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Welcome to our guide on the Andrew Pose Player!

There are few things cooler than taking amazing screenshots of your sims in Sims 4. Through them, you can show off your sim’s amazing hairstyle mods and makeup CC to the world! Modders also use them to advertise their mods, like in this Nike CC list! But have you ever wondered how they do it? How do they make their sims take those amazing poses? Through the Andrew Pose Player of course! You can find it on the Sims 4 Studio forum here.

Keep in mind that most pictures you see of sims posing are photoshopped! This means that you might find some funny glitches! These depend on what your sim wears or how their hair is done, but they’re minor. We promise that they won’t break your game! They will make you laugh though!

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How to use the Andrew Pose Player on your sims

Once you set up the mod for your game, things are simple. First, make sure that scripts are enabled for your game. You can do that through the “Other” tab on Game Options. Then, just click on any sim or pet and you’ll see some new choices. Those choices are available even if that sim is not part of your household! They’re Pose by Name and Pose by Pack.

Having trouble setting the mod up? Then check our guide on how to download the Pose Player!

Pose by Name

If you chose “Pose by Name” on the Andrew Pose Player, a box will pop up. In that pox, you’ll need to enter the name of the pose that you wish to play. To find the name, you will have to go through the list that comes with each pose mod. Once they do the animation, you can make them stop by clicking “Stop Posing”.

Pose by Pack

What makes the Andrew Pose Player so great is the “Pose by Pack” option. Once you click it, a list of animation sets will pop up. You can choose the pose you want from there! No more copy and pasting all the time! Just like with the previous one, you can make your sims stop by clicking “Stop Posing”.

You can find a cool tutorial on how to use Andrew Pose Player on the forums!


Thanks to this mod, you can now take some amazing screenshots! You can also combine it with our Sims 4 Graphics Mods for better results. Now, all your friends are going to be jealous of how awesome your Sims 4 game looks. Did you like today’s guide? Or did you face any issues while trying to use this mod? Let us know down in the comments! And don’t forget to show us your awesome screenshots!

Happy Simming!

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