Getting Simoleons From Royalties: All You Need To Know

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Have you ever tried earning simoleons by publishing your creative works? Besides the typical career tracks for the Sims 4, the game offers royalties as one of the best alternate methods for earning simoleons. Read on to find out all you need to know about royalties!

sims 4 royalties
Getting Simoleons From Royalties: All You Need To Know!

What are royalties in sims 4?

Sims 4 royalties are weekly payments your Sim receives for the creative work they have previously released. This is a Sims version for side hustles and allows you to earn extra simoleons by doing creative projects. There are a few ways to earn weekly royalties. These are the four categories currently available in the game: 

  • Publishing books
  • Licensing songs and lyrics
  • Mixing music
  • Making videos

Unlike careers, where your progression and payment are predictable and linear, royalties always vary and depend on how much you work. The more stuff your publish or release, the bigger your weekly payments will get. One of the best things about royalties is that you can still have a full-time job, as none of the four categories are tied to a career, but rather to skills your Sim develops over time. Lets explore each of the four ways to earn extra cash! 

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1. Getting royalties from publishing books

Once you finish writing a book, to publish your story, go to the mailbox. There are three ways to publish your written word: Self-Publish (Unlocked at level 2), Sell to Publisher (unlocked at level 5), and Submit to Literary Digest (unlocked at level 9). Select the publishing option that resonates with your current writing skill level.

This will open a new window with a list of all books available for publishing, so just select the one you’d like to publish. Congratulations! You have just successfully published your story. You might not get as many simoleons as you would by selling rights to a publishing company, but you will not start earning daily royalties.

Once you hit that Level 5 mark, you will unlock the ability to ‘’Sell to Publisher’’ from the mailbox, and earn 50% more than what you’d earn from self-publishing.

With Submit to Literary Digest unlocked at level 9, you can double the amount you get from royalties from a publisher. However, unlike the previous two options, this one has a limit of one book per week. So, make sure you submit the most valuable written piece you have and publish the rest via ‘’Sell to Publisher’’. 

When will you receive Royalties From Books?

Royalties from books are received seven days a week, at 10 AM. Every time you receive a payment, you will get a Royalty Report notification in the upper right corner, and see an increase in household funds for the amount you get from royalties. However, while you will be getting a lot of royalties, you won’t be receiving them indefinitely. Once published, you will receive royalties for one book for 20 days from the day you published it via mailbox.

The great thing is, there is no limit to how many books you can publish and receive royalties for. This means that you can publish all books you write, and receive simoleons for all of them daily.

What are the most profitable Book genres?

The biggest factor for how profitable the genre is will always be the level of your writing skill. The general rule is that the later the genre is unlocked, the higher the royalties for publishing it will be. Science Fiction, Mystery books, and Biographies will be your best bets since these genres are some of the last writing skill unlocks. So, the more developed the writing skill, the higher the will royalties be. A Poetry book, which is a level 4 writing skill unlock, will bring you less money than a Mystery book, which is a level 9 unlock.

What determines how big book royalties will be?

Besides the writing skill level and the genre you are opting for, you will need to pay attention to the quality of your book. There are four book qualities you can write: Normal, Good, Excellent, and Bestseller. A book of Good quality doesn’t bring you as many simoleons as a Bestseller, or an Excellent book. All books, no matter at what level they get unlocked, can be of any of these four qualities. If you are dedicated, royalties can easily become your main source of income. This is how much you can expect:

  • Normal – $10 to $50
  • Good – $50 to $100 
  • Excellent – $100 to $300
  • Bestseller – $200 to $800

This means that the lower you can earn is $200 for 20 days, and the most you can get is $16,000 for 20 days, which is quite a sum. The variation in payment for each level of quality is attributed to the type of book you chose to write and the publishing option you opt for. For instance, you will get less for a Kids’ book bestseller, than for a Mystery book bestseller.

 If royalties are your main goal, and you’re not that focused on the genre, always write the last unlocked genre to raise a chance of getting the highest royalty earnings possible. So, if you are level 6 in writing skills, write a Screenplay. Even though books from lower levels can become more profitable once you reach higher levels of writing skill, the last genre unlocked will always be a more profitable pick.

How can you raise a chance of writing a Bestseller?

When it comes to royalties, no matter what genre you chose, bestsellers are always the most profitable. To increase your chances of selling one, you can do two things. Once, you can ensure that your creative writer is in a good mood, and two, buy a Creative Visionary Award trait. You will need 2000 reward points to get it, and once it’s purchased, you will have a +20% chance to make quality literary work.

Overall, the best moodlets for writers are Inspired and Focused, so do what you can to get them in the right mood before they start writing. For romance writers, Flirty moodlet can be helpful, too. The better their mood, the high the chance of writing a book that will bring you decent royalties!

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When you should publish your books?

There is no time frame during which you must publish your work. However, since the quality of already written books can’t be changed, your best option is to publish them as soon as they are finished. After all, some simoleons are better than no simoleons, so publish whatever book is finished. As time passes by and you write more, your daily royalties will get bigger as well.

If you don’t see your last published book in notifications every day, worry not, as you will still get your daily payments. This can happen if you have published more books. If you publish frequently, do expect to see changes in your daily royalty payments, as the more books you release, the bigger the accumulation of simoleons will be. 

2. Licensing Songs and Lyrics to Get Royalties

If writing novels and biographies don’t seem appealing, but the idea of royalties does, you can also receive daily payments by writing music and Licensing Songs! To do that, your Sim will need to have level 8 in any musical skill to unlock the option to Write Songs, and this can be on the guitar, the piano, and the violin (or, you can also do it with the pipe organ which is available in the Sims 4: Vampires game pack). Then, to earn royalties from songs, you will need to unlock the Licence Songs option at level 9 in any instrument skill. 

If you have Sims 4: City Living installed, you can also reach level 8 of singing skills to unlock the option to write lyrics. However, for this to work, you will need to use a microphone, or master level 3 of either a Guitar or a Piano. Licensing them is also unlocked at level 9. 

How to Licence a Song?

Before you license a song, you will need to have some material prepared, first! Once you are at level 8, click on the instrument you have to reach this skill level on, select ‘’Write’’ and select a genre you’d like them to write. To continue writing an old song, you will need to go to your Sim’s inventory and search for the music sheet, rather than just click on the instrument to resume it. Find the song you’ve been working on, click on it in their inventory and resume it.

Licensing works just like publishing books. Once you have your song ready and have reached level 9, simply go to the mailbox, and click ‘’License Song’’. This will open you to the option to choose from songs based on the instrument (in case you have more songs on different instruments) and select the song you want to release.

Just like when you publish a book, you will get royalties every day, at 10 AM. However, unlike the books, you will receive money for one licensed work for 7 days only. You will get royalty reports every day, for all songs you have licensed for the time being. You can also write and release the same song over and over again, or choose to write a new one. The choice is on you.

How much can you make from Licencing songs?

Compared to book royalties from songs, unfortunately, doesn’t bring as much profit. It takes about half a day to complete one, so be patient with your Sim. The song will be found in your inventory, and to get simoleons for it, you will need to license it, first.

Similarly to Submit to Literary Digest option you have for writing books, you can license only one song per week. If you want to release more, you will need to reach level 9 in some of the other instruments. So, if you reach level 8 in playing all four instruments (piano, guitar, violin, and organ), you can license a maximum of 4 songs, one for each instrument. 

If you are a dedicated musician, and have mastered an instrument, you can expect anything from $100 to $500 (approximate value) in daily royalties per licensed song. The more instruments you have mastered the higher the weekly income will get. 

3. Getting Royalties By Mixing Music

If you have Sims 4: Get Famous installed, you can start making money from releasing song. To get royalties from your electronic music, your Sim will need the master mix music station for mixing, and some free time to work on their media production skills. Releasing track is a double whammy, and it will give your sims not only daily royalties, but also help them get more fame.

To start getting royalties, you need to prepare a tune, first. Pick your genre and select ‘’Produce Music’’ to start mixing some tracks. Once you’re done mixing, click on the mixing station and select ‘’Burn Track’’ which allows you to name your track and get a sample of it in your inventory. Once you have a copy of your latest tune in your inventory, select the track and Release it. Alternatively, you can release the track right away by clicking on the station and selecting ‘’Release Track’’. Congrats, you will now start receiving daily royalties for your catchy tunes!

How much can you earn from mixing music?

You can release one track per day, for which you can get royalties at 10 AM for a few days, in a similar amount you’d get from labeling music. However, because you can release a new song every day, your total weekly payment from royalties will be much higher compared to licensed songs, where you are limited to only one per week. On top of that, if your tracks are fire, and if you happen to catch an eye of a music label, you can earn even more.

In this case, you will get a call and an offer from the label representatives, asking you to sign a label contract. This will bound you to make and release tracks for them, but you will be obligated to release continuously if you don’t want them to discontinue the deal. So, be prepared to release new tracks at least every other day. 

4. Getting Royalties by Making Videos

Another awesome way to get royalties if you have Get Famous expansion pack is by making videos. Similarly to mixing tracks, releasing videos will also get you both video royalties and fame. The best part is, you can make videos by relying on the same skill as mixing music – the media production skill. This means that you can get two types of royalties from a single skill! However, to make a quality vlog, you’ll also need some Charisma skills, which will fortunately level up naturally as you practice making videos using the video station.

how to make and release a video for royalties?

To start making videos, get yourself a video station to film and produce videos, and vlogs. For outdoor filming, you can also use a drone. Once you are done filming, to prepare a video for releasing, go to ”View Video Inventory”, find a video you plan on releasing, and choose ‘‘Edit Video”. Making a video isn’t a linear process, so you may have to play with effects, blend videos, and edit them a little before you can use the option ”Uppload Video” to finally release it.

The higher you are in media production skill, the more options will open to help you improve the quality of your video, such as Combine Videos, Add Transitions and Add Effects. To check the quality of your current video, hover over it in your inventory to have the video quality and info pop up. So, if you want to get higher video royalties, play with these as much as you can and check video quality before releasing. Your equipment will also impact the quality of your releases, so make sure you upgrade your existing equipment.

To film with a drone, click on the drone in your inventory and select ”Begin Recording” to stream and record. Edit and upload the video from the drone as you normally would using the video station. You can also film using the Gotta Stream ‘em All Streaming Drone and the Adam Streaming Drone you can find in the buy section.

How much can you earn by making videos?

The great news is that, just like with books, you can release an unlimited number of videos each week. While royalties are about the same as for mixing music and licensing songs and you’ll also receive them at 10AM, this unlimited factor will help you earn more than a decent sum every week.

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Can your Household Receive Money From Royalties After the author Sim dies?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Once your Sim, who is the author of creative work, and who is getting royalty payments, deceases, you will no longer receive these payments. For instance, if they have only received their 6/20 book royalty payments before the author Sim died, you won’t receive the remaining 14 payments.

The same rule applies to Sims who were licensing songs, and lyrics, making videos, or mixing tracks.

Do you have to be in a specific career field to get royalties?

Royalties are great because they are not tied to any specific career. All are focused on different skills. For instance, the publishing option is a perk of writing skill, a skill any Sim can master, and not attached to a writer’s career specifically. This means that you can have any other career, or even be unemployed, and still be able to get royalties from your books. The better you get at writing skills, the higher royalties you will get.

The same goes for licensing songs and lyrics, where you are tied to an instrument skill, and the video-making and mixing tracks, where you rely on the media production skill.


Royalties are not only a great way to earn extra simoleons, but can also be an alternative way to earn a living for Sims who don’t want a 9-5 job. Some creative works, such as licensed songs and lyrics, are less profitable than others. In fact, you can earn a decent sum by writing a book or making daily videos. In the end, with royalties, you always get how much you worked. Enjoy experimenting and happy simming!

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