The Best Wants And Fears Mods That Will Elevate Your Gameplay

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Would you like to improve the wants and fears system in Sims 4? If so, then you’ll need good wants and fears mods to help you with that! Read on to discover how you can make this element of the game work better for you with the help of a mod.

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Wants and fears in sims 4: how do they work?

We are not the only ones who have fears. Our Sims fear a bunch of things, too! Thanks to the fears and wants system our Sims can have deep-seated triggers, which make their behaviors more complex.

No Sim is the same, so wants and fears will vary for every individual based on their personality traits, what is going on in their life, and what they are currently doing. Wants are things your Sim is eager to do. Once a Sim gets a want, they will need to complete it once you pin it. Complete a want, and your Sim will get satisfaction points.

Fears are things your Sim is scared to do, and they are developed gradually. As a Sim goes through life and experiences unpleasant events, they develop different fears along the way that they will then need to overcome. Fears are unpleasant and give powerful negative moodlets, which can make them hard to handle, and they can interfere with Sims’s daily activities. Now, let’s see how wants and fears mods can improve this experience in Sims 4!

what can wants and fears mods do for your gameplay?

Wants and fears mods are designed to improve your in-game experience with wants and fears.

Are you annoyed by how often Sim is triggered, but you don’t feel like completely turning off Wants and Fears at the same time? Let’s be real, it would be really great if we could have more flexibility with adding and removing wants. It would also be great if fears weren’t so easily triggered. Luckily, there are some fabulous mods out there that can help you get the most out of this in-game feature. Let’s get acquainted with some of these wants and fears mods, shall we?

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Dreams and Nightmares Mod

1. Wants & Fears Overhaul by Zero’s Sims 4 Mods

This wants and fears mod by Zero tweaks fears and wants, and allows you to refresh wants without the risk of getting a Fear of Unfulfilled Wishes. You can refresh all wants, only short-term, only long-term term, or only reactionary wants. Just click on your Sim, choose More Choices>Refresh, and pick the want you wish to eliminate and you are done!

The overhaul also brings back whims that included activities with pets and turns them into wishes. For instance, Sims can now want to pet or walk their dog and get reward points for doing so. On top of that, Sims can now totally have whims that contradict one another. 10 fears are greatly improved and easier to deal with, and here is how:

  • Dead End Job fear – Sims can get rid of it just by having a good mood and performing well at work. With this wants and fears mod installed, they won’t get it triggered every single time they leave home for work. You will feel its effect only when their performance at work is bad, which makes more sense. 
  • Fear of Fire, Dark, Ghosts, Swimming, and Cowplant – Adventurous and Brave are blacklisted, and the fear can be solved for good. Chances that a Sim will get Fear of the Dark are slimmer. 
  • Crowded Places – Brave is blacklisted, and the fear can be solved for good. 
  • Fear of Death – Can be solved for good.
  • Fear of Failure – Sims will get it more seldomly. It will appear only if they continuously fail to deliver good results. 
  • Fear of Unfulfilled Dreams – Greatly reduced chances of getting it. 

To download this handy wants and fears mod, go here. For this mod to work you will also need an XML Injector, so make sure you get it, too. 

2. Hopes & Fears Mod by MissyHissy

wants and fears

If you would expand the spectrum of wants in your gameplay, Hopes & Fears mod by MissyHissy is for you. This wants and fears mod overhauls the fears and wants system and adds new traits, aspirations, carer, and skill whimsets, as well as new situational wants. It elevates your Sim’s reactions when visiting venues, giving them reactionary wants, but also brings new situational fears. There are awesome new whimsets for toddlers and children, as well as elders.

It is base game compatible, but can also include fears and wants across packs. This means that your Sim can get fears and wants related to the base game but also to all packs you have installed. Simply select and install which ones you want in your game, depending on what packs you have installed.

To get this wants and fears mod, you can download it here. Make sure you also get the XML Injector and the Custom Wants mod, as both are required for the Hopes & Fears mod to work.

3. The Custom Wants Mod by MissyHissy


Looking for brand new, never-seen-before wants for Sims 4? This is a loader mod for other MissyHssy mods that include wants in any shape or form, and deserves an honorable mention. If you have (or plan to get) mods from MissyHissy that use custom whims, such as the Personality mod or Character Values Overhaul, you will love this set of custom wants for the Sims 4! It contains new wants to the table, so to learn more about it, go here

4. Mods for refreshing fears and wants

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow you to cancel out wants you don’t want to focus on. You have to wait until sunrise to get a new set of wishes. But, thanks to wants and fears mods, we can now re-roll or refresh them anytime. You can try one of these options:

  1. Lumpionou’s Re-Roll Wants mini-mod, you don’t have to wait for the Sim to wake up to get new ones. All you need for this one to work is cheats enabled via testingcheats true. Any time you want to change a want, just Shift+click on a Sim, and choose Re-Roll Wants. To get it, download the installation files here!
  1. Another similar mod you can use if you want to refresh wants and fears is the Refresh Wants and Fears mod by Szemoka. Just click on your Sim and choose to refresh wants, fears, or both! To get it, go here!

5. Custom Milestones for Fears by Maru

Do you like the idea of milestones from Growing Together? Well, this is a little fears mod, but a nice one to have if you’d like to add more layers to conquering fears. Every time a Sims successfully beats their fear, they will get a milestone for completing it. This is a nice way to turn something significant as conquering a fear into a personal development milestone. This way they can always be reminded of how brave they were. To download it, go here.

6. Fear-less by JungleSim


Would you like to keep fears, but drastically decrease the chance of Sims having them? This wants and fears mod has your back. It’s actually a fears-oriented mod that lowers the chance of developing fears to 5%. This doesn’t disable fears, and Sims can still develop new phobias, but the chance of getting them will be smaller. Wants, traits, moodlets and interactions with fears will be unaffected they already have. To try it out, download it here!

Alternatively, you can get another, similar fears mod from the same creator that disables all fears, but leaves wants. If you opt for that one, Sims won’t develop fears at all, and all traits, interactions, and moods for fears will be hidden. To get this version, go here


So, these were the best wants and fears mods available for download at the moment. They can help you improve the Wants and Fears system in your game, gain more control over how your Sims get triggered, tweak existing wants and fears, or add new, custom ones. They are all pretty useful, especially if you don’t want to disable wants and fears. Happy simming!


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