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What is the MC Command Center (MCCC) in Sims 4?

The MC Command Center or MCCC (sometimes referred to as MCMM) is easily one of the most popular mods for Sims 4. Not only do most simmers own this mod, but nearly all players find the game unplayable without it. But, why is this the case? Why is the MCCC such an important mod for Sims 4?

The MC Command Center (MCCC/MCMM) is a large Sims 4 mod or rather a group of mods. Once installed, it can be found easily in-game. The mod has many different functions and features. You can use it to change the clock in your game or to make your Sim pregnant. It also replaces all cheat commands.

In other words, the MCCC mod is the only one you need in Sims 4 if you aren’t a big fan of mods and extensions. It features literally everything you’ll ever need to make your gameplay smooth and engaging, so it’s definitely worth the try.

Later in this post, I’ll go over all the settings and features the MC Command Center mod has for The Sims 4. You’ll see what you can expect from this extension and how it can benefit your particular gameplay.

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Is MC Command Center / MCCC a Script Mod?

There are script mods and there are regular mods in Sims 4. Many of the mods you’ll find on the internet aren’t script mods, since they’re lighter and only do one thing. However, the MCMM mod is different.

The MC Command Center (MCCC) is a script mod in Sims 4. This is because MCCC doesn’t build on the already existing code from the game. Instead, the developer of the MC Command Center has written unique lines of code. And because of that, the mod changes the core of how the game works.

There are many other script mods for Sims 4. For example, the Road to Fame mod and all the slider mods are also script mods. However, MCMM is much more than all of them because it’s a complete mod.

If you want more information on script mods, check out my script mods guide here.

How to Download the MC Command Center (MCCC) in Sims 4?

Luckily for us, the downloading and installing process for the MC command Center is pretty easy. If this is your first time doing it, here’s what you need to know.

Click this link to download the 2022 version of the MC Command Center (MCCC) mod for The Sims 4.

This link will take you to the official download page of MCMM. On your left, you’ll see the different MCCC versions and the additional mods alongside the core mod. The first thing on the list is usually the latest version of the MC Command Center so download that.

Keep in mind that you can also download the additional MCCC mods for Sims 4. For example, the MC Woohoo adds a bunch of different quality changes to Woohoo in the game, so it’s pretty awesome too.

Does the MC Command Center have viruses?

The MC Command Center is a pretty safe download. It doesn’t contain any viruses, so you can download it without worrying. So if you’ve downloaded many mods from the internet and your computer has viruses, it’s probably not from the MCMM mod.

How to Install the MC Command Center (MCCC) in Sims 4?

Once you’ve downloaded the latest version of the MC Command Center for Sims 4, it’s time to install it. If you’ve ever installed other mods for the game, know that the process is completely the same for MCMM too. Here’s what you need to do.

Open or extract the downloaded MC Command Center (MCCC) Sims 4 mod. Then copy all the script files and paste them into your Mods folder where the game is installed. In the end, launch The Sims 4 and enable Script Mods & Custom Content in your game settings.

As you can see, the whole process is really easy. But if you have troubles downloading and installing mods for Sims 4, check out this guide.

How Do You Use MCCC in Sims 4?

Simply put, there isn’t one way of using the MCCC mod in Sims 4. Instead, there are a bunch of different options and features that are useful in different situations.

Here’s a list of all the features found in the MC Command Center:

  • MC Command Center – this is your core mod and you need it for the rest of the MC mods to work.
  • MC Career – takes care of every related to careers in Sims 4. You can use it to select a career for your Sim or set up the adult employment range to whatever you like.
  • MC CAS – improves the CAS menu and the way you create your Sims. It helps you make your Sims look more realistic.
  • MC Cheats – replaces all the cheats for the game so you don’t need to type them manually any longer.
  • MC Cleaner – cleans many aspects of the game such as homeless ghosts and alien disguises.
  • MC Clubs – significantly improves the way clubs work in the game and introduces many quality of life changes, such as story progression.
  • MC Control – allows you to control NPCs in the game to a certain degree by giving you interaction options.
  • MC Dresser – gives you more options when it comes to your Sims’ outfits. You can blacklist certain outfits if you don’t want your Sims wearing them.
  • MC Gedcom – improves the Gedcom family tree export.
  • MC Occult – adds more options when it comes to occult gameplay. 
  • MC Population – allows you to set up the population of your world however you like.
  • MC Pregnancy – is a complete pregnancy system. You can use it to make any Sim pregnant, including teens.
  • MC Tuner – gives you a way to deal with annoying interactions.
  • MC Woohoo – takes care and improves everything about Wohoo in Sims 4.

Sims 4 MC Command Center Not Working – How to Fix It?

If your MC Command Center is not working for Sims 4, there are a couple of things to look out for.

First of all, make sure that you have the correct version of the MCCC mod. When you download the mod, look for the latest version. Both MCMM and your game’s patch should be compatible with each other. Read in the description of the mod for which game version it’s intended.

Also, make sure that you’ve copied everything into your Mods folder. It’s easy to miss out on something while installing mods for Sims 4, so you better check whether you’ve installed MCCC correctly.

Here’s a link to the official troubleshooting page for MC Command Center.


The first time you download and install the MC Command Center in Sims 4, you’ll definitely feel overwhelmed. The amount of features and options this mod gives you is totally insane! You can use it for pretty much everything in the game. And I have no doubt that the MCMM icon will show up whatever you do in TS4. 

That said, I hope you found this guide informative and helpful. Don’t hesitate to try the MCCC mod because it’s the best way to improve the gameplay of Sims 4. And make sure to support the Sims 4 MC Command Center on Patreon if you like it!

Happy simming!

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