How To Unlock Everything In CAS With One Cheat!

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Learn how to unlock everything in CAS so you can change your sim’s identity and style any time you want to!

Unlock Everything In CAS

When you first create a sim your choices are pretty limitless in how you can modify them in CAS. Choose genetics like eye color and skin tone, clothing styles, gender identity, and sexuality, and even modify how they walk and talk. Once a sim is complete and sent out into the world, however, many CAS options are permanently locked and can’t be changed moving forward.

From a realism standpoint, this makes a lot of sense; it’s not like humans can just swap their genetic eye color or body shape or skin tone at will, so it’s generally understandable that sims would be the same way. The thing is though, reality is never that cut and dry. A person can go through drastic changes to their identity over time for any number of reasons, be it due to injury or illness, medical intervention, a change in gender representation, etc.

And for sims specifically, there are also plenty of reasons why you might want to change their identity later on whether due to storytelling reasons, for makeover purposes, or trying out new CAS custom content that you might have just installed like sliders and presets. Whatever reasons you have (or don’t have), you should be able to have full access to CAS whenever you want it!

How Do I Unlock Everything In CAS?

It’s actually incredibly easy to unlock everything in CAS so it behaves as if you’re editing your sim for the first time. First, you’ll want to activate Testing Cheats and then before going into CAS, enter the following cheat code:


From here you can enter CAS in any number of ways (from the Manage Households screen, clicking “Enter Create A Sim” from the Simology panel, or SHIFT + clicking on the sim and selecting “Modify in CAS”) and you should have full access to all the sliders, genetics, and other options that would normally be locked once your sim is created and brought into the world.

How Do I Unlock Extra Clothing And Accessories In CAS?

If you’re not trying to change how your sim looks but instead were hoping to gain access to all the extra clothing & accessory items you’ll see in CAS that are locked behind career levels and achievements, there’s a cheat for that too! To unlock everything in CAS in terms of apparel and accessories, after entering CAS open the cheat console and type:


Which will systematically unlock every piece of clothing and accessory for every DLC you have, granting you access to things like the Cursed Sweater from Nifty Knitting or the Paranormal Stuff loafer shoes you usually earn by surviving 7 nights in a haunted house. We don’t need to be gatekeeping shoes after all!

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In Conclusion

If you want to wield full power and unlock everything in CAS at all times, it’s super simple to do with the right cheat. Follow our guide and you’ll be adjusting, sizing, sliding, dressing, and accessorizing however you want whenever you want with no limits beyond your imagination! Is there a certain option or item in CAS you’ve always wanted to unlock? Let us know about it in the comments, have fun, and happy simming!

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