Bunny Paradise by SNOOTYSIMS

Easter '24 Tattoo Set (Bunnies, Eggs, Flower)
Created by: SNOOTYSIMS
Color: 1 tagged swatch
Gender: Female
Pack includes:
Last time tested:
Compatibility: Base Game Compatible

Introducing “Bunny Paradise” – a tattoo set for your Female Sims! ♡

-Right Arm Tattoo Located in Upper Arm Right
-Chest Tattoo Located in Upper Chest
-Left Arm Tattoo Located in Upper Arm Left
-Back Tattoo Located in Upper Back
-Lower Back Tattoo Located in Lower Back
-Hips Tattoo Located in Lower Front
-Leg Tattoo Located in Left Leg
-Full Body Tattoo Located in Upper Chest

Teen – Elder
-1 Swatch
-Female Frame Only
-Not- Available for Random

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