The Sims 4 Toddler Skills: How To Develop Fundamentals And Teach Toddlers

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Is there a little toddler in your house? Toddler skills represent the beginning of skill learning in Sims 4, and mastering them can really enrich their worlds. Jump in to discover what these skills are, how to develop them, and why they matter!

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Toddler Skills In Sims 4: Let’s Learn Fundamentals Together!

Although our Sims make their first moves, learn to grab, roll over, babble, and observe their environment at an infant stage, it’s only when they become toddlers that they can truly learn skills. Toddler skills or fundamentals are the building blocks of growth for these little cutie pies! As they learn, they will slowly become better at taking care of themselves, curbing their impulses, interacting with others, and meeting needs independently.

Toddlers in Sims 4 have 5 skills in total, 4 of which are connected to child skills. These are Movement, Communication, Imagination, and Thinking, plus Potty, the fifth skill, which is typical for this developmental stage. All have 5 levels, except for potty, which has only 3. Fundamentals are also connected to toddler milestones, and if you have Sims 4: Growing Together installed, you’ll find that learning them unlocks key milestones for this life stage. Now, without further ado, let’s learn more about teaching toddlers!

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How To Prepare For Learning?

Toddlers learn from interacting with their environment, and to learn skills, they need items adapted to their development stage. Enrich your Sims 4 home with skill-building objects, socialize with your toddler regularly, and you’ve already done half of the work! Take the time to set up their room with toddler furniture, buy toys, and provide them with as many stimulating objects as possible. Dollhouses, stuffed animals, building blocks, the Wabbit Tablet, and a stereo for listening to music and dancing will all support learning toddler skills. You need a potty chair for the potty skill, too!

1. Movement Skill

Toddler skills

Get ready to make your first dance moves! Infants were learning to stand up and crawl, now it’s time for toddlers to get more active! The movement skill is all about mastering polishing motorics and refining movement – walking, dancing, climbing the stairs, and running! Although they will naturally improve it just by wandering around and trying to climb stairs, there are a few ways you can help them learn this essential skill, such as slide and climb up slide, and play with older Sims. As they progress, they will unlock more abilities, and can perfect the skill by dancing, stacking building blocks, or running.

The ideal mood for learning movement skill is Energized!

  • Level 1 – Toddlers can already walk, but may stumble a lot!
  • Level 2 – They can now ‘Play Wrestle’ with adults and climb stairs!
  • Level 3 – They can now not only walk faster but also dance!
  • Level 4 – Run, run, run! Toddlers can run and play with block towers!
  • Level 5 – They are now climbing stairs better, like little stair-climbing pros!

Unlocking new interactions with the movement skill will help them get
Learned To Climb Stairs, Learned To Dance, Learned To Run, Learned To Walk, and Max Movement toddler milestones.

2. Communication Skill

Toddler skill

Socializing is a biggie for these little Sims! The better their communication skill, the more socials they’ll unlock! The easiest way to improve it is to just talk with other Sims. They can socialize with Sims of all ages, from infants to elders, so get them as socially engaged as possible. Alternatively, give them a chance to talk with teddies, or use their toddler tablet to watch toddler videos.

The ideal mood for learning communication skill is Happy!

  • Level 1 – Toddlers have basic toddler socials.
  • Level 2 – ‘Hug’ and ‘Hit’ interactions are now unlocked. They can now also ‘Learn Animals’ from flash cards with adults.
  • Level 3 – Toddlers can now talk about trucks and toys, ask for dessert, say nonsense, or yell at others.
  • Level 4 – They can talk about party, favorite animal, tell a knock knock joke, and ‘Learn Objects’ with other Sims from flash cards.
  • Level 5 – ‘Tell Goofy Story’, ‘Tell Story’, and ‘Talk About Dinosaur’ are unlocked.

As they get better at communication, they will unlock Learned To Talk and Max Communication milestones, which are tied to socializing.

3. Thinking Skill

Toddler skills

This is the age when little Sims gets really curious! They will find various objects peculiar, and can learn thinking skills by interacting with objects and asking ‘What’s This?’. Let them play with nesting blocks, learn with flesh cards and socials, or give them a tablet to play the SimShape game to stimulate their little brains.

The ideal mood for learning thinking skills is Happy!

  • Level 1 – Toddlers throw tantrums randomly and by default. However, as they start learning the thinking skill, you’ll find it happens less frequently.
  • Level 2 – They will defy parents less often and can use ‘Study Shapes’ interaction with nesting blocks.
  • Level 3 – Toddlers will now wake up in the middle of the night less frequently. Learning numbers with flashcards is now unlocked.
  • Level 4 – They can now use ‘Asky Why’ interaction with others, and won’t splash the toilet as frequently.
  • Level 5 – Toddlers can now learn to spell with nesting blocks, and learn letters with flashcards socials. Throwing tantrums, waking up in the middle of the night, and defying parents are now a thing of the past.

Learning thinking skills ties with key toddler milestones, as well: Asked Why, Max Thinking, Studied Letters, Studied Numbers, and Studied Shapes can all be unlocked this way.

4. Imagination Skill

Toddler skills

What better way to develop a rich inner world if not through play? The key to learning imagination skills lies in toys. Put them in a room filled with all sorts of toys you can get from the buy menu, and let them play! If you have room for a dollhouse, you’ll want to get one as well. Reading to them sparks imagination, and you won’t need any special books for this social. Draw With Llama game on the Wabbit Tablet, listening to music, and watching TV is also super stimulating.

The ideal mood for learning imagination skill is Playful!

  • Level 1 – Toddlers are just starting to develop their imagination.
  • Level 2 – Toddlers can now play at the dollhouse with others, and look at pictures in toddler books.
  • Level 3 – Toddlers can give all their toys names.
  • Level 4 – They can now read toddler books by themselves.
  • Level 5 – Viewing art interaction is the peak of mastering the imagination skill.

Mastering the imagination skill is also connected to Art Appreciation, Max Imagination, and Read First Book toddler milestones!

5. Potty Skill

Toddler skills

Learning the potty skill is all about learning how to meet blader needs independently. This is the only skill that doesn’t lead to any child or adult skill. To potty train them, you will need a potty chair, which you can get from the buy mode in the kids/toddlers section. Because this one is about meeting a need, the only mood your toddler needs to learn this skill is to feel the need to empty the bladder. It doesn’t take long for them to learn how to do it independently, but they will need some assistance from an adult in the beginning.

  • Level 1 – Much like infants, toddlers still wear diapers and can empty the bladder this way, especially at this level. However, as you work with them, they will slowly get acquainted with the potty chair. At this level, they will need adult assistance, and will still wet their diapers.
  • Level 2 – Your toddler can now use the potty chair without being monitored by an adult.
  • Level 3 – Using the potty chair is now an autonomous behavior, and toddlers will use it every time they want to empty the bladder. Diapers are now history!

Reach level 3, and this will also unlock the ‘Max Potty’ toddler milestone!

The Connection Between Toddler And Child Skills

The best part about skills in Sims 4 is that they are all connected. Toddler skills impact child skills, and both impact learning later in life. This is how toddler and child skills are connected:

  • Movement is linked to Motor child skill.
  • Communication is linked to Social child skill.
  • Thinking is linked to Mental child skill.
  • Imagination is linked to Creativity child skill.

Learn Toddler Skills, Age Up, And Get Bonus Points For Child Skills!

Toddler skills

Help them learn all these toddler skills, and you’ll do yourself a huge service! Toddlers who reach higher skill levels gain extra skill points once they age up to children. This means that every successfully completed level, except level 1, brings additional XP that can help them learn relevant child skills later on. For instance, if your toddler reaches level 5 communication skill, once they age up, they will already have level 2 social child skill. These are the points they’ll receive for every level completed:

  • Level 2 – Level 1 with a 44% completed bar
  • Level 3 – Level 1 with a 94% completed bar
  • Level 4 – Level 2 with a 44% completed bar
  • Level 5 – Level 2 with a 94% completed bar (so, almost level 3!)

Compared to toddler skills, child and adult skills all have 10 levels and take time to master, so if you can, work on toddler skills and max them all out. Those who max out all skills will earn the Top Notch toddler trait, which will boost all career and skill gains later in life by 25%. To max out skills without having to go through the learning process, try toddler cheats for fundamentals!


We can really see our toddlers grow and become more independent with every new skill level they conquer! Toddlers can learn a lot by themselves, so there is no need to monitor them all the time. Just give them some learning materials, and let them explore. Happy simming!

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