Emo Era Tattoo Set by SNOOTYSIMS

SNOOTYSIMS - Emo Era Tattoo Set
Created by: SNOOTYSIMS
Color: 1 swatch
Gender: Female
Pack includes:
Last time tested:

Sul Sul Simmers~

Introducing your Emo Era Tattoo Set, now available for you to embrace the aesthetic of a generation defined by its emotional depth and raw expression. With this tattoo set, you can wear your emotions proudly.♥

Right Arm Tattoo Located in Upper Arm Right
Front Upper Body Tattoo Located in Upper Chest
Upper Back Tattoo Located in Upper Back
Lower Back Tattoo Located in Lower Back
Left Arm Tattoo Located in Upper Arm Left
Right Leg Tattoo Located in Right Leg
Full Body Tattoo Located in Upper Chest

Teen to Elder Sims
Female Only
Not Available for Random
All in 1 Swatch (Black)
Enabled for ALL Occult Except for Werewolves

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