more likely to engage and succeed in either talking to themselves or to their teddy bears. This is what basically increases their communication skill, as well as watching toddler videos in their free time. Here are the communication skill levels.

  • Level 1: Toddlers babble to themselves gibberish.
  • Level 2: Toddlers learn how to hug or hit.
  • Level 3: Toddlers can talk about toys or food.
  • Level 4: Toddlers can tell jokes.
  • Level 5: Toddlers have fully-developed verbal skills.


Imagination is another interesting toddler skill in The Sims 4. The critical mood here is Playful, which will spring your baby to be more mentally active. The trick to level up your toddler’s imagination is to give them many toys, as well as to read them yourself. Here are the 5 levels and what you should be doing on each.

  • Level 1: Toddlers can make up imaginary worlds with their toys.
  • Level 2: Toddlers can play with other toddlers and look at pictures in books.
  • Level 3: Toddlers name their toys and teddy bears.
  • Level 4: Toddlers can read books for toddlers.
  • Level 5: Toddlers can admire art.

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Movement, as a physical skill, have quite different interactions than the imagination and the communication skills. And as such, you’ll have to work on your toddler’s motor skills, beginning with walking. At first, your toddler will stumble and fall often. But as you increase this skill, your child Sim will grow up to be physically able to do most of the stuff children can do. The key mood you should be aiming for here is Energized.

  • Level 1: Toddlers can try to walk on two feet.
  • Level 2: Toddlers can try to climb stairs.
  • Level 3: Toddlers can walk faster and dance.
  • Level 4: Toddlers can run.
  • Level 5: Toddlers can climb stairs successfully.


Thinking is a similar toddler skill to the imagination one in The Sims 4. It has all to do with your toddler’s mental ability to distinguish things, sort out toys, and perform related “smart” activities. And as with the communication skill, the ideal mood for thinking is also Happy. This will motivate your toddler to think and will boost the leveling speed of this skill.

  • Level 1: Toddlers engage in caring for themselves more regularly.
  • Level 2: Toddlers can learn about shapes.
  • Level 3: Toddlers cab learn about numbers.
  • Level 4: Toddlers can ask other Sims about the happenings around them.
  • Level 5: Toddlers have fully-developed thinking skills.

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Potty is the only Sims 4 toddler skill that has 3 available levels instead of 5. We aren’t sure why this is the case, but know that it doesn’t change the gameplay that much. As far as desired moods go, there isn’t one for the potty skill. You’ll need your parent Sim to teach the toddler Sim how to do potty at first. And on the last level, the toddlers can do potty themselves.

  • Level 1: Toddlers can learn how to use the potty chair instead of the diapers.
  • Level 2: Toddlers can use the potty chair without an adult.
  • Level 3: Toddlers are masters of potty training.

Conclusion on the Toddler Skills in The Sims 4

Even though they might seem a little bit confusing, the toddler skills in The Sims 4 are very easy to play with. At the start, you have a simple set of interactions that you can repeat until you unlock new ones. Then, you’ll want to repeat those until you level up again. And doing this will result in you maxing out your toddler skills in no time. 

If you need more help on the matter, feel free to visit our cheat page, where we have more guides like this one! Enjoy!

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