Sims 4 Infant Milestones List (and How to Reach Them)

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If you want to give your Infant the best chance at a good life, reaching as many Milestones as you can is one of the best ways to get started. We’ve compiled a list of all Infant Milestones and how to reach them so your sims can live full, enriched lives!

Infant Milestones
All Infant Milestones and How to Reach Them!

Although Infants are now a Base Game life stage in The Sims 4, the Growing Together expansion added oodles of extra content to sims’ lives that begin when they’re born. One of the more notable additions is Milestones, which inform a sim’s life as they grow and age.

Infant Milestones – Unlock Them All!

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There are over 30 Infant Milestones your sim can reach that break down into 5 categories: Life, Firsts, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, and Social Milestones. Here’s a list of them all and how to achieve them!

MilestoneCategoryHow to Achieve?
Born/Born at Hospital/AdoptedLifeBe born at home or at the Hospital (requires Get To Work), or be adopted into a family
First Baby FoodFirstsOnce the Infant learns to lift their head and sit up, they can be seated in the High Chair and fed Baby Food by a caretaker
First Finger FoodFirstsLearn to Pincher Grasp so Infant can hold food themselves and then feed them in the High Chair
First Diaper BlowoutFirstsBe holding an Infant when their Bladder need runs out and they may “do their duty” in the caregiver’s hands!
First BathFirstsHave a caregiver give Infant a bath
First Bubble BathFirstsHave a caregiver give Infant a bubble bath
First VisitorsFirstsHave the Infant interact with a visiting sim who is not part of the family or household
First Trip to ParkFirstsTake Infant to a Park lot for the first time
First VacationFirstsTake Infant on Vacation for the first time
First Family VisitFirstsTake Infant to a relative’s house and have them Interact with the relative
Slept Through the NightFirstsHave Infant sleep in the Crib multiple times and eventually they will get used to it and sleep through the night; soothing them and using a Baby Mobile can help speed up the process
Peed on CaregiverFirstsChange Infant’s diaper on a Changing Table and they may just give their caregiver an unwanted surprise!
Lifted HeadGross MotorDo Tummy Time together with Infant to strengthen their neck muscles
Rolled Over to BackGross MotorDo Tummy Time together with Infant to encourage them to roll over
Rolled Over to TummyGross MotorDo Tummy Time together with Infant once they’ve learned to Roll Over to Back and they’ll eventually roll back over
Learned to CreepGross MotorDo Tummy Time together with Infant once they’ve unlocked previous Gross Motor skills
Learned to Sit UpGross MotorHave a caregiver Practice Sitting Up with the Infant
Pulled to StandGross MotorHave a caregiver Practice Standing with the Infant
Learned to DanceGross MotorHave your Infant hang out near a playing stereo and they’ll eventually get into the groove!
Learned to CrawlGross MotorHave a caregiver Practice Crawling with the Infant
Learned to ReachFine MotorInteract with the Infant, spend Tummy Time together, and use the Playmat and they’ll eventually begin reaching out on their own
Learned to GrabFine MotorLearn to Reach and continue interacting with the Infant & using the Playmat; they’ll start grabbing at toys on the Playmat
Put Toe in MouthFine MotorReach Gross Motor milestones so Infant has more control over how they move their body, or play with toys
Learned to WaveFine MotorInteract and socialize with the Infant and they’ll eventually reach this milestone
Learned to ClapFine MotorInteract and socialize with the Infant and they’ll eventually reach this milestone after they learn to Clap
Learned Pincher GraspFine MotorFeed Infant in the High Chair and eventually they’ll grab the spoon and try to feed themselves; from here you can introduce them to Finger Food
First SmiledSocialInfant will automatically smile and unlock this Milestone when they age up from Newborn
Learned to CooSocialTalk with Infant frequently and they’ll begin cooing back in response
Learned to LaughSocialLearn to Grab and then have the Infant play with toys, or interact with the Infant in fun ways
Learned to BabbleSocialKeep talking to the Infant and they will begin trying to speak back and Learn to Babble (they will be able to Learn to Talk once they age up to Toddler)
Learned to Blow RaspberrySocialPlay with and Blow Raspberries on the tummy of the Infant to teach them how to do it
Said First WordSocialContinue socializing and interacting once Infant has Learned to Babble
Learned to Blow a KissSocialInteract with the Infant, particularly by kissing and blowing kisses at them
Learned Peek-A-BooSocialPlay Peek-A-Boo with Infant and they’ll learn to do it back

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Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are a bunch of different moments your Infant can experience that all build upon each other to unlock even more of them. A lovely side effect of reaching these Infant milestones is that because so many of them require caregiver interaction, your sims will be growing their relationships with their Infants at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Have you unlocked all Infant Milestones yet? If not, we hope this list has provided useful information so you can unlock those final elusive achievements. Have fun with your Infants, and happy simming!

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