Visiting The Colorful Night Market In Tomarang

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Want to learn about the popular Tomarang Night Market in The Sims 4, a colorful and bustling place filled with yummy Tomarani delicacies and friendly Tomarani neighbors? We’ve got all the deets in this article!

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Get To Know The Night Market in Tomarang

Before the release of The Sims 4: For Rent, one of the most thrilling things that we anticipated was for our Sims to visit the Tomarang Night Market, a vibrant shopping area filled with plenty of Tomarani goodies, delicious food, refreshing drinks, as well as jovial neighbors! Now that we’ve experienced the place firsthand, let us share with you everything we’ve learned about this colorful and thriving area.

Location of The Night Market


Tomarang is a lush world known for its two wonderful neighborhoods, the Morensong and Koh Sahpa. To get to the Night Market, you would have to visit Morensong. The said neighborhood is quite small, and after passing through sprawling trees and several townhouses, your Sim will be able to locate the marketplace easily.

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Opening Times of The Night Market

If you visit the Tomarang Night Market in the daytime, you will find that all the stalls are empty (it’s probably called a “Night Market” for this reason, right?). All of the shops begin their operations at 6:00 PM. However, this time is not precise. There are times when vendors start manning the shop a bit earlier or later. After the operation of the shops for a few hours, all these will be closed by 2:00 AM.

The Different Stalls in the Night Market


Although the Tomarang Night Market is painted to be bustling with life and filled to the brim with random shops and stalls, there are actually only 5 functional stalls that exist in the area. We will detail each of these in the following sections. Meanwhile, these are the interactions that your Sims can do in each stall:

  • Purchase – Sims can, of course, buy a variety of stuff from each of the stalls, depending on what the vendors offer.
  • Haggle – If your Sims want to save some Simoleons, they can try to haggle. If successful, they will be able to purchase items for discounted prices.

Stall 1 – Tomarani Goodies

Shop 1 2

The first stall that we visited was the one that sells Tomarani goodies. We noticed this first because the vendor seemed very welcoming, ushering customers to check the shop by making big hand gestures. This certain stall sells Tomarani souvenirs, ingredients, and even authentic Tomarani threads.

Shop 1 Items

Available Tomarani Items:

  • Bell Pepper – 15 simoleons
  • Belladonna Cove – 25 simoleons
  • Flour – 10 simoleons
  • Jar for Marbles – 20 simoleons
  • Lemon – 30 simoleons
  • Light Green Tassel – 50 simoleons
  • Midnight Hollow Marble – 150 simoleons
  • Mysterious Basket – 35 simoleons
  • Pink Tassel – 50 simoleons
  • Potato – 17 simoleons
  • Sugar – 10 simoleons
  • Vegan Not-Oil Lantern – 65 simoleons
  • Layered Halter – 25 simoleons
  • Striped Shirt – 25 simoleons

Stall 2 – Tomarani Foodies

Shop 2 2

Because our Sim was getting hungry as the night went on, we decided to hunt for tasty treats. We found this stall that sells Southeast Asian-inspired foodies, such as meat skewers, savory glass noodles, steamed buns, and more. It’s time to dig in!

Shop 2 Items

Available Tomarani Foodies:

  • Chicken Stir Fry – 10 simoleons
  • Chicken Chimichurri Skewers – 10 simoleons
  • Pancit Bihon – 10 simoleons
  • Bahn Xeo – 10 simoleons
  • Malaysian Satay – 10 simoleons
  • Steamed Rice – 10 simoleons

Stall 3 – Even More Tomarani Foodies

Shop 3 2

After the delectable encounter with the second stall’s offerings, we found this third stall which also sells gastronomic delights. Of course our Sim has to taste these delicious dishes as well! Like the second stall, this one also offers appetizing Southeast Asian meals. Our Sim especially liked the Tofu Pad Thai (much like us, in real life).

Shop 3 Items

Available Tomarani Foodies:

  • Garlic Noodles – 10 simoleons
  • Tofu Stir Fry – 10 simoleons
  • Burmese Samosa Soup – 10 simoleons
  • Tofu Pad Thai – 10 simoleons

Stall 4 – Tomarani Drinks

Shop 4 2

To wash down everything that our Sim ate, it’s time to hunt for some refreshments! We kept walking on the streets of the Night Market and happily located this fourth stall with its eye-catching shop sign. It sells three cold beverages, perfect for a hot summer night. Our Sim could not resist the fresh and flavorful Sugarcane Juice!

Shop 4 Items

Available Tomarani Drinks

  • Thai Iced Milk Tea – 5 simoleons
  • Ca Pho Trung – 5 simoleons
  • Sugarcane Juice – 5 simoleons

Bait & Switch Fish Market

fish market

Before going home, we decided to check out the majestic-looking Bait & Switch Fish Market, a boat-like marketplace located near the water. Our Sim had to go inside the place in order to browse for some items.

fish market items

The Bait & Fish Market sells an assortment of fish as well as fish-related stuff like fishing books. Our Sim ended up purchasing several Tilapia, Sturgeons, and Wolf Eels. Yum! Looks like our Sim will be feasting on plenty of fish-based dishes for the next days.



We hope that you can let your Sims visit the festive Tomarani Night Market, a place filled with great stories, mouthwatering food, and lots of good-natured Tomarani neighbors. Trust us, your Sims will feel full and happy as they walk down the colorful streets and purchase several foodies and goodies offered to them. And hey, don’t forget to let them try their luck in haggling!

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