The Most Exotic Sims 4 Elf Ears CC on the Internet!

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If you’re looking for some elf ears custom content for the Sims 4, then this list of exotic packs will definitely help you with that! You can now create those fairy sims you’ve always dreamed of! These elf ears CC packs include a variety of different presets, from pointy to alien-like, so you can find the perfect set for your sim.

sims 4 elf ears cc
Sims 4 Elf Ears CC

It’s time You Created the Coolest Fairies with These CC Elf Ears!

If you’re looking to add a touch of fantasy to your Sims, why not give them some elf ears? We’ve compiled a variety of different options for you in this post, so you can find the perfect set of ears for your Sim.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative and start creating your very own fairy sims now!

1. Sad Elf Ears

sad elf ears at notegain 1

Welcome to our compilation of Elf Ears mods for The Sims 4! We begin with these amazing ones which are just too cute to slip our radar. Sad and a little bit under the weather, these ears make up for an awesome mod to be enjoyed by everyone! On a female or a male, a young or old Sim – they will always look adorable! Head out to to get your pair or click on the direct link here.

2. Tonian Elf Ears

tonian elf ears at simandy 1

And if you are a true fantasy lover – this one is a classic and you must have it! Not too long or short, but perfectly pointy and gentle. Enjoy this awesome elf ears mod which we found at and which you can download directly from here.

3. Elf Ears by Suzue

BsuzueD elf ears

Next on our list are these dark and stormy elf ears! If you’ve ever felt like something was missing from your Vampire Sim, this is it! This mod will give you the complete razor-sharp look and the villain vibe! All the credits go to Suzue who created the mod and published it on The Sims Resource. To download these elf ears CC directly, follow our link here.

4. Elf Ears N3 by Suzue

BsuzueD elf ears n3 1

Suzue has something for the epic fantasy heads as well! This pair of elf ears are beautiful and it plays remarkably well in the game! It is also a standard among the Sims 4 elf ears mods because it’s downloaded nearly 50,000 times. Visit The Sims Resource to download your pair or click on our direct link here.

5. Child Elf Ears by Suzue

BsuzueD child elf ears

If you liked the previous elf ears mod, here is the appropriate version for your kid’s Sims. Smaller and cuter, now they can enjoy the fantastical look as well. We love all the creations of Suzue and follow her closely at The Sims Resource. There you can find this mod too or you can download it directly from our link here.

6. Toddler Elf Ears by Suzue

BsuzueD toddler elf ears

And why not add the toddler’s version of this super fun mod to complete the set? Have a whimsical time with your little elf Sim while he enjoys the magic of growing up! Here is the direct link to download this CC on which you can find detailed information on The Sims Resource. Enjoy!

7. World of Warcraft night elf ears conversion Teldrassil

image 496

Elune-Adore! If you’ve ever laid your eyes on the Night Elves from World of Warcraft, you’ve probably fallen in love with them as well. This mod gives the appearance of their ears – long and lovely! Thousand thanks to the creator who published the mod on which you can download from our direct link here. Elune be with you!

elf ears

Oh and there’s also a toddler conversion for these ears by Valhallan, the same CC creator. You can find and download these elf ears CC by visiting their page.

8. Supernatural Ear Preset

image 499

These elf ears are categorized as accessories which isn’t something we always get! They work on both feminine and masculine frames. Feel free to add it your game from this Patreon page.

9. Ear Preset by caroll91

image 497

Here’s yet another amazing pair of fantasy ears for all of your fantasy characters! The ear preset works on teens, adults, young adults and elders! Toddlers are the only ones excluded.. (sorry, toddlers). The pack is comptaible with the latest version of the base game, so make sure your game is up to date! Here’s your download link.

10. Blood Elf Ears by Shandir

image 498

These gigantically long elf ears are unnmatched! They work on both genders, which is a plus! And they also work on Sims from teen to elder, which is double plus! To download these into your mods folder, click here!

11. Pointy unlocked – all ages

elf ears

Another massively popular set of elf ears! This mod is perfect for all of you who take your dose of fantasy in moderation. These elf ears are small and can get by mostly unnoticed by the world. Thanks to Khitsule who has provided the mod which is downloaded over 200,000 times! If you want to get these pointy ears CC for yourself too, click here.

12. Altmer Elf Ears

image 494

As for these ears, they were inspired by Elder Scrolls! The sweet thing about these is that they don’t clip with any other CAS items! You could use them with any skin overlays. Head over to this page for easy download.

Final words

Well, simmers, these were the best elf ears CC finds out there! You do still need a few more packs to get your fairies looking their best. Check out the below posts for related content. Happy simming!

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