How To Play The Sims 4 With The NPC Control Mod?

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NPC Control in Sims 4

When it comes to NPC control in Sims 4, we’re pretty limited, aren’t we? As simmers, we’re focused on our own Sims, their characters, aspirations, and home duties. And we never really get to style the neighborhoods or their worlds however we like. But the NPC control mod for Sims 4 changes that.

Honestly, this mod makes you feel like a God. Not only do you have the final word in everything, but you can change the way your world behaves with a push of a button. The NPC control mod is great for all players that like to have full control over their game. It’s essential for anyone that has a clear idea of how they like their Sims 4 world to look, so I’d recommend you try it out.

Here’s how this mod works.

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The Sims 4 NPC Control Mod: an Overview

The NPC control mod isn’t a new mod for Sims 4. It’s been around for a few years now and we used to download it from ModTheSims. However, now there’s a specific website for the NPC control mod and it’s fully developed for maintaining this awesome extension.

To check and download the NPC control mod for Sims 4, check this link.

Simply click the green “Download” button to visit the download page. There are a few different versions of the same mod, but you can choose the right one for you.

In terms of installing, the mod should be installed like any other mod or CC for TS4. First, you’ll need to unpack the contents, then copy and paste them into your Mods folder. Make sure you have script mods and custom content enabled in your game and that’s pretty much it!

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How Does the NPC Control Mod Work?

The primary reason why you’d want to play The Sims 4 with the NPC control mod is to prevent the generation of a new NPC. In other words, there will be no random Sims spawning in your neighborhood at all times. This means no maids, postmen, or any other career person that you meet all the time.

When you first start using this mod, there will still be EA Sims and townies around the place. Note that the mod doesn’t kill them right off the bat. Instead, it prevents new townies from spawning. This means that in time (a few Sim years), all EA Sims will die and there will be no new ones.

Next, the NPC control mod allows you to set up the number of NPCs you want in your neighborhood and world. This also affects pets, so you can determine how many homeless pets there are in the game. You could disable new generations of aliens and vampires from spawning too, so it’s a complete tool for the job.

The mod offers many similar options, most of which have to do with setting the numbers of different things. The future versions promise even more in-depth settings, so you have no reason not to try the mod!

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The NPC control mod is one of the best tools I’ve ever had in The Sims 4. Not only is it good for creating the perfect world of your Sims, but it also makes the whole experience a lot easier. You will no longer have to struggle with random Sims and townies that make life harder for you. So, I’d recommend using the NPC control mod 100%.

Happy simming!

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