Unlock The Keys To Happiness With Fill Motive Cheats & Mods (PC/Mac & Console)

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Sims can be so needy—sometimes you just want your pixelated dolls to smile and do what you want them to do without worrying about what they want or need. Fill Motive Cheats to the rescue!

sims 4 fill motive cheat
Sims 4 Fill Motive Cheat

Nothing puts a damper on your Sims 4 gameplay like a sim whining at you because their needs aren’t filled. “I can’t work because I’m too tired!” “I don’t want to kiss my crush because I have to pee!” “I can’t extinguish this fire because I’m about to starve to death!” Gosh, they’re so dramatic! If you want an easy way to make your sims happy and keep them that way, the various cheats and mods we have on offer will give you some much-needed relief.

Filling Motives Via In-Game Means

To make the game manageable while testing it, developers add a whole suite of cheats they can use to handle things they’re not directly focused on at the moment, which is why things like needs cheats exist. Make you you turn on TestingCheats before you begin!

Cheat Console Codes

Fill Motive Cheat

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to use the different Sims 4 fillmotive cheats!

If you want to fill just one or only a few specific needs, the Fill Motive Cheat is the way to go. This is handy if you’re trying to get your sim to perform a certain action and they keep wandering away to fill another need, like if you’re trying to flirt with your sim’s love interest to up their Social needs but they keep leaving to grill up hotdogs to fill their Hunger need instead. It essentially acts as a shortcut to the Restore Needs potions you can get from the Rewards Store. Simply open the cheat console and enter the following:

fillmotive motive_[motivename]

Where [motivename] is whatever motive you’re trying to fill. Unfortunately the Fill Motive Cheat doesn’t seem to work for Occult/misc. needs, such as the Water need for Plantsims, and only works for the 6 main motives:


This isn’t a big deal unless there’s a specific Occult need or status effect you’re trying to manipulate. Luckily though, there is another fill motive cheat that will affect Occults as well!

Fill Commodities Cheat

image 64
Before & after entering the Commodities cheat. Why did they pick such a tricky-to-spell word?

If you’re seeking a fill motive cheat that will affect all of your sim’s needs at once, the Fill All Commodities cheat will help you out. Open the cheat console and enter the following to have all needs filled in one fell swoop:


Unlike the basic fill motive cheat, the Commodities cheat will also fill/clear things like Mermaids’ Hydration needs or a Spellcaster’s Charge level.

Shift + Click Methods

With TestingCheats active there is a plethora of things you can mess with in the game just by holding Shift + clicking on them. These methods also work on consoles by hovering over the object/sim you wish to manipulate and hitting A + B (Xbox) or X + O (Playstation).

Clicking A Sim

image 66

When you Shift + Click upon a sim this way, a menu will pop up with a bunch of options. By selecting the “Cheat Need…” option, you will be given 3 choices:

Make Happy: this will fill up all needs and fill/clear Occult effects

Disable Need Decay: this will stop your sim’s basic needs from decaying

Enable Need Decay: this will re-enable your sim’s basic needs decay

Disabling Need Decay in particular is super handy for storytellers or other players who spend a lot of their sim’s time posing them for photos. It’s also nifty if you’re playing a multi-sim household but only want to focus on a single character without worrying about their housemates’ needs.

Clicking The Mailbox

If you have several sims you want to make happy, you can Shift + Click the mailbox and get even more fill motive cheat options that will affect multiple sims at once!

image 65

Fill Needs (household): this will fill up all needs and fill/clear Occult effects of every sim in your household

Fill Needs (world): this will fill up all needs and fill/clear Occult effects of every sim in your current game world

Disable Household Needs Decay: this will stop basic needs from decaying for all sims in your household

Disable World Needs Decay: this will stop basic needs from decaying for all sims in your current game world

Enable Household Needs Decay: this will re-enable basic needs decay for all sims in your household

Enable World Needs Decay: this will re-enable basic needs decay for all sims in your current game world

Filling Motives Via Mods

If you’re not the cheat console type or you want a much easier way to control needs, you can skip the fill motives cheats and let mods do the work instead. Just remember that, as these are UI mods, they will need to be updated whenever the main game updates or they may cease to function or otherwise break your game!

UI Cheats Extention by Weerbesu

image 67

This mod is going to make fill motive cheats as easy as possible to manipulate! With the extension installed all you need to do is Left Click a needs bar on the spot you want it to change to, and viola! The need is now filled to where you want it to be. You can also Right Click on a needs bar and enter the exact value you want it to have, from -100 (need desperation) to 100 (need full) for pinpoint precision.

UI Cheats Extension actually does a whole lot more than just affect your sim’s needs; you can learn about all the other capabilities of this mod and download it here.

MC Command Center by Deaderpool

image 69

MC Command Center is basically the “God Mode” mod for the Sims 4. The offerings for filling needs isn’t extensive, and merely enables TestingCheats commands without entering the cheat code first. Click on your sim, select MC Command Center→MC Cheats→Make Happy and this will max your sim’s needs just like the Shift + Click method explained earlier.

Learn all about this master mod and all of the other incredible things it can do, plus download it, from here.

In Summary

Although the Sims 4 is a life simulator, there are times that you may want to launch the game and just play out whatever you’re feeling without the distraction of filling your sim’s needs. There are lots of reasons a player might want this, whether it be because you’re trying to do something specific in the game or you’re just not feeling great yourself and want a little escapism. With a few mods and fill motive cheats, you can keep your sims content and focus on your own contentment instead. The most important part is that you have fun. Hopefully you find these tips useful, and happy simming!

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