10 Essential Famous Mods: Get Fame and Fans Fast!

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Do you love making your Sims famous? Well, did you know that you can make things even more realistic and fun with famous mods? If this has sparked your interest, you are in the right place! Keep reading to discover the best mods for leveling up your game.

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10 Essential Famous Mods

Getting Famous in Sims 4

Thanks to Sims 4: Get Famous, Sims with talent and star quality can become stars and enjoy many perks that come with celebrity status. Limelight, adoration, and success are just some of the perks! Folks can gain popularity by boosting their celebrity status by building skills, networking with all the right people (celebrities), working hard, and showcasing their talent. 

The great thing about this expansion pack is that fame isn’t only reserved for actors hoping to rise to stardom in Del Sol Valley. Sims can also raise to fame by licensing songs and performing in public, DJ-ing, streaming, writing bestsellers, and social media to name some. Anything that helps them be seen by the public eye will bring them exposure and help skyrocket them straight to stardom. Along the way, they unlock fabulous fame perks that help them indulge in real Hollywood-like lifestyles.

Fame isn’t a one-way street, though. While it can bring them lavish things and recognition, their reputation isn’t always going to be good. Like real-life stars, Sims can also have a bad reputation, too. These are just some key details! Famous mods only elevate all of that!

top 10 famous mods for the sims 4

Combined with incredible in-game options and interactions, famous mods help add more color to the gameplay, and make things even more interesting, allowing you to have more control over your Sims and how they gain recognition. There are a few powerful ones you can use. Some impact the fame system and how fast Sims get famous, some give additional options, while others impact fans, and give you a tone of new interactions.

And if stardom is your cup of tea, and you’d like to add even more complexity and spice to celebrity lifestyles, we have some cool famous mods for you. Let’s get started!

1. Faster/ Slower / No Fame Decay by Claudiasharon

famous mod

If you are frustrated with the pace of gaining or losing fame? This handy mod gives you full control over how your Sims celebs become popular or lose their status. There are three main options to choose from with this celebrity mod:

One, with the famous mod, you can control fame decay by choosing 50% slower fame decay. This will help you Sims stay in the limelight much longer, which is great if you don’t want to be chasing fame all the time. Two, you can speed things up and make Sims lose fame 2x or 4x times faster than they usually would. This is cool if you’d like to make them lose face faster or simply don’t want them to be in the spotlight as they used to be. And three, you can disable fame decay altogether, so that their celebrity status is always guaranteed!

They will be able to go level up, but never down. Choose only one though, as you can’t have all of these options at one time. If you decide to change, just delete the old one and replace it with a new fame decay option! Check it out here

2. Fame Perks For Free by Claudiasharon

MTS claudiasharon 1809234 fameperks0

Fame perks open doors to many fun interactions and options, such as using fans to influence fame, or even running a successful business solely because they are famous! Thanks to this famous mod, you can get as many perks as you like – and for free! Every perk costs 0. However, the mod maker also made an extra option to make getting perks more difficult, making them cost 2 or 4. To download the mod, go here!

3. Acting Pays by ThatMarchingBunny

MTS ThatMarchingBunny 1869651 ActingPays

Compared to how much real Hollywood stars earn, our Sims are not paid enough to flaunt their skills on stage. We all know fame determines how sought-after actors and actresses are. This is why the ‘’Acting Pays’’ famous mod makes so much sense! Compared to the in-game system, where your Sim gets paid solely based on their gig performance and career level, this mod also takes into account the level of fame. These two combined bring more than satisfactory payments that reflect star quality. 

In-game, Sims who reach the Silver Screen Icon level of acting career can get up to $9,800 per gig. With the celebrity mod, Sim who is level 10 and has a 5-star celebrity rating can earn up to $12,500.The mod will alter the commercial pay and the median pay, but also impact bonuses if you want that option. To download it, go here

4. More Club Members by Havem

MTS Havem 2083688 Screenshot2019 12 1001.42.04

Have you ever wanted to expand your reach and get more club members? Well, now you can, thanks to this incredible mod! ‘’More Club Members’’ mod does precisely that, allowing you to breach the 8-Sim limit, and have anywhere from 20 to 1000 club members! While this is not a ”fame mod” per se, it’s incredibly useful if you want to make a celebrity fan club or expand your exclusive club circle a little more.

You will get to choose club traits, which rocks. There are three options: 20, 50, 100, and 1000 members. The mod also allows you to select gender and non-occult preferences, so you can limit one gender and occult creatures like vampires from joining your club. 

Once you install the famous mod and reach the in-game limit of 8, the mod will automatically expand the number depending on which mod file you installed. So, next time you see someone you’d like to have in your club, just ask them face-to-face. To try it out yourself, get the mod files here!

5. Walk Normal Mod by MizoreYukii


Tired of seeing your celebrity Sims flaunt and walk like they are the center of the Universe? Would you rather have them walk like the rest of us? Worry not, as that’s fixable with this cool mod. Walk Normal mod fixes weird walking styles, like pregnancy walks, emotional walks, and (you guessed it) – celebrity walks. You can tweak different walking styles separately, as the mod allows you to disable only those you are tired of seeing. Once disabled, your Sims will switch to a normal walk. Get this little, but powerful mod here!

6. Get Famous Small Mods by LittleMsSam

LittleMsSam has a few small but powerful famous mods that will help tweak some options from Get Together. These are small changes but can make a difference.

  • New Hug Animation if Confident – If Sims feels confident, they can give the same kind of hug as actors do.
  • No Job Offer Calls & No Blind Date Calls – Your Sim won’t get annoying calls anymore. 
  • Bouncer Only Homeless Sims – If you don’t want to see a Sim from an active household in the role of a bouncer, use this mod, and the bouncer role will be reserved for homeless NPCs only. 
  • Fan Stans Only Homeless Sims – Do you hate seeing your active Sims adoring celebrities? This mod will turn only homeless NPCs into stans.
  • Small Get Famous Reactions Overhaul – This famous mod will tweak reactions and affects mostly fans affected. 
  • Chicken Mask For Background Actors Only – Main actors won’t wear the chicken mask anymore.
  • Famous Sims Gain Followers Automatically – Why should celebrities try to gain followers as regular folks do when they are famous? This mod brings new followers to famous Sims just because they are in the limelight!
  • No Celeb Outfit Copying – Don’t want to see Sims copy celebrity outfits? Try this small famous mod!
  • Improved Vip Rope – This one allows lot owners to get in VIP space.

You can download them all, or choose only those you are drawn to from the Small Mods List here

7. Faster Record, Edit and Combine Video mod By Soulkiller

MTS soulkiller 1811847 Cover EN

The More Views Video Station is a mighty object that can help Sims raise to stardom faster. This famous mod makes this even easier, helping you record, play with and combine videos much faster, and that works for all video station options. You can record and edit from 2 to even 10 times faster than you normally would. With such a pace, your Sim will be a celebrity in no time. To download the mod, go here

8. Celebrity System Package by KiaraSims4


With stardom comes great responsibility. For a celebrity, reputation is everything and with this famous mod, Sims can get Publically Respected and Publically Disgraced. Every step they take is under close surveillance by the public eye. If they behave like a good celebrity role model, Sims will enjoy a positive reputation. If not, they will lose face.

Your Sim can confess or dispel a rumor, depending on whether they are disgraced due to false accusations or they truly did something embarrassing. Things can get pretty unpleasant, to the point of other Sims avoiding being seen with your disgraced celeb! 

There is an option to Sue For Slander, which allows Sims to start real court cases against stalking Paparazis and win or lose money and reputation in these legal battles! With the famous mod, Sims can also be in the Public Spotlight and gain fame by being the main news, in a good or a bad way.

Anything that happens in their private life will impact how the public sees them, so rest assured getting divorced, breaking up, or having a child taken away will not go unnoticed. Sims who act recklessly, get caught cheating on their partner, getting into conflicts, bribing, or stealing will immediately lose face. With this famous mod, Sims can also get falsely accused because sometimes haters will try to sabotage them and spread rumors! Similarly, if they do something admirable, like volunteering or graduating from Uni, they will be publically respected. 

And, for Sims who love celebrity gossip and juicy details from Del Sol Valey, there is an online magazine Starlight Sims Weekly celebrity mod mod option. To find more info about mod options and requirements, and to download the package, go to this page

9. Ultimate Stan Aspiration by Ilkavelle

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If there wasn’t for fans, none of the celebrities would thrive in fame. This famous mod is all about fans! Sims cannot only fangirl or fanboy, but become real stans, and make that their main life mission. They can go to great lengths when worshiping their favorite stars, and even become creepy stan weirdos who can’t stop sending emails to celebs! 

Just like other aspirations, the Ultimate Stan Aspiration has four levels, or milestones with milestone tasks they need to complete: Starlight Boulevard Visitor, Autographs Collection, Devoted Fan, and Between Fandom and Obsession. With this dedication comes a just aspiration reward trait. With the celebrity mod installed, Sims can either get the Celebrities Friend reward which will grant them success when introducing themselves to a star, or the Weirdo reward, which does the opposite.

The reward will be randomized, so there are equal chances of getting both. To learn more and download this incredible famous mod, go here!

10. Road to Fame Mod by Sacrificial

Road To Fame MOD V 0.5 Thumbnail Background2 1920x1080 1

Now here comes a real treat, especially if you don’t have the Get Together pack! Road to Fame is a famous mod which offers a lot of features that align well with what GT pack is all about, but also works without it and you can play it with the base game only. The celebrity mod is extensive but incredibly easy to work with, as it allows you to enable or disable certain features.

It includes a ton of options, from developing new skills and gaining fame to new ways of earning simoleons and living lavishly. Sims can develop new skills, including professional singing, acting, modeling, street dancing, and Simstagram skill. Every skill will demand practice, just like regular skills do, so rest assured you will be stoked to see them clumsily trying to nail dance or modeling poses, or act badly. They will have an opportunity to establish a real presence on Simstagram and even send thirst selfies. The celebrity mod brings obsessive fans, and social media followers, and Sims can even hire an assistant, a makeup artist, and a bodyguard! 

You can have promotional events such as starting a gig or acting in a scene. This famous mod includes a fame-level system, allowing you to build their popularity over time. Because reputation is everything, famous Sims can receive love or hate, both of which are impacted by how cool or uncool their actions are. 

They can have concerts with a real audience, paparazzi, and fans. Some fans can even get obsessed and start invading your personal space. You can start ‘’Meet & Greet Events’’ and be followed around by NPC paparazzi and fans. And these are just some highlights! To learn more about famous mods, go here, and to download it, go here!


Sometimes celebrities need a push to succeed, and famous mods can help with that. This was our list of top mods that impact the fame system, fans, and Sims 4 celebs. All are useful and all are fun, but you get to decide which one will work for you the best. Try them out yourself, and happy simming!

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