Sims 4 Brawl Mod – Is It Any Good?

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About Brawls and Fights

The Sims 4 isn’t known for its violent gameplay. Ever since the first Sims came out, the game has always been about simulating and creating alternate realities. But for a game that takes the real world as an inspiration and is actually based on its fundamentals, it lacks some reality too. We’ve featured a bunch of realistic mods here on SnootySims, and I’d like to talk about one more. Here I’ll introduce you to the Sims 4 brawl mod!

If you aren’t into fighting or any kind of brawling, you might want to sit this one out. This mod is all about melee combat and violence between Sims. So, therefore, it’s not for everyone!

However, I still think that everybody should at least try out the brawl mod, simply because it is realistic. If you’re anything like me and enjoy nice realistic gameplay, then the Sims 4 brawl mod is a must. But if you’re more into the fantasy side of Sims, I’d suggest you try out some of these fantasy Sims 4 mods.

That said, let’s jump into the brawl mod and see what’s in there for you!

Sims 4 Brawl Mod: an Overview

Many view the brawl mod as just a part of the main Sims 4 fighting mod. But that’s not the case. The brawl mod is a standalone mod that you can use it without any other mod or CC. It works fine on its own, and it gets the job done. 

However, I’ve actually done a complete guide on the fighting mod too, so you’re more than welcome to check it. In summary – the fighting mod has a lot more options when it comes to being a fighter in The Sims 4.

You can download the 2021 version of The Sims 4 brawl mod from this link!

What’s in the brawl mod?

The Sims 4 brawl mod is a simple mod that replaces all fighting animations with new and realistic ones. Any time you spark a fight between two Sims, you’ll actually witness a fistfight instead of seeing the base game cloud. Note that this won’t work on children Sims, but only on adults.

Keep in mind that the brawl mod won’t change the behavior of your Sims or anything similar. It just replaces the fighting animations so you can have more fun while witnessing two Sims fight.

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Compatible Sims 4 Fighting Mods

If you don’t like anything else but pretty fighting animations, then stick with the brawl mod. But if you like to spice things up even further, you can also download these mods:

  • Sims 4 Fighting Mod: is a complete mod that has everything you need for a good fighting experience.
  • Sims 4 Fighting Animation Mod: adds more animations and more fighting moves, such as Headlock or Slap Fight.
  • Sims 4 Fighting Career Mod: allows your Sim to become a professional fighter and earn money through fighting.
  • Sims 4 Combat Mod: it removes the base game cloud animation when two Sims fight and adds combat complexity.
  • Sims 4 Boxing Mod: it makes it, so you don’t have to have gloves on to train in the punching bag.

All of these mods can be downloaded from this link!


So, is the Sims 4 brawl mod a good mod?

In my opinion – yes. The brawl mod can be a great experience for anyone who likes fighting in video games. It’s even better if you’ve never played with any fighting mods before. Witnessing Sims beating each other is incredibly funny, so I recommend it to everyone. 

Good luck! 

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