Latest Cat Ears Custom Content for the Sims 4

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If you’re a cat person and you own the Sims 4, you’ve come to the right place. Because we know how fun it is to play with costumes, especially funky cute ones. This list is a collection of cat ears custom content by different unique creators —and we’re sure it is going to come to your liking.

Cutest Cat Ears for Your Female Sims

Scoundrel Cats

cat ears custom content

These cute cat ears accessories are definitely charming! It is available in three different heights, so don’t worry about finding a matching hairstyle. You can find it under Earrings. Check it out by following this link.


cat ears cc

We’re definitely meowing our souls with this pair of cat ears. Both your male and female sims can wear them. Here’s your download-link. Check out custom eyes for the Sims 4.

Zopheir Cat Ear Headband by Pralinesims

cat ears custom content

Shiny! It has to be our favorite for so many reasons but mainly because this sparkly cat headband works on all occasions. Download.

Arena Ear Headband

cat ears custom content

You’re getting a whole lot of different options to choose from: 50! So, you’re sure to find something to your liking in this set. And consequently, your sim character can wear whatever outfit or color. To install, follow this page.

Cat Ears Headband

cat ears cc

Such a gorgeous colorful cat ears. It works for sims from teen to elder. Download from this link. For maxis match makeup mods and cc packs, visit this post.

MIRACLE Headband

Cat ears cc sims4 6

A simple cat headband that your sim characters will definitely appreciate. You also get a hairstyle that fits the headband but for reference, it works on most hairstyles. Click here to install this package.

Cat Ears Custom Content

Cat ears cc sims4

This pair comes in 5 versions, each should be downloaded separately. You get 19 dark colors. Download from this page. Oh and check out cat tails by visiting this page.

Anime-inspired cat ears

Cat ears cc sims4 4

This is not your usual cat ears. It’s anime inspired, so if you know.. you know. Click here to grab this one. For custom shoes, click here.

Check Out More Awesome Custom Content For the Sims 4

We hope you enjoyed our list of the latest cat ears custom content. If you’re more into bunny ears, head over to this post for a pile of awesome custom content. Enjoy!

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