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Being alive is draining! Eating, sleeping, maintaining your hygiene, social enrichment…it’s a lot of work and many of us are kind of bad at it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could hack our way to fulfilled needs without so much effort? Humans haven’t quite figured it out yet, but with needs cheats, our Sims won’t have to suffer the same fate as us!

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A cheat is by far the easiest way to fill your needs in the Sims 4, as it can become overwhelming or annoying to constantly care about your sims’ necessities. The game drains their needs bars throughout the day, and keeping your sim happy can cut into other plans you might have had for your gameplay session. Plus, the more sims you have in a household the more needs you have to juggle! Nothing frustrates a player quite like the game telling you that your sim isn’t in the mood to do something you directed them to do.

Learn All the Cheats to Instantly Fill Out Your Needs in The Sims 4!

Before getting started, make sure you enable testingcheats on your gaming device. It’s important to do this before trying needs cheats, or any cheats at all for that matter, so the game understands what you’re trying to do.

We’re on YouTube by the way – feel free to subscribe 😉. Watch the tutorial below for more info on how to use those cheat codes to fill up your Sims’ needs!

Fill Individual Needs with the Fill Motive cheat

If you want to fill just one or only a few specific needs, the Fill Motive Cheat is the needs cheat for you! It’s very useful if you’re trying to get your sim to perform a certain action and they keep wandering away to fill another need, like if you’re trying to send your sim to the bathroom to empty their Bladder but they’re also so low on Energy that they keep stopping to take a nap on every comfort device they encounter. This needs cheat essentially acts as a shortcut to the Restore Needs potions you can get from the Rewards Store. Simply open the game’s cheat console and enter the following:

fillmotive motive_[motivename]

Where [motivename] is whichever of the 6 main motives you’re trying to fill:


So for example, we’d enter the cheats fillmotive motive_bladder and fillmotive motive_energy to stop our sim from passing out and peeing themself. Now that those needs are filled we can focus our sim’s time on doing something else!

Max out all needs with a single needs cheat

If you want to fill all of your sim’s needs in one go and/or want to affect Occult sims who have needs beyond the main six, it’s quite easy to do with the Fill Commodities Cheat. Open the cheat console and enter the following to have all needs filled in one fell swoop:


Unlike the basic fill motive cheat, the Commodities cheat should also fill things like the Water need for Plantsims or the Thirst need for Vampires.

Shift + Click Methods

With TestingCheats active there are a bunch of things you can play around with in the Sims 4 just by holding Shift + clicking on them. These methods also work on consoles by hovering over the object/sim you wish to manipulate and hitting A + B (Xbox) or X + O (Playstation), so console players can take advantage of these tricks too!

When you Shift + Click a sim, a new menu will pop up with a bunch of options. Select “Cheat Need…” (it might be on the second page of options) and pick one of the following:

Make Happy: this will fill up all needs and clear negative Occult effects

Disable Need Decay: this will stop your sim’s main needs from decaying

Enable Need Decay: this will re-enable decaying of your sim’s main needs

While you can’t actually see their needs, you can also use these cheats on non-playable sims such as pets, guests and dates! It’s very handy if you want to ensure that everybody is having a good time.

Shift + Clicking The Mailbox

If you have multiple sims you want to manipulate in one go, you can Shift + Click the mailbox and get access to even more needs cheats!

Fill Needs (household): this will fill up all needs and clear negative Occult effects for every sim in your household

Fill Needs (world): this will fill up all needs and clear negative Occult effects for every single sim in your current game world

Disable Household Needs Decay: this will stop basic needs from decaying for all of the sims in your current household

Disable World Needs Decay: this will stop basic needs from decaying for all of the sims in your entire game world

Enable Household Needs Decay: this will re-enable basic needs decay for all of the sims in your household

Enable World Needs Decay: this will re-enable basic needs decay for all of the sims in your entire game world

These needs cheats are incredibly useful especially before something like a festival so everybody starts off their encounter feeling good! It never made sense to me that sims would show up to events when they’re feeling cranky or exhausted.

Closing Thoughts

Although the Sims 4 is designed to mostly imitate real life, there are times that you may just want to launch the game and play out whatever you’re in the mood for without the distraction of keeping your Sims happy. Whether it’s because you’re trying to accomplish something specific or you’re just not feeling that great yourself and want a little escapism, needs cheats can be very helpful in letting you enjoy the game your way. In the end what matters most is that you’re having fun, and with the game being single-player using cheats harms nobody else. Play the game how you want to play!

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