A Complete Guide to Sims 4 Knitting Cheats

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Are you fond of Knitting or are looking to take it up as a hobby? Virtual knitting will be the perfect place to start and what other way to do it than Sims 4? The Knitting cheats in Sims 4 are some incredible tools that will allow you to craft an array of stuff, from clothing to toys and even home décor? Now isn’t that neat?

sims 4 knitting cheats

Before we dive into what these cheats are, it will be better to know how to activate any kind of cheats in the first place, the details/features of the Nifty knitting stuff pack and how simmers can get the most use out of it?

How do you activate cheats on Sims 4?

All simmers should know how to activate cheats to truly enjoy their experience of playing Sims 4. It is a rather simple trick. If you are playing on a PC, all you need to do is press SHIFT + CTRL + C and if you are playing on a Mac then you will be using the CMD + CTRL + C combination. For console players (Xbox One, PS4, etc.), use the four triggers on the back to activate the cheats. These actions will open a pop-up box and you will have to type “testingcheats true”. Then, you can use all kinds of cheats on your sims game.

Features of nifty knitting

Before we discuss the different kinds of knitting cheats and their functions, it will be better to first know and understand the features of the knitting pack. We will take a look at the knitting skill and how it works, where you knit, sell what you made on the in-game marketplace called plopsy, teach and gift items that you knitted, rocking chair functions, new dances, metal music, and home décor.

What are knitting skills and how do they work?

This is supposed to be a 10-level skill system and as you keep leveling up, you unlock different items to knit. These include baby onesies, different types of clothing, décor items, toys for example bears or sweaters, and scarf combinations known as scarfs. However, unlocking each skill level can get tiring and make it seem like a cumbersome process so there is a cheat for it. Using the cheat can allow you to unlock all skill levels at once without going through the hassle of knitting each item one by one to unlock skill levels.

It will also give you the full advantage of the knitting feature and you can experience better gameplay. For example, you can instantly utilize fun options like teaching other sims (of all ages) to knit when you reach level 5, or even better you can mentor other sims who are learning the skill when you reach level 10. There are a total of 21 things that you can knit and all of these will be added to the inventory which you can sell later. (Detail of this is provided in paragraphs below).

An important thing to note is that once you have used the relevant cheat, all clothing items will unlock and you will not be able to reverse this action.

Where do you knit?

sims 4 knitting cheats
Sims 4 Knitting Cheats

You can start knitting while sitting anywhere like a sofa, armchair, or rocking chair, by the poolside, in a pre-styled room called granny chic. The pre-styled room is a great place to start since it has a pretty cozy vibe. You can also customize it by adding items like tabletop looms etc. There are items for decorating your sims craft room as well. You can unlocked all of this stuff using a cheat code.

knitting cheats: Rocking chair and its functions

When you think of knitting, among other things you also visualize doing it on a rocking chair. Knitting without a rocking chair is incomplete. However, the interactive rocking chairs are not just exclusive to knitting but also for napping, playing, and reminiscing (the last two being exclusive to children and elders respectively).

This is a really fun feature and while the elders take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing on the rocking chair, you will be able to look at their memories which can be good or bad and this will have an impact on their mood. Whether the impact is positive or negative will depend on the characteristics of the elderly sims. Similarly, when the children are playing on the rocking chair, you can catch glimpses of what they are imagining and the make-believe toys they are playing with. These are available to buy in the buy/sell mode but can also be unlocked via the cheats that we have provided you with.

Selling what you created on Plopsy

This is a really fun and interactive feature. It is also a great way of earning those extra Simoleans. Plopsy is the in-game marketplace where you can list all the items you have made to sell. You can also buy from others using Plopsy. It is not complicated to list an item on Plopsy. It is pretty straightforward.

After you have finished knitting an item and it is added to your inventory, click on it and multiple options will appear like gifting, donating, or listing it on Plopsy (§10 will be the cost of listing an item on plopsy). There will be anonymous bidding from fellow simmers as well and this can allow your profits to increase by almost 50%.

After you have listed an item, you will have 4 days to sell it and if it is left unsold, the listing will expire. (you can relist by paying §10 again). You will know when an item is sold when it is highlighted in blue and when you get a notification. Moreover, you can ship it by clicking on it and using the mailbox or unlist it from plopsy if you have changed your mind and do not want to sell it. You can also use the in-game marketplace to sell your woodworking and paintings as well.

Aspiration and Sweater curse

In the aforementioned paragraphs, we talked about teaching other sims and gifting your creations. There is an aspiration that you achieve called the Lord/Lady of the knits and you get the rewarding trait of sacred knitting knowledge. When you have achieved the Lord/lady of the knits aspiration, it will also unlock an additional décor item called the yarny sculpture. This red yarn sculpture is the main playable character of the game called unravel. However, knitting comes with a feature called the sweater curse. After you have achieved the aspiration, you can knit something called a forbidden sweater.

You will also need to be on level 10 of the knitting skill. This forbidden sweater is knitted or gifted to your significant other and will lead to a breakup. The Lord/lady of the knits can dispel the curse. Sims might get one of the following moodlets when receiving the Forbidden Sweater as a gift: Unfortuknits (Bored +1), Great Knits (Happy +1), or The Sweater Curse (Tense +2). While going through the sweater curse, you will need to stop all sorts of romantic interactions or they could lead up to a breakup. Wait till the curse is dispelled. You can also ask someone who has achieved the aspiration of Lord/Lady of the knits to dispel the curse for you but if you are using the cheats that we have provided you with then there will be no need for that.

New Dances and Air Guitar

This pack also has the feature of new dances which include the ‘’Brutally Dance’’ and ‘’Air Guitar to Metal’’. There is also an addition of 7 new songs and from different metal bands and also a Metal radio station. You can do the new dances by choosing interactions while listening to the Metal music. For those who are not metal heads, they can choose the Focus Radio station for some relaxing tunes.

sims 4 knitting cheats: Build and Buy

sims 4 knitting cheats

The ability to customize everything is another great feature of the Nifty knitting pack. In the build and buy mode, there are almost 46 items. You can use these for styling rooms, knitting objects, building stuff, and also home décor stuff.

knitting cheats and their uses:

stats.set_skill_level major_knitting 10Get to the level 10 of Knitting skills
cas.unlockbytag SP17Unlock all clothing and patterns for all ages, genders and groups
Bb.showhiddenobjectsHave all the build mode items and decorative objects in your Build/Buy Catalog
traits.equip_trait trait_SacredKnittingKnowledgeGet the Sacred Knitting Knowledge Trait
stats.set_skill_level AdultMajor_Knitting 10Enables you to max on Knitting Skills
traits.equip_trait trait_SacredKnittingKnowledgeUnlock three extra knitting patterns while acquiring the Sacred Knitting Knowledge trait
sims 4 knitting cheats


While this pack has limited cheats, they are all very useful and can help you unlock almost all features of the Nifty Knitting pack. It is a fun way to get the full use out of the knitting pack without spending too much time on building your skill level or unlocking different clothing/household items one by one.

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