Ultimate The Sims 4 Rock Climbing Skills Guide

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Do you love rock climbing as much as I do or would love to try it? The great news is, now your dreams can come true, at least in your favorite game. Today we are discussing something that will get your Sims’ adrenalin rush to remember – The Sims 4 rock climbing! Fasten your crampons and prepare the rope, as we are about to embark on an adventure and climb some rocks!

What is The sims 4 rock climbing?

With Sims 4 Snowy Escape, we now have the chance to do more fun activities in the snow. Your sims can not only go for long walks in the snow and snowboard, but they can also do rock climbing, too! They are not limited to climbing indoor rock verticals but will get a chance to practice climbing on real rocks.

Rock climbing is an incredible outdoor activity and it will make your ladies and gents thrive. Your climbing experience in the wild can start in Senbamachi near the Bamboo forest or Mt. Komorebi. Mt. Komorebi is located in the Yukimatsu neighborhood, where you will find different areas for this type of activity. There are three different types of sims 4 rock climbing snowy escape walls for different levels of climbing experience.

  • Small Rock Wall
  • Medium Rock Wall
  • Tall Rock Wall

Alternatively, if you would like to be ahead of your climbing game, there is an option to learn about climbing before actually doing it on Mt.Komorebi. Your Sims can learn and level up climbing skills from your PC at home. You will find all the knowledge you need under the ”Browse” option.

Most skills in sims have 10 different levels, and rock climbing is no different. As you get better at doing it, you’ll keep unlocking more fun activities with each level.

What do i need to get started?

For this kind of Sims hobby, just like in real life, you will need to be properly equipped. There are two main things you should have in your inventory – climbing gear and delicious snacks to get you through the climbing day! Sims who are focused, in a good mood, and have their hunger bar green are better at climbing.

You can order your climbing equipment online. New climbing gear costs 450 simoleons. For Sims who are saving money for bills, this can be too much.

You can also climb without climbing gear. However, just like in real life, that is not advisable. Your sims may not only learn climbing skills slower but also injure themselves – or die. So daredevils of Sims be aware! Leave Grip Reapers for the old age, shall we?

If you saved for new gear, that’s great news! To purchase, go to your computer. Right-click on it and select ”More Choices”. Under this option, proceed with ”Order…”, and then choose the option ”Adventure Gear”. To get your climbing equipment select ”Purchase Rock Climbing Gear”.

When you are ready for a new adventure, simply reach for your Sims’s inventory to put the gear on, and voila – you are ready to climb mountains! The sims 4 rock climbing equipment is not only somewhat expensive but also fragile and can be worn out. Make sure to check up on yours and repair it if it’s broken before venturing out. As you progress with rock climbing levels, you’ll be able to unlock better climbing suits that suit your advanced skills!

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What is climbing Small rock walls like?

Small Rock Wall is placed near Bunny slopes, not far from Kiyomatsu Rental Property. If you are a complete beginner, this is where you go to. This wall is meant for Sims who have Level 1 and Level 2 rock climbing skills. Level 3 already unlocks the next level of climbing experience.

Level 1 – You’ll be able to climb only small walls and do it in a Cautious or Normal mode. Your Sims will be able to prepare themselves for climbing, put on, and take off their climbing gear.

Level 2 – At this sims 4 rock climbing level, you can now climb small walls in Courageous mode. Level 2 unlocks new fun snow goggles, and you’ll also be able to do breaking point climbing sessions. Still, this will apply to only small rock walls.

If you want to learn more about the Sims 4 rock climbing skill, you can read about it here!

What is Sims 4 rock climbing on medium rock walls like?

Medium Rock Wall is located behind the ski lift. It is unlocked only for Sims who have minimum Level 3 rock climbing skills.

Level 3 – Now you can not only climb but also do your warmup and pre-climb stretching! Level 3 unlocks medium height rock walls for Cautious and Normal mode climbing. Stretching before climbing will improve your Sims focus by +1.

Level 4 – You can now climb medium hight rock walls in Courageous mode. Their climbing now becomes much more admirable, thanks to chalk-hands self-interaction ad previous practice. This too will improve your focus by +1.

Level 5 – This level unlocks a pro climbing suit. It also gives them an option to do breaking point climbing sessions. They will be able to do it not only on small walls but now also on medium-height rock walls.

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What is climbing tall rock walls like?

Tall Rock Wall is a challenge. You will have to not only reach Level 6 of rock climbing skill to attempt to claim one, but you will also have to put extra effort to find it. Tall rock walls are found during special Mountain Climb Excursions. You will have to have at least Level 2 of Mountain Climbing Excursion to do that. This sims 4 rock climbing wall will help unlock the following:

Level 6 – Your Sims is now brave enough to try something courageous – an Attempt to climb on tall rock walls. They have enough expertise to share with others and ”Chat about Beta”.

Level 7 – Climbing tall rock walls becomes available, but only in Cautious mode. At this sims 4 rock climbing level, they will be able to prepare energy bars for their adventures by themselves.

Level 8 – Reaching this level is admirable. It will unlock the option to climb tall rock walls in Normal mode, but also do Practice Sessions on them.

Level 9 – At this level, you will be able to climb tall rock walls in a Courageous mode. Your Sims will also be crafty enough to make their very own homemade protein bars!

Level 10 – Since now your Sims is a pro at it, they can share their knowledge with others and give ”Rock Climbing Tips”. They will also be able to coach others in Rock Climbing.

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