Milestones Mod: Create More Meaningful Life Events in TS4!

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Sprinkle plenty of meaningful moments in the lives of your Sims with the incredible Milestones Mod, which introduces custom milestones, moodlets, and other interesting tweaks in The Sims 4!

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What Are The Features of The Milestones Mod?

When The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack was launched in 2022, the game re-introduced us to the concept of Milestones, which was already a prominent feature in The Sims 2. In a nutshell, Milestones are significant events that help shape the lives of our Sims. Lumpinou, a fellow Simmer and a prolific creator of mods, was the one behind the Milestones Mod, or more formally known as the “Milestones Expanded Mod“. Below, we highlight all the interesting features of this mod!

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Infant Milestones

1. The Milestones Mod Feature New Custom Milestones.

The most significant feature of the Milestones Mod is that it launches a plethora of all-new exciting custom milestones in The Sims 4. With over 50 new options, your Sims can now experience more distinct life events. All these new custom milestones add a whimsical and realistic touch to your Sims’ world, making gameplay so much more addictive! Here are just a few of these custom milestones:

  • Befriended a Toilet
  • Death of Parent
  • Did Gender Transition Steps
  • Had an Abortion
  • Got Divorced
  • Got Kicked Out By Parents
  • Left Religion
  • Made a Video Game
  • WooHoo With Someone New

2. There Are New Moodlets that Accompany These New Milestones.


The Milestones Mod not only introduces new milestones, it also brings a pack of new moodlets that correspond to these unique life events. Sims will not just experience their milestones without weight, instead, they’ll feel the depth of each situation individually. Whether they’re experiencing their first kiss, composing a song, or grieving the loss of a loved one, these moodlets add a realistic layer to their lives!

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mood cheats sims 4

3. Sims Can Have Special Reactions For First Time Events.


As our Sims’ lives are full of first-time experiences, the Milestones Mod ensures that their reactions are as authentic as in real life! Thus, your Sims will react differently to events based on whether it’s their first time or a repeated occurrence. For example, giving birth for the first time will evoke different emotions in Sims compared to the next time they experience it.

4. Some Milestones Will Enable Distinctive Social Bunny Posts.

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If you have The Sims 4: High School Years expansion pack installed, the Milestones Mod has a treat for you! It introduces customized posts on Social Bunny, triggered by certain milestones. With these new posts, your Sims can virtually share their personal milestones and life events with their friends, family, and followers.

5. Plus, Sims Can Get Special Statuses About Certain Milestones.

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As they grow up and meet new people, your Sims are bound to have that momentous first kiss or their very first WooHoo experience! With the Milestones Mod, once your Sim experiences these moments for the first time, they will gain a special relationship status with the particular Sim they shared the moment with, such as “First Sim Ever Kissed” or “First Ever WooHoo Partner.” These special statuses add a personal, distinctive layer to Sims’ relationships!

6. What’s More, The Mod Unlocks A New Social Interaction!

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The Milestones Mod also introduces a new social interaction that allows your Sims to ask other Sims about their memories and milestones. Depending on your Sims’ relationship levels, you’ll receive different responses when you ask them about their past experiences. Sims can respond with a partial or full answer.

7. To Spice Things Up, Use Cheats!

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For Simmers who enjoy a little creative control, the Milestones Expanded mod offers “Milestone Cheats,” which will help you manipulate milestones and events in your Sims’ lives, providing even more freedom in your gameplay. With these cheats, you can add or remove any milestone in any Sim’s life, whatever their age!

How Do We Install This Mod?

This mod requires The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack. If you already have it, visit this Patreon post of Lumpinou to download the Milestones Mod. Once downloaded, extract the ZIP file and paste it into your Sims 4 Mods folder. Then, make sure that you have enabled the use of mods and custom content in your game settings. Finally, if you need more details on how the mod works, you can read about its full description here.

Conclusion: Experience More Milestones In The Sims 4!

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In conclusion, the Milestones Mod is a game-changer for us Simmers! It enhances the concept of Milestones in the game by adding numerous custom milestones, unique moodlets, and other special features that will help our Sims experience more in-depth and memorable lives. Try this mod today in your game, and let us know how it goes! We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, where you can follow and message us! Happy simming, Simmers!

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