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If you’re reading this, you most likely agree that a hairstyle with space buns is the cutest of all. They are so fun and quirky. Plus, they’re perfect for almost every occasion, casual or formal. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that they’re the ultimate choice for the summer heat. Keep scrolling for the best space buns cc packs for the Sims 4.

Sims 4 space buns cc

Cute Space Bunds Custom Content for TS4!

If you’re anything like us, you love a good space bun. They’re hot, they’re cute, and they just make us feel good. We’ve put together a list of some of the best space buns options for your female sims, whether teen to adult. We hope you enjoy.

Let’s start, shall we?

1. Josephine Sims 4 hair

Starting off, we have this cute Josephine hair that honestly looks like pure liquid gold. It is hat compatible and comes in 18 different colors. Head over to this link to download.

2. Space bun princess

Sims 4 space buns

A blue hair will surely bring warmth to your sims’ hearts, especially with space buns like these. To use this gorgeous hair, follow this link.

3. sailor space buns hair recolored

Sims 4 space buns

A braided hairstyle always wins, and now that it comes with buns, it’s a killer look. You need to install the original mesh for it to work out flawlessly in-game. It comes in 44 swatches. Go ahead and check it out, here’s your download link.

4. Uni Accessory Buns

Sims 4 space buns

Short hair, little bangs, and awesome space buns -isn’t this the most perfect combination? You can find it under accessories. Oh, and as you can see, your female sims from toddler to elder can rock it. To install this set, click here.

5. betti & lora Space buns TODDLERS

image 2021 11 28 004407

Betti and Lora are brought to us by Savvy Sweet. They are two versions of buns that you need in-game. Head over to this page for easy installation.

6. Bettie Buns

image 2021 11 28 004921

Your sims can’t get much more girly than a hairstyle like this. It is available in 9 colors. And comes in two versions: one with bangs and another without. Here’s your download link.

7. braids collection

Sims 4 space buns

One of our favorites, hands down. It comes in a variety of 24 swatches, in addition to 7 Max swatches. And in case you wanted to try it out with a hat, you won’t come into any problems. To install these gorgeous braided buns, follow this link.

8. Fox hair (version 2)

image 2021 11 28 011351

We can never get enough of MiikoCC. This half down, half up hairstyle comes with pointy space buns and is compatible with the base game. We’re getting the usual 24 EA colors, plus 3 extra ones. Download from here.

9. Breezy Hair

image 2021 11 28 010456

A half-up space bun hairstyle is totally adorable. It gives your sims the chance to showcase the beautiful flowing length of their hair in addition to two cute buns. There are a total of 18 colors for this hair. Click here to grab this awesome hair.

10. Little Sims 4 space buns

image 2021 11 28 004526

Doesn’t this toddler face make you want to get these cute little buns? It sure does. Visit their page to download this space buns CC pack into your game.

Final words

We can’t but love the playfulness of these space buns. And now, that we’ve come to the end of our list, we recommend that you visit the main post for a bigger collection of different types of hairstyles for the Sims 4. You could also stop by related posts down below. Happy simming!

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