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Ahoy Matey! Let’s set sail to find the coolest and most fun Sims 4 Pirate-themed CC and mods available. Clothes, rooms, and accessories with that touch of “Arrrgh” are here for you to download, to bring to your Sims Experience. So, keep reading for the best Sims 4 Pirate CC packs!

Sims 4 Pirate

Best Pirate themed CC For Sims 4

Wow, how amazing it is to bring Sims 4 Pirate CC into your gaming experience. Customize your Sim with Eye Patches and the full Pirate clothing touch while shivering your timbers in the Tavern! Bring in the Jack Sparrow look, or the curvy Pirate lady attire. Find out about these amazing Sims creators designs and go for it, and under the black flag, may you sail!

1. Residential Pirateship port with tavern

Sims 4 Pirate

This creation by Bradybrad7 is truly amazing. It contains a full port of Piratey wildness. He sets the stage here, for the true feeling and immersion into a pirate reality. Bring your Sims in here, to live out their Pirate life dreams.

This CC contains primarily a Huge Pirate ship, a tavern with a fountain out front, and a campsite with an outdoor fire. The Tavern is fully furnished with bedrooms, a bar area, and a restaurant area, it’s cool. There are even pink flamingos outside to add to the Caribbean feel. This is a true must for the Sims 4 Pirate feeling. Download here

Expansion packs are needed in order for this CC to work.

2. Captain Jack Sparrow hair – Sims 4 Pirate

Sims 4 Pirate

Ahoy matey! Let’s trouble the water! Bring the King of the Pirates to look into your Sims 4 game. Maybe you would like to dress up for a birthday party, or even be the entertainment! Maybe it’s Halloween and you fancy the Pirate look this year?

Anyhow, here we have the Jack Sparrow look from Necrodog. He re-created this look from his Sims 2 creation to Sims 4, as this iconic image just isn’t going away anytime soon! Download here. Sims 4 Expansion pack required.

3. Pirate Room

Sims 4 Pirate

This is the potential dream bedroom for many a child. Do not all kids dream of being a pirate at some point in their childhood? This Sims 4 Pirate CC means the child can be laying their head to rest in a pirate ship, where they can have amazing dreams of adventures on the high seas. This full room design by Gazoul brings this dream to reality.

It contains an amazing 19 objects, most of which come in 5+ colors, white, black, and brown (3 shades). So much customization for your child can be had. It’s the ultimate CC download for a pirate-themed room.

Would you like a treasure chest of gold? or an ocean map carpet? So many options are available with the CC. He did think of everything. Download here.

4. Edward Hairstyle – Sims 4 Pirate CC

Screenshot 2022 06 02 at 10.22.41

So if you fancy a more groomed pirate image than the deadlocked wild man, this is the CC for you. This guy is slick and charming, he cares for his appearance and will stand out as the guy who breaks the mold. He has that feeling of calm and care. Who would not want that pirate look in your Sims life?

This creation by KiaraZurk is available in default textures, from teen to elder, in all colors. The great thing about this is that it’s available for the base game. Download here.

5. Childs pirate style French braid

Screenshot 2022 06 02 at 11.50.31

Another great addition to your Sims 4 Pirate CC is this design by Kiarazurk. She designed this child’s French braid, that can be doubled up with another Pirate costume for your Sims Child. It’s perfect, as it can fit under a pirate hat. This over-the-shoulder style is often the look that pirate females rock. Get up to much mischief down at the pirate ship party with this practical, but also cool hairstyle. Download here.

6. Unisex pirate eyepatch conversion

Screenshot 2022 06 02 at 12.02.02

No pirate look would be complete without an eyepatch. Even more appealing, is an eyepatch with three different colors. Necrodog brings us these eyepatches, to add to his Pirate-themed CC content. It’s a must-have for all the family. No pirate is a true pirate without his or her eyepatch. Walk the plank, ye scallywag! Download here. This CC requires a Sims 4 expansion pack.

7. Pirate Oufit (Male)

Screenshot 2022 06 02 at 12.15.04

I will be the ruler of the seven seas! Kiarazurk has done it again with these cool quirky male pirate costumes. It is available in casual, athletic, and party (teen to elder) 10 options. Truly versatile to lift your Sim’s mood as they get ready to head out to the fancy dress party. They will ooze confidence in this outfit, that’s bright, breezy, and fun. Download this pirate outfit from here.

8. Pirate Historical Outfit (female)

Screenshot 2022 06 02 at 10.24.42

This Historical Pirate Lady outfit is created by Historical Sims Life. This costume is so fitting for bartending or performing in the Tavern. Maybe head to your friend’s Halloween celebration doing this marvelous creation. It brings a touch of class too, along with its medieval look. It is a versatile costume, that’s a must-have for your Sims 4 Pirate experience. Download this into your mods folder.

9. Blouse Top Pirates In Paradise – Sims 4 Pirate CC

Sims 4 Pirate

Another must-have for your female sims 4 Pirate themed outfits, is this cool bodice created by Jennisims. It has a variety of colors and can be worn in a variety of settings. Not just for pirates! It’s got a touch of wild-west and is medieval-style also. Download this base game compatible CC for that touch of sass. Download here.

10. Pirate treasure

Sims 4 Pirate

Avast, ye scurvy dog! Here is your access to the Pirate treasure, me hearty!

This is a cool mod created by Simsonian library, that allows you to find and follow treasure maps to find pirate treasure. Wow, what fun can be had with this mod!

There is quite a lot of detail in this mod, but essentially it adds a new type of treasure map, named ‘Pirate Treasure Map’, with a location that is specific to Base Game or Island Living neighborhood. When you travel to that neighborhood, you then click on the appropriate Pirate Treasure Map. Your Sim will search for and locate a pile of dirt to dig up which reveals a Pirate Treasure chest! Opening the chest will give your Sim three Sulani treasure items, as well as other potential bonuses. Download here.

It requires the XML injector mod and Island Living Expansion pack.

11. Pirate’s Retreat – Sims Spark’d Golden Age Challenge

priateccsims cc 17

Are you the type of pirate who loves to be on the open seas? Live your life as a pirate and make a home for yourself on a remote island! Share your life with other pirates roaming the seas. Explore, create friends, and make money. In this home, you will have all the amenities to explore, live, and thrive as a pirate.

This pirate’s retreat is perfect for any sims player who wants to escape from their beaches and sandy shores. Built on top of a huge rock that holds the island, this home has only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Head over to this page for easy download.

12. Dread Pirates Outdoor – Deco Wheel

priateccsims cc 18

If your sims are tired of the same old dull decorations and want to spice up the lot, the Pirates Outdoor decor wheel is for them! It is the perfect decoration for any pirate-themed Sims 4 game. Put this cool old ship wheel in your sim’s outdoor space, and make it look like they’ve come to shore. To install, click here.

13. Taverne set

priateccsims cc 19

A pirate’s life calls for a pirate hangout. We’ve got you covered with this tavern set, complete with everything you need to get started on your next big adventure. It’s a dark and gritty tavern for those who are looking for a more medieval look. If you’re a pirate, brigand, or witch, this is the perfect hangout for you. The Tavern set includes 21 items in 3 parts and is all compatible with the base game. To install this custom content, click here.

14. Restaurant Pirate Bay Sims 4 No CC

priateccsims cc 20

There’s no more suitable place for a pirate to be, unless it’s at the Restaurant Pirate Bay! After a long day of pillaging, you need a place to enjoy your pirate-y stuff. This is the perfect place for all your pirate needs! It has plenty of decorations, so come on in. This cc-free Sims 4 build has everything your pirate will need: a bar, a kitchen, and even a boat. There’s nothing stopping you now, Buccaneer!

It’s located on Brindleton Bay. Just make sure you have the cheat “bb.moveobjects” enabled when you place the lot. Download from this page.

15. Twin Sword for male and female

priateccsims cc 21

The time has come to explore your pirate side with this awesome Twin Sword by Studio K Creation! It’s a base game compatible, standalone item that can be found under the Rings category. Just a perfect accessory for your pirate sims, the swords will make them look like they’ve just stepped off the deck of their pirate ship. To install, head over to this page.


priateccsims cc 22

We all want to have the most personalized outfits for our pirate Sims. And we could honestly say, all you need is a great pirate accessory like this fishie bag! This sims 4 item will allow your male or female sims to rock the look of a swashbuckling pirate. Perfect for parties, being enemies with other sims, or just having fun! You’ll be the very best in pirate fashion with this quirky pack in your game. Click here to download.

17. Character – Isabela from Dragon Age: Inquisition

priateccsims cc 23

Lately, pirates have been the best thing going. Between the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and the constant barrage of cosplays, it seems like everyone wants to be a pirate. If you’re looking to join their ranks and get your own coat of arghhh, look no further than this Isabela from Dragon Age set for The Sims 4!

The set contains a necklace, shoes, hair, but most importantly, a costume. It will keep you classy with its pirate design and the belts on the hands. Get this set and have fun with it! Check it out here.

18. Character – Ves from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

priateccsims cc 24

Ves is a character from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and it is not just any character. This is the Ves that you will be able to use in your Sims 4 game. The set has a pirate costume and tattoos for your Sims and it is another great choice for all of the gamer simmers out there. Download.

19. Pirate (Woman) – Set

priateccsims cc 25

Last but not least on this list is this Pirate Woman Set. You must be a Pirate Woman at heart. If you love the idea of being a pirate but you don’t want to go through the hassle of being a pirate, then this is perfect for you! You get to have all the fun without any of the hard work. The outfit is effortless. It is compatible with the base game and works on teens, young adults, adults, and elders. Head over to this link to install.

Here’s a collection of Sims 4 boots custom content for you!

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So this is my current Top 10 items for Sims 4 Pirate-themed CC and mods. Download them all and allow your Sims to live out their full Pirate fantasies, for a life full of adventure on the high seas.

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